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Conference November 2024

Wild Tails: the value of story-telling and other quality interpretation in wildlife tourism

Hastings Point, Northeastern New South Wales, Australia.

Presentations and discussions (3 days), pre-, mid- and post-conference excursions.

In this conference we will pursue various topics:

  • How do we best design interpretive experiences for a variety of visitors – different age groups, levels of interest or prior knowledge, different levels of understanding of the language spoken by the guide, different cultural backgrounds etc.?
  • How can we awaken interest in the “forgotten fauna”: reptiles, insects, rat-like mammals, small brown birds etc. with interesting behaviours or ecological roles?
  • What are the ways we use story-telling to capture interest and proceed to impart some important or fascinating information?
  • How can we best guide our visitors’ behaviour for minimal-impact viewing?
  • Face-to-face guiding, self guided nature trails, interpretive signage in zoos or wilderness areas, apps, websites, virtual reality and other methods of sharing information.
  • What to avoid when giving out information or opinions
  • Anything else of relevance to interpreting wildlife and their habits to visitors.

Find further details about our 2024 wildlife tourism conference here


Monthly (free) webinars) on wildlife of the Scenic Rim (in conjunct0on with the Scenic Rim branch

of Wildlife Queensland.

Details soon!





Free webinar: Giving captive wildlife an enjoyable life

(going beyond freedom from pain and fear, how do we make life in captivity actually enjoyable and satisfying? Details TBA (early 2024)


Other free webinars TBA



Wildlife Tourism Conference, November 2024, northern NSW


Major theme: Quality wildlife interpretation

Wildlife Tourism Conference 2024