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Wildlife, Wildlife Parks, Eco-Accommodation, Wildlife Tours
and Other Wildlife Related Products and Services throughout Australia


According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, 87% of Australia’s mammals, 45% of its birds, 93% of its reptiles, 94% of its amphibians, 85% of the inshore fish in southern, temperate-zone waters, and 86% of vascular plants are endemic: that is, they are found nowhere else. The Great Barrier Reef is the world’s largest coral reef ecosystem, with a high diversity of species and associated habitats.

The pages in this section are divided by state/territory, and  include:

  • a description of what is special about each region
  • some of the major wildlife tourist destinations: major zoos, national parks and wildlife-rich regions
  • tours – birding, whale-watching, general wildlife-viewing …
  • eco-lodges and other accommodation close to good wildlife-viewing areas
  • wildlife parks, zoos and other wildlife attractions

Wildlife Tourism Australia members provide tours, accommodation and other wildlife-related products and services: