Provisional Program only (please check for updates)

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9.00am Delegates arrive

9.30am. Welcome, overview

Dr Andrew Tribe, Spicers Hidden Vale, Uni Qld

9.40am Wildlife of the Scenic Rim

10.00am Wildlife Tourism potential for the Scenic Rim

10.20am Morning Tea

10.50am Keynote speaker Dr Andrew Tribe. Koala trail and tourism assisting endangered species

11.25am. Bat tourism in the Scenic Rim

11.40am. Speed talks on current tour operations

12.15 noon Lunch

1.15pm Indigenous perspectives on wildlife tourism (TBC)

1.30pm Roundtable discussion: what do we offer already, what other experiences or packages could we offer?

2.00pm What do we mean by ecologically sustainable. How do we achieve this while also being economically sustainable and not infringing on resident lifestyles?

2.15pm Roundtable discussion: How do we keep it ecologically sustainable

3.00pm Afternoon tea

3.30pm. What kinds of tourists do we most wish to attract? How do we market effectively to the “right” kinds of tourists?

4.00pm Final general discussions, future plans

4.30pm close of workshop

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