Wildlife Tourism Conference 2020 Tours

Please let us know ASAP if potentially interested in any of these tours!

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Pre-conference Tours

Forests, coasts and wildlife great and small in Southeast Queensland

Thursday 18th June to Friday 129th June.

Rainforest at Binna Burra
  • Leave Brisbane 9.00am from Southbank
  • Travel to Tamborine Mountain to visit a cave that was purpose-built to house glow worms at Cedar Creek Estate with night-into-day lighting, to take the tourism pressure off wild populations and also give visitors a chance to view them during the day. Also view a rainforest corridor on this vineyard property, and indulge in some local wine-tasting if you wish
  • Walk into a rainforest canopy at Tamborine Skywalk
  • Visit a flying fox (fruit bat) colony – there is a shifting population but usually there are plenty of black flying foxes and grey-headed flying foxes hanging from the trees by the creek.
  • Arrive at Binna Burra Lodge. One of Australia’s oldest eco-lodges, he heritage buildings were burnt to the ground in the dreadful fires that have been. plaguing Australia. The campground with its permanent safari tents was spared, as were some of the upmarket skylodge cabins. We will hear about Binna Burra’s history and its plans for the future as it “rises from the ashes” and enjoy a short guided rainforest walk with names of local trees in the local indigenous Yugambeh language as well as the English and scientific names, looking for birds and learning about the inter-dependence of local species of fauna and. flora, then watch for pademelons (tiny wallabies) that emerge from the forest towards dusk to graze on the lawn. Dinner will be at Binna Burra, and guests will stay overnight in either a safari tent or a Skylodge cabin (price varies accordingly)
  • After breakfast, experience the Senses Trail, which you may do blindfold if you wish. It was the world’s first Braille Trail through a rainforest, with a rope fence to guide you.
  • Head to Fingal, where we walk through coastal woodland to a long, natural stretch of beach and climb (gently to a rocky cliff to view large basalt columns seen by local Yugambeh people as a giant echidna, and watch for dolphins.
  • Visit Coombabah, where we will see many wild kangaroos, and if lucky a wild koala or two
  • Return to Brisbane by about 6.30 or 7.00pm

Cost: TBA, depending on potential numbers and whether in safari tents, bunk rooms or upmarket cabins (iff responding please let us know your preference)

Whale-watching -TBA

Other possible day-tours – TBA

Red kangaroo. Qld outback. Araucaria Ecotours

Post-conference Tours

Outback Tour

Bilby at David Fleay Wildlife Park: Araucaria Ecotours
  • Leave Brisbane 9.00am 26th or 27th June
  • Cross the mountains of the Great Dividing Range with a Scenic stop in the attractive city of Toowoomba
  • Continue west toward the true outback, through various vegetation changes and stopping to view colourful parrots, Major Mitchell cockatoos raptors, emus and other birds as well as both grey and red kangaroos and other wildlife
  • Explore a community hall that honours an insect – The Cactoblastis Memorial Hall. Opuntia (prickly pear) was introduced to Australia fro the deserts of the Americas but since there were no species here that eat cactus, it spread to cover vast tracts of land, causing great problems and much expense trying to keep it under control, which was not truly achieved until the Cactoblastis moth, whose larvae do eat cactus (and only cactus) was introduced.
  • Overnight in Roma
  • Continue on to Longreach, gain stopping to view fauna and flora along the way. Overnight in Longreach, after completing our two longest days of travel.
  • Explore the Stockman Hall of fame, with histories of local Indigenous residents, the early white pioneers and stockmen, through to recent and current residents, and watch a show demonstrating history and horsemanship skills.
  • Continue on to a cattle station where the owner runs a successful business while also encouraging wildlife (including dingos) on his property . He is also a strong proponent of the effects of climate change, a view not always shared by his neighbours (who also wonder about his tolerance of dingos). We will have some interesting conversations here. Overnight at the cattle station
  • Full day exploring the vast cattle station and its fauna and flora, and learning how human/wildlife conflicts are solved here, as well as deepening our understanding of outback ecosystems. Overnight either on the property or in Longreach
  • Travel to Charleville, where we visit a breeding centre for the endangered greater billy (the lesser billy is already extinct). Watch a video about the efforts of the Bilby Brothers to save this unique little animal, and meet the bibles themselves. Overnight in Charleville.
  • Remainder of our TBA but will include further genuine outback experiences en route back to Brisbane.
An outback sunset: Araucaria Ecotours

Costs TBA

Whale-watching -TBA

Please let us know if you are potentially interested in any of these tours.

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