Wildlife Tourism Workshop 2013

Snake as sister, spectacle or scientific object: connecting the dots for wildlife tourism

python     Darwin, Northern Territory, Australia

     Wednesday to Friday 2-4th October 2013


This workshop celebrated the diversity of wildlife tourism in the Northern Territory, the rest of Australia and elsewhere in the world, and successfully encouraged much discussion on many aspects of the wildlife tourism industry in Australia

Click here for  presentations and discussions at the workshop

The pdf of the program and abstracts can be downloaded here: book_absracts_WTA2013

Injalak_lookoutWe couldn’t go all the way to Darwin without some tours of the Top End.

Click here for some details and photos of our wonderful pre- and post- workshop field trips  Sunset cruise, early bird walks, giant termite mounds, rock paintings (including a Thylacine), weaving pandanus fibres, other Indigenous culture, hill-climbing, crocodiles, plenty of wide open spaces …

Wildlife Tourism workshop

Wildlife Tourism workshop


Saltwater crocodile (photo Araucaria Ecotours)

Saltwater crocodile (photo Araucaria Ecotours)

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