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Cradle Mountain and Dove Lake. Photo supplied by Business Events Tourism

5th National Wildlife Tourism Conference,   “Wildlife tourism values and challenges: Getting the right balance between needs of wildlife, tourists, operators and residents” 

These are crucial questions for tour guides, ecolodges and wildlife parks to consider if they wish to be a genuine part of the world’s responsible wildlife tourism trend.  They are also important for conservation managers, and for academics to assess where the important gaps in our knowledge are, and what current controversies could be alleviated by well-conducted research and by disseminating results of relevant research that already exists but not widely known in tourism and conservation circles. The conference will bring together academics, tour operators,NGOs another for important presentations and discussions. Results (where permitted by presenters) will be published as Conference Proceedings and will available as a downloadable pdf from the website. 

Launceston and Cradle Mountain, Tasmania, 28-31October 2018

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Wildlife Tourism Conference, Tasmania, October 2018


Other events 


Scenic Rim Bioblitz (Scenic Rim branch of Wildlife Preservation Society of Qld)


The Bioblitz was held 15th – 17th October 2017. 

Partly because of heavy train throughout the event, and partly out of curiosity to see what different species are around in autumn, participants are returning to the site 11-14th March 

This is a Citizen Science event open to individuals, families, schools, nature photographers and whoever else would like to be involved.Over a 48 hour period (day and night), we will seek and identify as many animals, plants and fungi as possible on private and Council land, taking care to cause minimal disturbance.Experts will be on hand to guide small groups into the more sensitive areas and to identify species, and there will be demonstrations through the day.In addition to direct observation, we will be setting cage traps for small mammals, pitfalls for frogs and small reptiles, light traps for night-flying insects, motion sensing cameras and Anabats to record and identify microbats. Join in for an hour or two, or for a couple of days. Contact [email protected]



15th March, Melbourne


ICEB 2018: 20th International Conference on Ecotourism and Biodiversity

Rome, 3-4th May 2018

ICWTSH 2018 : 20th International Conference on Wildlife, Tourism and Sustainable Hospitality

Venice, 21-22nd June, Venice

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