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Tourism, Research and Conservation

There has been a lot of research on wildlife tourism and its impacts (both positive and negative) in recent years. Please visit:

There is also much yet to learn: for instance the ecological needs of some of our lesser-known species, whether wildlife-human interactions  can be enjoyed by wildlife as well as humans, how much stress to animals  is caused by various activities, what kinds of wildlife experience leads to enhanced support for conservation, how wildlife tourism can best support local  economies and much more. Highly emotional claims are often made without much evidence one way or the other, leading to unfortunate conflicts between people who could be pulling together for solutions  instead of arguing amongst themselves. See discussions from our workshops and conferences under past events, and consider joining the conversation in coming events

There is also  great  potential for those involved in wildlife tourism to incorporate conservation and research into their activities, whether or not this involves participation by tourists in such activities, and whether tour operators are conducting their own research or assisting academic researchers to do so. Please visit our Australian Wildlife Research Network




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