Sponsors and supporters Wildlife Tourism Conference 2018

Many thanks to our sponsors and supporters. Much appreciated!

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Business Events Tasmania have been very supportive and helpful, sponsoring Ronda Green’s travel to Tasmania and travel (with personal escort) for both Ronda Green and Tony Conlan to spend three days exploring a variety of potential venues, and continuing to facilitate conversations between WTA and venues, transport companies etc.

Araucaria Ecotours (Qld) is providing many hours of organisational assistance plus financial sponsorship. “Travel with zoologist or experienced naturalist, seeing and learning about wildlife on day-tours or longer tours.”


Coral Expeditions  are sponsoring keynote speaker Ian Morris’s travel to the conference. “For 33 years, Coral Expeditions has focused on small ship expedition cruises to remote and exotic destinations. Our fleet of three Australian-flagged and crewed ships were purpose-built for expedition exploration. With no more than 72 guests, there are no queues.”   

Australia Zoo is sponsoring keynote speaker Rosie Booth’s travel to the conference. “Australia Zoo is a team of passionate conservationists working around-the-clock to deliver an animal experience like no other.”

Taronga Zoo is sponsoring keynote speaker Joy Tripovitch’s travel to the conference. “We are committed to the conservation of native species, with active involvement in breed and release programs, habitat recovery and the rehabilitation and release of injured or orphaned wildlife.”

Planeta.com is our media partner, helping to promote the conference worldwide, e.g. see http://planeta.com/1710wta/

Wildways (Tasmania) is sponsoring with financial donation. ” Sleep amongst the animals, share billy tea and damper around the campfire and learn the calls and behaviours of animals. ”

Moonlit Sanctuary (Victoria) is providing financial sponsorship. “At night, Moonlit Sanctuary comes alive in a remarkable way, with world-famous lantern-lit tours. Owls and other night birds are active, tiny feathertail gliders and beautiful squirrel gliders swoop around, and quolls, pademelons and bettongs forage for food” 




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A wild wombat grazing on grass on Cradle Mountain, Tasmania, near our conference venue.