ODEX, Brisbane

Yesterday was the first day of ODEX

Wildlife Tourism Australia has a stall (164) promoting our ideals of ecologically sustainable wildlife tourism. Nearby is Ecotourism Australia (and I’m wearing one of their eco-accreditation badges, as our own Araucaria Ecotours has advanced accreditation for all tours), also Christmas Island, Sarah Shark and others within our line of vision.

Ronda (photo used for ODEX PR for today's talk)

I’ll be giving my talk today on sustainable marine wildlife tourism, followed by Kym Cheatham from Ecotouism Australia explaining what ecotourism really is (and isn’t) and Peter Wood speaking on marine tourism which involves research and conservation.


There are many other exciting talks coming up today and tomorrow – research on pigmy seahorses, manta rays and other marine creatures, diving in Lombok, Africa and other exotic places (as well as some closer to home) etc. Visit this link for the special interest talks