Help the Cassowary at Chistmas

Buy a Gift, Plant a Tree, Save the Cassowary!

Rainforest Rescue  have  launched a new Rainforest Gift  to help save the endangered Cassowary. “Cassowary Care Package” is a gift that sponsors the replanting of rainforest trees in the Daintree. You  receive a Gift Card to send to your friends to let them know that a tree or trees have been planted on their behalf. Each tree costs $25 and will be planted and nurtured to maturity. Visit

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  1. Jay says:

    Always with too much time on my hands in the long christmas break, I was wondering if there are wildlife projects out there in queensland in need of volunteers, (as I have a camper van,the location never seems to be a problem), that I could assist in some small way for some days or weeks at a time.

  2. Sue says:

    The cassowary is a truly magnificent bird and can be seen at the wonderful David Fleay’s Wildlife Park at beautiful Burleigh Heads.

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