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Wait-a-While Rainforest Spotlighting Tours Cairns offer Rainforest & Wildlife Tours in the Cairns region. Visiting the World Heritage Listed National Parks from Cairns, we have been hosting small personal wildlife spotting and nocturnal spotlighting tours into the world’s oldest continuously surviving rainforest near Cairns for more than 30 years.

With an impressive success rate, we take our guests to the Atherton Tablelands to observe animals, such as the elusive platypus and tree kangaroo, in their natural habitat.

Cairns is a major tourist destination with thousands of visitors coming here each year to experience the Great Barrier Reef and yet relatively few discover the Cairns Tablelands (sometimes known as the Atherton Tablelands).

The Tablelands are within easy reach of Cairns offering a shorter drive time than Daintree rainforest tours and greater wildlife spotting opportunities.

The best time of day to spot wildlife in Australia is at dusk through to nighttime so our tours depart in the early afternoon. As the rainforest comes alive at night (80% of animals in Australia are nocturnal or more active at night), our spotlights enable us to capture activity up in the canopy.

Experiencing the tropical rainforest at night is something you will remember, especially with an informative guide to help you understand this magnificent wildlife environment. We strive to offer the best Rainforest Tours in Cairns.

We will pick you up from your hotel or other accommodation in Cairns, the Northern Beaches or Port Douglas.

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