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Turtle Network and Workshop

Turtles are  facing many threats throughout the world: climate change, plastics, other pollution, by-catch, harvesting, disturbance… We’re building a network of people involved in marine turtle research, conservation and/or tourism  leading up to the June webinars.  Let us know if interested. The workshop will run as part of our webinar-conference in June


Wildlife Tourism Webinar-conference: Overcoming Hurdles

21-23 June 2021 

Wildlife Tourism Conference  2021


Our physical conference is once more postponed due to Coronavirus, and now planned to be in Brisbane in June 2022.  We will still be running webinars in lieu of a physical conference


  • Covid effects 1: positive and negative impacts of lockdown on wildlife, and how to avoid negative effects of re-opening
  • Covid effects 2: impacts of lockdown on tourism. How business can survive during such event:, diversifying offers, attracting domestic customers …
  • Insurance and other expenses and regulations that can make things difficult for small businesses
  • Problems facing marine turtles (climate change, plastics, nettings, disturbances to. nesting sites, human and other predators). Can sustainable tourism assist?
  • Conservation issues involving other species. Can sustainable tourism assist?
  • How can tour operators best deal with diverse customers (groups with mixed ages, interests, language etc, difficult customers, animosity between members of tour group)
  • Human-wildlife conflicts: caused by tourism or solved by tourism
  • Other issues