Call for Papers: wildlife tourism conference 2020

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We are now calling for papers (oral or poster) to be presented at the wildlife tourism conference in Brisbane 21-25 June 2020

Please send

  • title
  • author/s name/s
  • contact details
  • an abstract of up to 300 words
  • whether you prefer an oral or poster paper
  • an indication of which (if any) of the following categories it would best fit under (see Topics)
    • Innovation and diversity in wildlife tourism for economic growth and biodiversity conservation in regional areas
    • Wildlife/human interactions (positive and negative): enhancing the positive and mitigating the negative
    • Wildlife tourism protecting and rehabilitating habitats and species
    • The forgotten wildlife: tourism involving reptiles, frogs, fish, invertebrates and the lesser-known mammals and birds
    • Visitor education for appreciation and understanding of wildlife: making it entertaining, memorable and meaningful
    • Citizen science and conservation volunteering in wildlife tourism
    • Climate change and wildlife tourism
    • Wildlife tourism in Asia and the Pacific

Send to Ronda Green (chair)

NOTE: if you have sent anything to the previous email ([email protected]), please try again. as that email is currently non-functional.

The first round of notices of acceptance will be by 30th January 2020. You can however still submit up to 30 May 2020.

Registration is also now open.

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