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Promote your business or service on your own page on our website, which comes up on the first page of the google search for ‘wildlife tourism’, ‘wildlife ecotours,’ ‘wildlife accommodation’, ‘wildlife tours Australia’, ‘wildlife travel Australia’, ‘wildlife vacations Australia’ and many other such combinations. Receive our regular newsletters, stay in touch with industry developments, network with other tour operators, researchers and others in the fields of wildlife, tourism and wildlife tourism

Photographing swan

Tourist photographing black swan: photo courtesy of Araucaria Ecotours

Why join Wildlife Tourism Australia?

Who can join Wildlife Tourism Australia?

How much does it cost to join Wildlife Tourism Australia?

How do I join Wildlife Tourism Australia?

How do I renew my membership?


Why join WTA? Benefits of Membership

  • Your promotional page on the WTA website, with links to your own website to help promote your tourism business, organisation and/or related products (e.g. wildlife art, nature books, binoculars)
  • Promote your business/organisation (either personally or via your brochures and posters) at trade shows and other displays on behalf of members (sometimes free, sometimes for a small fee)
  • Add your voice to promotion of a quality wildlife tourism industry and in support of conservation of wildlife and their habitats
  • Free downloadable material to support wildlife tourism businesses,  conservation and research
  • Discounted registration fees at WTA workshops and other events
  • The opportunity to communicate and network with others involved in wildlife tourism around Australia
  • Being part of a recognised voice for the wildlife tourism sector, consulted by governments and other key bodies
  • The opportunity to participate in initiatives to promote the sustainable development of wildlife tourism
  • The opportunity to participate in the development of policies and written submissions affecting wildlife tourism
  • The WTA Newsletter via email every 2 months highlighting activities, news and events
  • A vote at the AGM and the opportunity to nominate for election to the Executive Committee
  • A personalised annual WTA Membership Certificate that you can use to enhance your business image

Who can join Wildlife Tourism Australia?

  • Tourism operators: including touring companies, eco-lodges, farm stays, zoos, wildlife parks and other businesses that incorporate wildlife in their operations, or who are interested in doing so (corporate membership)
  • Members of the tourism industry: including employees or volunteer employees of tourism operations or organzations with an interest in wildlife tourism (individual or concession membership)
  • Commonwealth, State, and Local Government:organisations and individuals dealing with wildlife tourism, particularly in tourism and environmental/land management agencies (corporate or individual membership)
  • Academics and students: conducting or planning research on wildlife tourism (individual or concession membership)
  • Members of Non-Government Organisations: including  tourism, conservation, birdwatching or other naturalist activities with an interest in wildlife tourismcorporate, concession or individual membership)
  • Others with an interest in wildlife tourism (concession or individual membership)

How much does it cost to join Wildlife Tourism Australia?

  • Business or large NGO $120
  • Small NGO (<10 full-time employees) or business (<5 f-t employees) $80
  • Individual $50 
  • Concession $25

Concession is for students, pensioners and unemployed involved in wildlife tourism  (e.g. working as volunteers at wildlife parks or studying wildlife tourism or related topic)

All fees are in Australian Dollars ($AUD) and GST is NOT applicable. For student/concession membership, evidence of enrollment/pension is required (concession can be extended to seniors, invalid pensioners and unemployed).

Membership is from 1st July to 30th June.

Our primary focus is non-consumptive wildlife tourism with  free-ranging native animals, both terrestrial and marine, but it also includes wildlife parks and zoos, including exotic animals, especially where there are good conservation breeding programs and quality interpretation.

How to join Wildlife Tourism Australia

To apply as a new member:

Download  an application form here, and send to the address as shown. This will be circulated to the rest of the committee.

Do not send payment with your initial application: you will be sent a membership payment form when you receive your notification of acceptance.
To  pay for or renew your subscription download the invoice:


To advertise your product on the website (free with business/NGO membership):

Please complete the following Website Application form and email this to us. Please ensure that your photos are of suitable size  (less than 500k)

How do I renew my WTA Membership?

To  renew your subscription just download the invoice:

and send a cheque or make an electronic transfer (including a description enabling us to recognise you) as directed on the form.

Any queries, please  contact us

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