South Australia

Wildlife in South Australia

South Australia has over 4,000km of coastline along the Great Australian Bight, the cliffs are an excellent spot to view southern right whales on their migratory path to warmer waters.

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Kangaroo Island is world renowned for its abundant and easily viewed wildlife. It offers populations of kangaroos, koalas, little (fairy) penguins, Australian sea lions and New Zealand fur seals, sea eagles and osprey.

More than 80% of South Australia is spectacular arid ‘outback’, including the Simpson Desert, the Nullarbor Plain and Lake Eyre. Lake Eyre is one of the world’s largest salt lakes and fills with wildflower blooms attracting thousands of wetland birds each year.

Flinders Ranges features striking and ancient rugged mountain scenery, from soaring red cliffs and deep gorges to abundant wildlife such as the beautiful yellow-footed rock-wallaby.

Great white shark enthusiasts flock to the cool, dark waters off Port Lincoln to see this magnificent king of the ocean.

Underground, the beautifully decorated Naracoorte Caves is renowned for its world class and innovative Bat Cave Video Centre, where you can view the resident bat population via the unique infra-red camera system.

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