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Savannah Guides is a network of professional tour guides and tour operators working with researchers, National Parks agencies and local communities.  We are based in the tropical savannahs of northern Australia, including north Queensland’s Gulf Savannah, the Northern Territory’ Top End and the Kimberley region of Western Australia.

As well as conducting guide schools, we also offer tours and accommodation! Some of our tours include:  Cobbold Gorge, Undara experience, Adels Grove, Bedrock Village, Capricorn Caves and QR Traveltrain. We have a lot more!

At least two Savannah Guides Schools are held every year bringing together tour guides, operators, Traditional Owners, National Parks Rangers, tourism and government representatives, researchers and other like-minded individuals. They are held at varying locations across the savannahs, featuring experts in fields such as ecology, traditional culture, geology, land management, guiding technique and tourism. They are usually three to four days in length with many activities in the field. We have an affordable registration fee plus accommodation and camping options to suit all participants.
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Savannah Guides Schools are a part of a framework helping guides to achieve and maintain a high level of professionalism. Many individuals and operators use the Schools to enter the tourism industry, set staff professionalism benchmarks, refresh technical knowledge, make network contacts or simply explore a new region behind the scenes in a fun, educational setting. Sharing knowledge is a key part of our ethos and everyone is welcome at a Savannah Guides School.

Manager:  Russell Boswell
Savannah Guides Limited
PO Box 33
Smithfield. QLD. 4878
Phone: 0408 772 513
Email: [email protected]

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