Wildlife conservation is an enormous issue and a very urgent one

On this website we are focussing mainly on those issues that are relevant to wildlife tourism.

So, how are tourism and conservation connected?

  • For wildlife tourism to be enjoyed in the future, we need wildlife! It is to the advantage of tour operators and local communities to support its conservation.
  • Viewing wildlife in their natural habitats, going about their natural behaviour and with all natural ecological processes still continuing, is a very special experience that many tourists seek, so it is important to preserve large tracts of wildlife habitat for this reason alone
  • We also a moral responsibility to minimise our impacts on wildlife and their habitats, indeed on the entire ecosystem, including not just the animals tourists comatose but all life forms sharing their habitat.
  • There are also numerous ways in which wildlife tourism can positively assist wildlife conservation 
  • Travellers can learn how best not to disturb wildlife another habitats during their visit and how to select operators who support conservation (and animal welfare).



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  1. I’m looking for jobs oppurtunities in any wildlife careers, currently
    i’m a student of Sokoine University of Agriculture in TANZANIA persuing Bsc wildlifemanagement


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