Call for information for bird conservation in Melbourne

WTA recently received the following:
“I am representing a lobby group contesting the reversal of a Green Wedge status of piece of land in w. Melbourne. This land is unique for birdlife and we are developing a propoasal for a Nature Park similar to the Pensthorpe in Norfolk. UK. We would like access to advise and research for our submissions.”
Rita Parkinson
I have directed Rita to various published references, but there may be others out there with unpublished data which would be useful.
If so please email Rita with your info and/or submit a comment below
Click here to read about what has been achieved  in Pensthorpe, and here to see a nice example of a suburban Qld birdlife reserve at Eagleby Wetlands, with a media article and   extra photos of it here, and perhaps an indication that it may have increased real estate values in the area (it is certainly being described here as an incentive)