This webinar was held on 3 March 2021. Report coming soon

Webinar 4.00-5.00pm Brisbane Time, 3rd March (International Wildlife Day)

Ever-increasing human population puts ever more pressure on nature, including wildlife, and also human welfare. Several speakers will present on problems of population growth for wildlife and humans of the future, and on problems of “over tourism” for wildlife, tourists and locals, and some possible solutions, then throw open for general discussion.


4.00pm. Dr  Ronda Green, Chair WTA. Proprietor Araucaria Ecotours. Adjunct research fellow, Griffith University. Ronda will provide a brief history of concerns about ecological consequences of human  population increase on human welfare and biodiversity conservation, and an introduction to effects of overtourism on wildlife, tourists and local populations 

4.05pm. Dr.Madura Thivanka, senior lecturer and researcher in sustainable tourism, British School of Finance, Sri Lanka. Madura will give the example of Minneriya National Park in Sri Lanka, one of the most popular national parks in South East Asia to view wildlife elephant gatherings but due to the extensive promotions park now experiencing overcrowding of tourists, which leads to disturbance of the wildlife in the park and of other stakeholders, and needs to be addressed soon to make the park sustainable.   

4.10pm. Paul Sadera Kilelu. founder of Enkusera Sampu  Conservancy, Kenya. Paul will speak on population as a factor impacting wildlife habitat and lowering tourism revenue in Kenya.

4.15pm SPA Qld, Edward Smith President of Sustainable Population Australia. Edward will speak on taking pressure off nature by slowing population growth.

4.25pm Ronda Green. Hurdles to combatting population growth and overtourism. Possibilities for overcoming these and mitigating effects in the meantime. 

4.30pm General discussion, open to all delegates by direct speech or typing in the “chat” option on Zoom.

5.00pm Close

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