Wildlife Conservation Tips for Operators

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How can you, as a tourism operator, contribute to Wildlife Conservation?

Have you ever seen a:

  • Tasmanian Tiger (Thylacinus cynocephalus)
  • Lesser Bilby (Macrotis leucura) or a
  • Desert Rat-kangaroo (Caloprymnus campestris)?


These animals and many others are extinct: gone forever from the Australian landscape

Australia has a unique and wonderful range of wildlife, most of which can found nowhere else in the world. With more and more people making Australia their home, much of the forest and woodland areas have been cleared to make way for farms, townships and urban cities. Unfortunately we have changed the land so much that many types of animals have already disappeared (including 16 species of mammal since Eutopean settlement – one of the hghest rates in the world) or are in danger of soon doing so.


You can contribute by helping to save Australian wildlife that are in danger of becoming extinct by doing the following:


Be familiar with wildlife viewing guidelines

They are not a one-size fits all!

See especially the compilation of wildlife-viewing guidelines by the Biodiversity Working Group 

(BWG is a working group within the Tourism and Protected Areas group within the World Commission on Protected Areas, which in turn is part of IUCN (International Union for Conservation of Nature)




Encourage Tourist Participation in Wildlife Conservation

Get involved in wildlife research or monitoring, and involve your visitors in these activities.

Encourage your visitors to participate in wildlife conservation activities on your property such as habitat restoration.

Enter into a conservation agreements such as the Land for Wildlife scheme.

Donate a percentage of your profits to support a wildlife conservation project or encourage visitors to make voluntary donations. Use this in your promotion and let tourists know that part of their money is contributing to wildlife conservation

Let your visitors know about local, regional or national conservation projects and organizations they can donate money to. It is best not to put pressure or make people feel guilty for not doing so – they may well have donated elsewhere or be on a restricted budget – just provide the information and let them decide. Many tourists wish to contribute something towards the wildlife in the areas they visit, the occasional one quite generously.


Support Wildlife Conservation Organisations

Youcan find out about organisations that are actively helping wildlife – donate money and support these organisations, and assist with their PR work

Volunteer your time to help with projects and become aware about what is being done and what needs to be done.

Follow the links below to organisations that support wildlife conservation:

Various natural history and wildlife caraers groups around Australia

Join Wildlife Tourism Australia!

Contribute in Your Everyday Life

YOU can also do things in your own backyard and in your everyday life that can help save wildlife, as we are recommending for tourists and the general public. See our Tips to Save Wildlife page.