The winner this week is Kellie (no surname supplied)

Win a DVD set of the entire first series of the popular “Wild Life” TV series with Chris Humfreys

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Each week for 10 weeks there is a short set of questions. All answers can be found by visiting our Interactive Map for Travellers and exploring the links

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Wildlife Australia Quiz: round 6

  • How many species of reptile can you see at the Armadale Reptile Centre?
  • With Bush Lore Australia, what do you learn to reognize as signs of daily animal life?
  • What is unusual about the goshawk sometimes seen on Inala Tours?
  • Name 3 mammals and an insect you can see at Mountain Valley Wilderness Holidays

Find the  answers  on the WTA website via the Interactive Map for Travellers (under ‘Wildlife Experiences’)

Post your answers via the Wildlife Tourism Australia ‘Contact‘ page, with “Chris Humfrey DVD Quiz” as the subject heading.

The first correct entry received will win this week’s prize.

Winner will be announced here and on Facebook (by name only – no contact details) no earlier than Wednesday but no later than Saturday of this week, and will also be notified by direct email.

(Committee members of WTA, production team for the Chris Humfrey TV series, and their immediate family members not eligible)