Australian Wildlife Secrets Magazine

Australian Wildlife Secrets Magazine February 2012

The next issue of this mamgazine, which is a Wildlife Tourism Australia member, will be available from early February

From the publisher:

“The next spectacular issue of Australian Wildlife Secrets is due out next Friday 3rd February.

This issue has a diverse range of features including the Mudskipper, Waders, Alpine life explored, Mark David reveals how he coped with his spider fear. The Western Swamp Turtle, an amazing breeding program and recovery success.

Secrets sightings a 4.5 metre python, platypus. Secret place is the unique Little Desert National Park, wild reads, secret rescue a fruit bat with a fruit picker! Puzzle away in the secret puzzles.

Amazing imagery and great reading awaits you in your local newsagents or can be delivered by subscription.”

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  2. Ronda Green says:

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