Cassowary House

Cassowary House offers its guests a true rainforest experience. Only 35 minutes from Cairns airport it is sited entirely within the rainforest in the cooler hills up on the edge of the Tablelands. Cassowary House offers comfortable accommodation and excellent bird and wildlife opportunities. Southern Cassowaries, Victoria’s Riflebirds, Red-necked Crakes, Musky Rat-Kangaroos, Cairns Birdwings and both Eastern Water and Boyd’s Forest Dragons are amongst the wildlife that  live on the property or regularly visit from the adjoining National Park.
It is a great base for exploring the whole of the  Cairns/Tablelands area with easy access to most of the major bird and wildlife sites.  We are happy to share our knowledge and love of the natural world with our guests and  have an extensive natural history library can provide maps and expert, experienced bird and wildlife guides.

Cassowary Tours

CassowaryToursLogoCassowary Tours offers expert birding tours in Far North Queensland

(also see Sicklebill Tours for tours by the same company to New Guinea and elsewhere)

Business Type: Accommodation and Tours
Wildlife Commonly Seen: Southern Cassowary, Victoria’s Riflebird, Spotted Catbird, Macleay’s Honeyeater, Red-necked Crake, Wompoo, Superb and Rose-crowned Fruit-Doves, Red-legged Pademelon, Duck-billed, Platypus, Musky Rat-Kangaroo, Eastern Water and Boyd’s Water Dragon, Amethystine Python, Cairns Birdwing
Cassowary House
Black Mountain Road
PO Box 387,
QLD 4881
Phone: 61 7 40 937 318