Illegal Trafficking Workshop, 2017. Sponsors

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Bio-Rad is sponsoring morning tea for delegates. Since Bio-Rad was founded over six decades ago, they have provided the healthcare industry with innovative and useful products. It is today a global leader, with a team of over 7,800 employees and a global network of operations. They offer a wide range of instruments, software, consumables, reagents, and content for the growing fields of cell biology, gene expression, protein purification, protein quantitation, drug discovery and manufacture, food safety, and science education, and are among the top five life science companies worldwide.

Ionicon is sponsoring afternoon tea for delegates. It is the world’s leading producer of trace gas analyzers with market-leading, real-time, single-digit pptv-level detection limits using the unique Proton Transfer Reaction – Mass Spectrometry (PTR-MS) and Selective Reagent Ionization – Mass Spectrometry (SRI-MS) technology. Since 1998, they have served their customers in the  fields of  atmospheric chemistry, environmental research and trace gas analysis (e.g. emissions in urban and remote areas, indoor spaces, vehicles), food and flavour science (e.g. analysis of coffee, olive oil, butter, cheese, wine, herbal extracts and aromas), industrial VOC monitoring (e.g. in waste incineration plants, chemical factories and production sites of the semiconductor industry) and illicit substances detection (Explosives, CWAs, TICs). A special focus was given to medical and biotechnological applications where real-time monitoring of industrial fermentation processes, of synthetic gas production processes in the petrochemical industry and real-time breath gas analysis in clinical settings are carried out.

Dreamworld is Queensland’s biggest theme park, with more than 40 rides, slides and attractions, including the Big Thrill Rides, and is home to Corroboree which offers a range of wildlife and Indigenous cultural experiences.  Dreamworld established the Dreamworld Wildlife Foundation (DWF) in 2012 and is the largest global contributor to tiger conservation. The organisation provides a leadership role in researching conservation initiatives for endangered Australia animals.Dreamworld is sponsoring travel and accommodation for Al Mucci., General Manager for Life Sciences, who will be presenting about illegal wildlife trafficking from a zoological industry perspective.


Adina Apartment Hotel Central is providing us with a free meeting room a d offering discounts to our delegates seeking accommodation in Sydney. Adina Apartment Hotels  offer a range of spacious accommodation for guests including: studios, one, two and three bedroom apartments with fully equipped kitchens, laundries and comfortable living spaces so you can cook, wash and relax in your own space, on your own time, as well as  facilities such as a gym, sauna and swimming pool.