Presentations at Wildlife Tourism Workshop 2013

Presentations at Wildlife Tourism Workshop 2013.

workshop_audienceAbstracts for the presentations are available here as a downloadbable pdf

Pdf files of most presentations are now available for downloading below.

Snake as Sister: interpretation the Bininj way (Denise Goodfellow) WS2013 Bininj Interpretation

Developing a network of tourism operations involved in conservation monitoring and wildlife research: benefits to tourism and research. (Peter Wood and Ronda Green)   WS2013ResearchNework

How do we make wildlife tourism exciting, involving, educational, sustainable AND affordable for guides and small businesses? (Ronda Green) WS2013-ExcitingEducationalAffordable

What are the benefits of wildlife tourism for the entire tourism supply chain in the Northern Territory? (Mike Jarvis) WS2013Benefits-of-wildlife-tourism

Twitch or connection: what do birdwatchers want? (Denise Goodfellow) WS2013twitchersorconnection

Birdwatching for all? (Bo Beolens) presented as podcast WS2013-BirdingForAll

Birding tourism in Kaziranga National Park Assam, India – ecotourism contributing to biodiversity conservation (Kamini Barua)WS2013_Birdwatching_India

Conflicts between cultural use and ecotourism: the case of bird tours in Papua New Guinea (David Newsome)WS2013BirdwatchingPNG

Critical point of endemic birds in Okinawa, JAPAN- Challenge of shaping for management of wildlife viewing (Junko Oshima)

Who’s watching whom? Research on minimising disturbance by the wildlife tourist in animal encounters (David B. Croft and Isabelle D. Wolf) WS2013MinimiseDisturbance

You Yangs Koala Research Project An insight into the benefits of wildlife research both to wildlife and to business sales (Roger Smith and Janine Duffy) WS2013Koalas

What we want to learn from the 2014 World Parks Congress (Ron Mader) – presented via Google Hangouts

Invertebrates are animals too (Graham Brown) WS2013Insects

Northern Territory Parks and Wildlife permit requirements as it relates to the Tourism Industry (Ray Chatto) WS2013PermitsNT

Twenty years of research process on wildlife tourism in China (Cong Lee, presented by Dr David Newsome) WS2013WildlifeTourismChina

Wildlife Tourism in the Top End of Europe (Titta Tapaninen) WS2013WildlifeTourismFinland

One More Hurdle (Denise Lawungkurr Goodfellow)

Round table discussions

Doing it differently: what kinds of new products or new approaches to old ones could we be attempting, in the Top End and elsewhere? (Convener Ronda Green)

What works and what doesn’t? Problems of training and working as a guide or ranger (including Indigenous) in regional Australia (Convener Denise Lawungkurr Goodfellow)

How can we best make wildlife tourism contribute to wildlife conservation? (Convener David Croft and Jeff Skibbins)

Using GIS to help with wildlife tourism and biodiversity conservation (Convener Peter Wood)

Close encounters with wildlife vs minimal impact is there a place for both? (Convener Kamini Barua)

Developing the wildlife tourism research network at all levels and in all regions (Conveners Peter Wood and Ronda Green)

Jumping hurdles: overcoming financial, bureaucratic and other problems for high-quality but low-budget wildlife guides, tourism businesses, research students and NGOs (Convener Denise Lawungkurr Goodfellow)

‘Problem’ wildlife and tourism: fruitbats, emus, wombats, ferals and others (Convener Maree Kerr)

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