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Wildlife Tourism Conference, Tasmania, October 2018


Wildlife tourism values and challenges:

balancing the needs of tourists, operators, residents & wildlife

Venue: Tasmania (exact venue TBA, but most likely in the southeast)

Date:  28-31 October 2018

This will be Australia’s 5th national conference on wildlife tourism

It’s early days yet, but if you would like to be on an email list for updates, please let us know

Topics will include 

  • the needs, expectations and attitudes of tourists (and the effects of good interpretation in providing wonderful wildlife experience with minimal negative impact)
  • the needs of tour operators (including large, small and micro- businesses, and from major tourism centres to far-flung regional areas)
  • the needs of wildlife (both captive and wild: including how do we determine what really matters to the individual animal, and how can tourism operations best support conservation)



Who should attend?

  • tour operators, tourism organisations
  • national parks staff, other government
  • academic researchers and students
  • conservation managers, NGOs and anyone else with an interest in the topic


Photo courtesy Pennicott Wilderness Journeys

Tasmania is a very diverse and extremely scenic Island with rugged mountain scenery, many kinds of forests, magnificent bursts of wildlowers in the spring, and some wonderful wild coastlines, seals, penguins, wombats, echidnas and  species found nowhere else in the wild such as the yellow wattlebird,forty-spotted pardalote, eastern quoll and of course the Tasmania devil.

Several WTA members are offering some great discounts to enable you to explore this very scenic and species-rich before and after the conference (details may change so please stay tuned).  Please click here for wildlife tourism conference tours in Tasmania