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WTA Member News

A newsletter is sent to members once a month via email and may include:

  • draft government plans relevant wildlife and/or tourism, and submissions by WTA
  • grant opportunities for tourism operations and wildlife tourism research
  • coming events  – conferences, workshops etc. – relevant to wildlife and/or tourism
  • upcoming developments or recent events we either support or don’t agree with
  • occasional quirky wildlife or wildlife tourism stories
  • what our members are doing
  • opinion pieces or advice from our members
  • interviews with tourism operators, politicians, conservationists etc. on wildlife tourism themes

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Below is the outline of our recent newsletters:

June 2013

  • Membership renewal
  • Facebook competition
  • Members-only pages
  • and Wiki: promoting Australia’s wildlife tourism and conservation
  • World Parks – have your say: Google hangouts with Planeta
  • Wildlife Tourism workshop
  • Handbook of Tourism Economics:  Analysis, New Applications and Case Studies
    • Submissions to Qld government
    • Photos wanted for WTA website
    • Other contributions sought

January 2013

  • Emus in peril?  (fence in WA, road in NSW)
  • Have your say on CSG by end of February
  • Antarctica research and conservation
  • Wildlife Secrets features far north Queensland
  • New webpage for job-seekers and work experience students interested in wildlife tourism
  • Research Page – we need your details

November 2012

  • Wildlife Tourism Workshop in Northern Territory, September 2013
  • Research Network
  • Travel Wild TV Series and wildlife tourism
  • Research on minimal impact wildlife viewing by WTA members – new paper published
  • Advertising opportunity for members
  • Where to see wildlife – extra promotion on WTA website
  • Global Eco Conference

July 2012

  • AGM, candidates for election to committee
  • Wildlife Tourism Workshop 2012?
June 2012
  • National Wildlife Tourism Workshop
  • Promotional opportunity for Queensland tourism – but MUST ACT TODAY
  • Coal more important than the Great Barrier Reef?
  • AGM and possible Future Events for WTA
  • Major Tourism Forum in north Queensland this month
  • Shooting in National Parks
May 2012
  • Final chance to register for national wildlife tourism workshop next week
  • Have your say! Even if you won’t be present at the workshop
  • Insurance issues
  • Survey for tour operators: profound experiences
  • Help! Consider running for committee positions at the next WTA AGM
  • Wildlife tourism in the news
April 2012
  • Awards achieved by members
  • Filming: opportunities for WTA members to be involved in a TV series
  • Using Wildlife for Tourism: WTA’s third National Workshop, to be held in May 2012
January 2012
  • 3rd National Wildlife Tourism Workshop
  • Protecting the Coral Sea
  • Coral seam gas protests
  • Advertising job vacancies (including volunteer positions)
  • Promotion your local wildlife on the WTA website
  • Request for photos ‘near Great Barrier Reef’ by UK student

December 2011

  • Your membership, newsletter and listing on the WTA website
  • National Workshop May 2012
  • Insurance – and affordability
  • Call for membership secretary, treasurer and public officer
  • Cooling your customers
  • Please don’t destroy Bimblebox
  • News from Members

November 2011

  • AGM 29th November
  • Online bookings from WTA website
  • National Wildlife Tourism Workshop
  • Insurance for guides, tour operators and farmers
  • Help for disabled tourists

August 2011

  • Oceania Dive and EcoTourism Expo, Brisbane, October
  • National Wildlife Tourism Workshop, Gold Coast, May 2012
  • Wildlife monitoring by tour operators and eco-lodges
  • Wildlife Expo 2011
  • Mining etc and wildlife tourism

June 2011

  • Marine Parks, SA
  • Cat free zone, Tasmania
  • Coal and Wildlife Tourism
  • WTA Facebook
  • Free promotion
  • Other co-operative PR
  • Members-only pages
  • Membership renewals due soon

May 2011

  • Marketing Opportunities
  • End of a tropical water-hole?
  • Disabled Wildlife Tourism
  • Marine Parks
  • Membership subs due 30th June

April 2011

  • Marine Parks in South Australia
  • Plenty of turtles at Mon Repos but few tourists
  • Strong Aussie dollar making us a less attractive destination
  • Drop bears – some are taking them seriously
  • Conferences relevant to Wildlife Tourism this year
  • Tell us your news

March 2011

  • Find us on Facebook! And join a discussion or two.
  • Opportunities to display your brochures
  • Wild personalities – animals of the same species are not necessarily identical
  • Severe damage to parts of the Great Barrier Reef
  • Drilling on Ningaloo Reef?
  • Australian wildlife tourism operations bought by multinationals
  • Captive-bred threatened wallabies to be released
  • News about our members
  • News for next time? You tell us

February 2011

  • Boom and Bust
  • Living through a cyclone
  • Cassowaries and other wildlife need help
  • Floods in Tasmania
  • Spotting wildlife during La Nina
  • Submissions sent recently by WTA: marine parks, biodiversity strategy NSW
  • Coming Events
  • Tourism grants

January 2011

  • Flood waters devastating for wildlife and tourism
  • Have your say on state biodiversity strategy
  • WTA opposes marina and questions Ben Cropp film
  • Coming events
  • WTA’s public officer wins several awards
  • Tasmania member named amongst top 10 holidays
  • Good news about Gouldian Finches and Yellow-throated Scrubwrens
  • Meet our new committee
  • Some interesting articles and books
  • Check further news and tell us yours

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