Daintree Rainforest Self-Drive Audio Guide

Daintree Rainforest Self-Drive Audio Guide

DaintreeThe Daintree Self-Drive Audio Guide is a brand new resource available for tourists headed up to the Cape Tribulation/Daintree area of Far North Queensland. It delivers a fun and informative commentary that self-drive tourists can play in their cars as they travel into the Daintree Rainforest. It reveals the true beauty of the area over 18 recorded tracks which are played at various waypoints throughout the drive. Included on the CD are tracks on the natural history, European history, indigenous culture as well as the plants and animals.

The CD was created by local guide Dave Mainwaring with the aim of fostering more responsible visitation from self-drivers through better knowledge and appreciation. ‘The Daintree is recognized as the longest continually surviving rainforest on the planet – a fact that was simply being missed by most of the tourists who were guiding themselves around the forest.

The CD is packaged with a map, plant and animal guide as well as discount vouchers for food and activities within the forest. It is available for purchase in Port Douglas, Mossman and Daintree and sells for a modest $12.50.

Dave with the CD and brochure

Dave with the CD and brochure


Dave and Jen Na




  1. My friends and I was driving thorugh Cape Tribulation, it would have been awesome to have that tape to listen too while driving. Is that new, or for how long has it been around?

    • Hi Emma,

      Im sorry to hear you missed out on the Audio Guide when you visited Cape Trib. Im sure it would have greatly enhanced your understanding and enjoyment of the region. The Audio Guides have been for sale for about 1.5 years and are sold at 40 resorts and info desks around Port Douglas. You can also order it by emailing us at info@daintreerainforestinformation.com

      Please make sure you contact us if you find yourself up this way again (as we have just bought our own tour guiding company called Daintree Wonder Tours!). Warm Regards, Jenna


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