Koala: photo Araucaria Ecotours

Wildlife Tourism Australia Inc. (WTA) is a not for profit incorporated association founded in 2003 as a result of Australia’s first national conference on wildlife tourism in Tasmania, run by the Sustainable Tourism CRC. It has an elected committee consisting of a chair, vice chair, secretary, treasurer and up to six non-executive committee members across Australia who meet via Skype approximately every six weeks.

Our Mission

To promote the sustainable development of a diverse wildlife tourism industry that supports conservation.

 Our Objectives

  • Communication between all stakeholders : To provide a forum for collation and dissemination of knowledge, and communication between wildlife tourism stakeholders (operators, accommodation providers, wildlife parks, conservation managers, researchers, students, politicians, local residents, NGOs and others).
  • High Standards of operation: To support development of high standards in wildlife tourism product design (safety issues, responsible and effective marketing), interpretation (enjoyable and meaningful education of visitors), environmental protection and animal welfare.
  • Minimising Environmental Impacts: To promote appropriate management and monitoring by businesses, land owners and government departments  to minimise potential negative environmental impacts of tourism on wildlife, and to discuss and disseminate information on threatening processes.
  • Support of conservation of wildlife and habitats: To enhance links between wildlife tourism and conservation of native Australian wildlife, including ways that tourism operations can assist conservation practice, research and education
  • Promotion of the values of wildlife tourism and discussions of its challenges: To promote sustainable wildlife tourism in regional areas from population hubs to remote locations, including the needs of small businesses and untapped potential of the diversity of our wildlife and ways of experiencing it.