Experiencing Our Wildlife

Starfish on beach The wildlife pages will give you loads of information on Australia’s wildlife and links to loads more. Our travel pages (under the menu tours/accom)  bring you many ways of experiencing our wildlife – where to go, where to stay, what tours you can book in various parts of the country etc.

Tours, accommodation and more

Whether it’s joining a birding or whale-watching tour, staying at one of Australia’s beautiful ecolodges or remote campsites, visiting a wildlife park or zoo,  hiking into the wilderness or  seeing  wild places from the comfort of your vehicle – there is a wide wide range of unforgettable experiences on offer. Click here to find an introduction to each region’s wildlife and ecosystems plus accommodation, tours, wildlife attractions and other products and services offered by Wildlife Tourism Australia members. Also visit the more general Australia page for some of Australia’s unique features, and our international page for wildlife tours to some of Australia’s neighbours such as PNG and southeast Asia.

Treading lightly as you travel

Please visit our “tips for conservation” and “policies and best practice” pages to find some advice on treading lightly, and to give you some ideas for choosing eco-friendly tour operations.

Enjoy your travels and tell us about them!

We hope you enjoy using our wildlife pages to design your trip, and that you experience plenty of our fascinating wildlife, friendly and knowledgeable people and wonderful scenery when you actually start exploring. You may also like to tells us about your experiences, by emailing us or leaving comments on relevant parts of our blog or the WTA Facebook page.