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Outback Western grey kangaroos

Outback Western grey kangaroos

Wildlife Tourism Australia (WTA) is a not for profit incorporated association founded in 2003. It has an elected committee consisting of a chair, vice chair, secretary, treasurer and up to three non-executive committee members that meet monthly from all over Australia. Similar organisations are found in the USA and Scotland, and are making a big difference to wildlife conservation and the development of sustainable wildlife tourism.

Our Mission

To promote the sustainable development of a diverse wildlife tourism industry that supports conservation.

 Our Objectives

  • Communication: To provide a forum for collation and dissemination of knowledge, and communication between wildlife tourism stakeholders.
  • High Standards: To support development of high standards in wildlife tourism product design and interpretation.
  • Low Environmental Impacts: To promote appropriate management and monitoring to minimise negative environmental impacts of wildlife tourism.
  • Conservation: To enhance links between wildlife tourism and conservation of native Australian wildlife.
  • Promotion and Awareness: To promote sustainable wildlife tourism and raise awareness of the benefits and costs of wildlife tourism.