Devils @ Cradle, TAS

ad_devilscradlelogo[email protected] is a new and innovative wildlife tourism and conservation attraction at Cradle Mountain focusing on the Tasmanian devil, located just 500m before the entrance to the Cradle Mountain National Park. The all weather Interpretation and Viewing centre combines comfort with high quality interpretation and a spacious undercover viewing platform provides amazing views of the devils in a large natural enclosure. Visitors take a journey into the mysterious world of the Tasmanian devil – AFTER DARK TOURS focus on the social interactions and nocturnal feeding habits of these unique carnivores. DAY TOURS allow people to see the softer side of the animal as guides generally will handle the devils.”

Devils @ Cradle

PO Box 6
SHEFFIELD TAS 7306ad_devilscradle Ph: (03) 6492 1491 Fax: (03) 6492 1451

Email: [email protected]
Website: Devils @ Cradle

Business Type: Wildlife Sanctuary/Park

Wildlife commonly seen: Tasmanian Devils (captive and wild), Eastern Quolls (wild), Wallaby (wild), Wombat (wild), Possums (wild)

Rare Spottings: Spotted-tailed Quolls (wild)

Most exciting: Tasmanian Devil