Wildlife Trails

Wildlife Trails

PLEASE NOTE: These trails were mostly  designed several years ago, and some details may be out of date!

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The Kangaroo Trail

Kangaroos, tree kangaroos, wallabies, pademelons, bettongs, potoroos, rat-kangaroos throughout Australia – their ecology, behaviour, distribution, conservation status and where to see them, https://www.wildlifetourism.org.au/experiencing-our-wildlife/overview/wildlife-travels-in-australia/rootourism-kangaroo-trail-australia/

The Bat Trail

This trail is under construction and should be available in 2018

The Adelaide Wildlife Trail

trail_adelaide_2006_coverAll of the attractions on Adelaide’s Wildlife Trail are found within an hour of the South Australian capital city.

For wildlife encounters in the city, try the Adelaide Zoo by the River Torrens. At Glenelg, just 15 minutes from the heart of Adelaide, swim with the dolphins and meet Great White Sharks (on dry land!)

In 20 minutes you’re in the bushland of the Adelaide Hills, where Cleland Wildlife Park is one of the state’s national park treasures. Warrawong Wildlife Sanctuary has set world standards with its ecotourism programs and Gorge Wildlife Park has welcomed locals and visitors for nearly 30 years.

On the southern coast, where Southern Right Whales raise their young, the SA Whale Centre is the hub of whale watching activity. Just off shore on Granite Island is a habitat for aquatic life and sea birds – including adorable Little Penguins – and inland, Urimbirra Wildlife Experience’s nocturnal house reveals the secret life of native night creatures.

To the east near the Murray River, the safari tours at Monarto Zoological Park introduce the park’s animals and its award-winning breeding programs.

Download: Adelaide Wildlife Trail Brochure (PDF 2.6Mb)


The Tasmanian Wildlife Trail

A strong partnership between Tourism Tasmania, Wildlife Tourism Australia and National Parks and Wildlife Tasmania saw the launch of the Tasmanian Wildlife Trail in 2007. Referred to as a ‘living museum’ for its ancient marsupials that have evolved in isolation from the mainland, the Tasmanian map showcases unique wildlife experiences available around the state.

The island supports a variety and abundance of wildlife, although many animals are nocturnal and elusive. A quiet walk at dawn or dusk will reward a patient observer. Encountering a platypus, echidna, quoll, wallaby or Tasmanian devil in the wild is an exciting experience. Some of the memorable sights include watching wedge-tailed eagles soar on the wind or seeing the amazing spectacle of thousands of short-tailed shearwaters returning to their nesting burrows at dusk.

All of these experiences can be enjoyed as you journey around Tasmania, with many opportunities to find yourself up close to wildlife in the many WTA member attractions on the trail.

Download: Tasmanias_Wildlife_Trail_WEB  (PDF 3.8 Mb)


The Southern Queensland Wildlife Trail

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The Southern Queensland Wildlife Trail was launched in 2005 by best selling author of ‘The Blue Day Book’ and WTA member, Bradley Trevor-Greive.

It encompasses the regions of Brisbane, the Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast, hinterlands and islands and aims to promote to local, interstate and international visitors the variety of wildlife tourism experiences that can be easily reached within a two-hour drive of Brisbane.

Participants in the trail include Australia Zoo, Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary, Tangalooma Wild Dolphin Resort, Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary, Binna Burra Mountain Lodge, Birding Services Brisbane, Tamborine Mountain Glow-worm Caves, Walkabout Creek Wildlife Centre, Araucaria Ecotours, O’Reilly’s Rainforest Guesthouse, Noosa North Shore, SeaWorld, Redlands Indigiscapes Centre, Straddie Kingfisher Tours, Dreamworld, Rob’s Rainforest Explorer Day Tours, Mt Barney Lodge Country Retreat, Mt Warning B&B Retreat/Sense Adventures, Cruise Maroochy and Bushwacker Ecotours.

The trail aims to increase visitor’s enjoyment of the area and enhance their knowledge and understanding of wildlife.

Please note: Unfortunately the supplier of the actual map did not create a completely accurate one, so the map should be used in conjunction with a more detailed regional map. On our next version this will be corrected.

Download: Southern Queensland Wildlife Trail Brochure (PDF 3.4Mb)