Exhibition and trade displays for operators, NGOs and others

Wildlife Tourism Australia is keen to support the local wildlife tourism community and help promote local businesses.

There is a small number of low cost exhibitor/trade display opportunities for your wildlife, birding or whale-watching tours etc, eco-lodge, zoo, government department, wildlife association or anything else of relevance you would like to promote during the conference.

·         $80 per day or $200 for 3 days for commercial enterprises

·         $30 per day or $80 for 3 days for non-profit organisations

Amounts are in Australian Dollars and do not include GST

Exhibitors will –

  • Have 1 trestle table and 1 chair and enough room for a pullup banner or brochure stand (Please ensure that you bring your own table cloths, power boards/leads etc. if needed)
  • Receive one exhibitor badge – note this does not provide access to any conference sessions, lunch, morning and afternoon teas.

Please complete the application form as soon as possible so we can plan the area and email form to us.   Once layout is organised we will be in contact to confirm with exhibitors and request payment.   We will then list exhibitors on the website.


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