Promoting wildlife as a national attraction

At our 2012 national workshop, one of the papers presented was “Wildlife in the promotion of Australia’s national Landscapes” by Jonathan Fisher, CEO Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary

Points made were:

  •   Tourism Australia and others promoting aAustralia to the rest of the world need  to differentiate  it from other world experiences, and should focus on what is unique, such as our fauna, flora, landscapes and Indigenous and other typically Australian culture

  • Within the strategy to implement this we need:

    • workshops with stakeholders

    • identification of the spiritual value of locations accordingly to local communities

    • focus on sustainable tourism associated to sustainable communities

    • use of the National Landscape Tool

    • promotion of the existing resources of national Parks

    • sharing of information on successful management within Australian initiatives

    • realisation that our Australian landscape has a massive opportunity if the correct message is used and it is communicated

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