Top wildlife tourism experiences


Your choice: what would you choose as Australia’s most special wildlife experiences?

Here is Lonely Planet’s listing of ten top wildlife experiences throughout the world

What would your choices be for inclusion in the top ten Australian wildlife experiences?

[Photo of satin bowerbird and bower is by Barry Davies of Gondwana Guides]


  1. I wouldn’t say that being close to either whales or tigers was “nothing much” – they’re very impressive animals. One of my own experiences last year was kayaking, supposedly with dolphins which never came close, but suddenly there were two humpback whales nearby, and one breached as it passed. The word “awesome” is very much over-used, but I’d describe being so close to whales while out on the sea in a little kayak as just that.

  2. I just want to say 2 amazing experiences i have had with wildlife. Nothing compared to the experiences you have listed.
    * Whale watching at Hervey Bay, Australia. Amazing and wonderful experience to see these creatures right along side your boat, one year me and my sister got to touch the whale when it came up beside the boat.
    * Tiger Photo Experience at Dreamworld, Gold Coast, Australia. So close we got to touch and sit with the Tiger while he sat and drank his milk. Photos were taken constantly and we had all the experience given to us in photos, one even in a Frame. Loved every minute of it.
    Nothing much, but my 2 experiences.

    • Oz has stunning wildlife – for example, who could imagine anything more strange than a platypus! But it’s the flora that often getas forgotten.

      Carnivorous plants are a part of that flora and Oz has so many! The mocassin-like Albany pitcher plant (endemic), bladderworts(mostly endemic), pygmy sundews (almost all endemic), tuberous sundews (almost all endemic), rainbow sundews (Byblis, endemic) and more all comprise a massive variety of rare and interesting plants. Everyone knows that some animals kill but many people still believe carnivorous plants are a myth. Oz easily proves not!


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