Wildlife care and rehabilitation course in Brisbane

Course in Native animal rehabilitation

young black fling fox

Darren and Ronda (Araucaria Ecotours) raised this orphaned black flying fox a couple of years ago

We’ve had many inquiries about such courses, including the one that was offered by Renee Chamberlain but the online version is unfortunately not currently  available

UPDATE: (December 2011): please go to http://www.msit.edu.au/csu/search.aspx?coursesearch=animal&go=Submit+Query and follow links to rehabilitation of birds or mammals

Also see Certificate III TAFE course in native animal rehabilitation



  1. Interested in doing the certificate II in animal studies as soon as possible, please.
    Thank you

    • Loretta, WTA itself does not run the course. It would be best to visit the website above, mentioned by Renee

  2. Hi Hayley (and others who have recently expressed interest).

    Renee has advised the following:
    The original Certificate III in Native Animal Rehabilitation has been discontinued and will be replaced with a new native animal rehabilitation skill set which is part of the national training package. The resources are currently under development for the new course and I anticipate we will start up early next year.

    The new skill set will not be exactly the same as the old Cert 3 course, but will still be available to study 100% online (i.e. flexibly). There may also be a Cert III Animal Studies online available soon after that. In the meantime, we are offering a Cert II Animal Studies which is part-time: 2 days on campus at Alex Hills and ½ day online (flexible).

    Please keep an eye on our website (see below) for updates closer to the end of this year, and if you have any further questions feel free to contact me.


    Renee Chamberlin| Teacher – Animal Studies & E-Learning | Metropolitan South Institute of TAFE
    PO Box 2614 Mansfield 4122 | Phone: (07) 3215 1686 | Mobile: 0478 323 241 |Email: renee.chamberlin@deta.qld.gov.au | Web: http://www.msit.tafe.qld.gov.au

  3. I am very keen to do the native animal rehabilitation cert 3 course in 2012,but cannot find any information on it anywhere on the tafe website.Does this course still exist? Does anyone know if this course is still running?


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