Kangaroos and wallabies seen with WTA members

Kangaroos with joeys: Araucaria Ecotours

You can see kangaroos and/or wallabies with:

  • Araucaria Ecotours (tours, southeast Queensland) – grey kangaroos and wallabies in several tours, red kangaroos in outback tours
  • Boutique Tours (tours, Sydney region, NSW) – grey kangaroos and wallabies 
  • Cassowary House (accommodation and tours, Far North Queensland) –
  • Cleland Wildlife Park (wildlife park, near Adelaide,South Australia) – kangaroos, wallabies
  • Create-a-Tour (tours, southeast Queensland) – grey kangaroos, wallabies
  • Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary (wildlife park,southeast Queensland) – grey kangaroos, red kangaroos, wallabies, tree kangaroos,
  • Echidna Walkabout (tours, near Melbourne,Victoria) – grey kangaroos, wallabies
  • Gippsland High Country Tours (tours, eastern Victoria)
  • Longhorn YOUnique Tours Pty Ltd (tours, Victoria)
  • Maria Island Walk (tours, Tasmania) – wallabies
  • Moonlit Sanctuary (wildlife park,near Melbourne,Victoria)
  • Tropical Treks Guided Bushwalks (tours, southeast Queensland) – grey kangaroos, wallabies
  • Trowunna Wildlife Park (wildlife park, Tasmania)
  • Wait a While Tours (tours, Far North Queensland) – tree kangaroos, wallabies, musky rat-kangaroo

Also see the Roo Trail, with loads of information about kangaroos and wallabies, their ecology, behaviour and where to see them throughout Australia.

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Tree kangaroo: Wait-a-While Tours