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Wildlife Tourism Workshop Perth 25 November

Wildlife Tourism Workshop Perth 25 November

Wildlife Tourism Australia will conduct a half-day workshop on wildlife tourism just before the International Tourism Studies Association conference.

Download a printable flyer: Workshop WTA Perth 2014

Innovation and diversity of experience in Sustainable Wildlife Tourism

One of the few Aussie animals that is more active by day than night - but still not easy to see in the wild. It's a beautiful, active and alert animal

One of the few Aussie animals that is more active by day than night – but still not easy to see in the wild. It’s a beautiful, active and alert animal, and found not far from Perth. But how many visitors – or even Australians – will recognise or even have ever heard of  it?

Venue: Room SS1.036, Soc. Sci. Building, Murdoch University, Perth.

1.30 – 5.00pm

The workshop will begin with a short presentation, then break into several small discussion groups to consider the following questions. We will then come together in a final plenary discussion session to collate the main conclusions, which will form the basis of proposed future action. Major points will be uploaded onto the Wildlife Tourism Australia website.

  • What wildlife species are fascinating and appealing but not well promoted for tourism? Why?
  • How can we enhance the viewing experience without increasing negative impact?
  • What are some existing innovations in wildlife viewing that could be more widely employed? What are some potential ones that haven’t yet been tried?
  • How do we best employ tour operations in wildlife research to enhance our knowledge of wildlife and monitor for conservation?

The workshop is free of charge and will be held the day before the ITSA (International Tourism Studies Association) conference to be held at Murdoch University 26-28 November. Afternoon tea will be available halfway through the workshop.

Who should attend?

  • owners and staff (including volunteers) of tour operations, eco-lodges and wildlife parks
  • academics and others conducting research relevant to wildlife tourism
  • staff of national parks, museums, and other institutions involved in interpretation, research or conservation management
  • students of tourism or wildlife-related topics
  • anyone considering entering a wildlife tourism career

From the ITSA conference website:

The International Tourism Studies Association is a not-for-profit organisation with a mission to bridge the gaps in tourism studies and research, education, and training between developed and developing countries, particularly between China and the rest of the world.

See for full details of the ITSA (International Tourism Studies Association) conference, which will have a large nature tourism component, including wildlife tourism.

Please let us know if you’re interested in attending, by emailing Ronda at:





top 10 wildlife holidays?

Elephant in Kruger National Park

Elephant by roadside in Kruger National Park (photo: Ronda Green, Araucaria Ecotours)

What would be your 3 or 4 top wildlife experiences?

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What would yours be? (either in Australia or elsewhere)

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Your choice: what would you choose as Australia’s most special wildlife experiences?

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What would your choices be for inclusion in the top ten Australian wildlife experiences?

[Photo of satin bowerbird and bower is by Barry Davies of Gondwana Guides]