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For job-seekers and work experience students with an interest in wildlife tourism

Please use the comments below to post the kinds of position (full-time, part-time, voluntary, work-experience etc.) you are seeking, your areas of interest, the geographic areas  you would prefer to (or would consider) working in, a brief summary of your background interests, and how you might be contacted by protective employers or work experience hosts

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There are some excellent wildlife enthusiasts  here seeking paid work, voluntary work or work experience, some with experience in tourism, small business generally, animal care,veterinary practice, research and other relevant pursuits: please check from time to time if you are needing some extra help with your operation.


  1. Hello,

    My name is Huck Triggs and I am a senior Environmental Studies Major graduating from Bates College in the United States this May. Last year, I studied for a semester at the University of Queensland, where in my courses “Marine Wildlife Conservation,” “Coral Reef Ecology and Conservation,” “Sustainable Development,” and “Foundations of Marketing” I learned about the complex socio-cultural relationships between humanity and Australia’s natural environment. I have a deep, lifelong interest in wildlife and nature, which has manifested itself in many ways including writing (unpublished) encyclopedias, photographing wildlife, and leading nature tours and walks. I really want to go back to Australia and work for a year, and I welcome challenging and unique work opportunities that will provide valuable life experience both improving my character and increasing my knowledge about how to forge my career in ecotourism and other environmental fields. I have had numerous and varied work experiences so far in my life, ranging from shooting new assignments for the Lewiston Sun Journal to performing ecological stream surveys for the Pepperdine University to leading overnight backpacking trips at a summer camp. As a motivated, interesting, fit, exciting and enthusiastic individual with a passion for the natural world, I believe I have heaps to contribute to any Australian company or organization looking to hire Working Holiday Visa holders.

    I aim to make it back to Australia in 2024, and could leave as early as late June. I look forward to discussing my qualifications in an interview. Please reach out to me at my email or my cell phone +1 310-740-4762.

    I appreciate your time and consideration.

    Kind regards,

    Huck Triggs

  2. Hello,

    My name is Leticia de Bonilla, I am a recent Spanish undergraduate in Environmental Sciences (specialized in animal behavior and conservation) from Maastricht University, the Netherlands. I am currently taking a year off before my masters to acquire professional experience within the non-profit sector. I am looking for a remote internship/research assistantship from January 2022 to June 2022. I am very motivated and can work full-time. I have previously worked in a research institute within a non-profit organization focusing on wildlife behavior and conservation, where I researched Asian elephants’ rest behavior. Furthermore, I am currently volunteering for a local non-profit towards the conservation of the Brown Bear in the Pyrenees (France) and I’m taking part in virtual conservational work (animal monitoring) with a non-profit called ZSL Instant Wild.

    My interests lie on (marine) wildlife conservation research and the effect tourism has on wildlife. I am also interested in the administration/communication component of a non-profit as I love communicating with people of different cultures of ethnicities through my ability to speak in 4 languages (Spanish, English, German and French).

    I can be contacted for further information and CV through my email: I look forward to hearing from you

    • Hello,

      My name is Huck Triggs and I am a senior Environmental Studies Major graduating from Bates College in the United States this May. Last year, I studied for a semester at the University of Queensland, where in my courses “Marine Wildlife Conservation,” “Coral Reef Ecology and Conservation,” “Sustainable Development,” and “Foundations of Marketing” I learned about the complex socio-cultural relationships between humanity and Australia’s natural environment. I have a deep, lifelong interest in wildlife and nature, which has manifested itself in many ways including writing (unpublished) encyclopedias, photographing wildlife, and leading nature tours and walks. I really want to go back to Australia and work for a year, and I welcome challenging and unique work opportunities that will provide valuable life experience both improving my character and increasing my knowledge about how to forge my career in ecotourism and other environmental fields. I have had numerous and varied work experiences so far in my life, ranging from shooting new assignments for the Lewiston Sun Journal to performing ecological stream surveys for the Pepperdine University to leading overnight backpacking trips at a summer camp. As a motivated, interesting, fit, exciting and enthusiastic individual with a passion for the natural world, I believe I have heaps to contribute to any Australian company or organization looking to hire Working Holiday Visa holders.

      I aim to make it back to Australia in 2024, and could leave as early as late June. I look forward to discussing my qualifications in an interview. Please reach out to me at my email or my cell phone +1 310-740-4762.

      I appreciate your time and consideration.

      Kind regards,

      Huck Triggs

  3. Wildlife Carer & Eco / Travel Journalist

    Hi. I am an experinced Eco & Travel Journalist and Digital Marketer – with a passion for Wildife and Nature Conservation. I have more than 12 years’ experience in the Travel and Safari industry. German native speaker. Fluent in English. Living in South Africa – looking for a new opportunity (paid job). I also worked as a Pet Sitter and just have this special bond with animals. I would love to work as a Koala Carer and Eco Journalsit and promote Wildlife & Nature Conservation projects while taking care ofwildlife.

    Looking for work as:

    – Koala Carer / Wildlife Carer
    – Eco Journalist / Travel Journalist (SEO Content, Photography)
    – Conservation Project Coordinator
    – Nature Guide (English / German)
    – German Translator

    Happy to hear from you. Please contact me for more info.

    • Where are u located ?

    • Hello i am interested in your organization with full fill reqirement sonplz connect with me so i can share you all of the details

  4. This is content Can I contact you? Can I write to you directly. It’s so good that i’m going follow you!

  5. Hi, my name is Mikel and I am from Spain but now I am living in Brisbane. I am seeking for a job in wildlife. It does not matter the place cause I am available to travel around Australia if necessary. I can work full time and I have a Work & Holiday Visa 462 until November 2020.

    Talking about me, when I was growing up, all I wanted to be was one of those people who change the world in a better way. I love nature and animals above anything else.

    Thankfully, my career goals have become a real over the years. In 2008 I finished an Advanced Diploma in Environmental Health and in 2019 I finished my bachelor’s degree in Environmental Science while I was working in environmental sector in Spain, so now I decide to go abroad to improve my skills and learn everything I can.

    I have a bachelor’s degree in Environmental Science finished with my dissertation titled “Influence of the climate change in Scarabaeidae beetles biology and distribution”, so I am very familiar with different monitoring surveys and inventories management.
    My efforts to increase my knowledge, as well as improve the quality of life of people and the native flora and fauna, are the result of being involved with SEO/BirdLife NGO during the last three years while I finished my bachelor’s degree in environmental science.
    As a result of participating as an environmental volunteer, I have been able to increase my knowledge and apply those acquired throughout my university studies. During those years, I participated in environmental education programs with children organizing different environmental workshops and some reforestation works by planting native trees.

    Furthermore, I have been a collaborator in the bird censuses in the spring period in the north of Spain and I have been involved with different local communities in the elaboration and installing of nest boxes for birds and bats in order to decrease insects populations like flies and mosquitoes that transmit public health diseases.
    I worked for two years as Environmental Quality Technician for Applus Norcontrol, S.L.R. company doing samplings of environmental pollution, noise control and gathering of industrial wastes. Other duties were writing of environmental reports.

    My last job was as a Pest Control Technician in Ecoespacio, S.L. company. My duties were pest control by fumigation, installing of bait boxes, herbicide application and writing of activity reports. During my last year working as a Pest Control Technician I acquired some different knowledge about sustainable farming. I participated in fumigation campaigns in pine tree forests against processionary moth in the north of Spain using biological phytosanitary products.

    Moreover, I speak fluently Spanish due to is my native language.

    I am currently doing different environmental volunteer activities with Conservation Volunteers NGO participating in “Koala Conservation – Daisy Hill” and “Marine Debris Collection: Wilson Esplanade” projects.

    I can be contacted on 0476294360 as well as by email: I look forward to hearing from you!

    • My name is Jazmin Martinez I am a Conservation Wildlife Biology Honors Graduate from Murdoch University, Perth, WA. My Bachelors was in Science, were I double majored in Biomedical Science and Animal Health. I am looking for a job or intern position that will allow me to gain key experience in Animal Conservation Field work. My passions lie within Conservation Epidemiology and Animal Health/Conservation. I was fortunate enough to write a thesis about a newly discovered virus infecting Australian native reptiles. This thesis in now in the process of publication and contains vital information about the epidemiology of this new virus. I have several years of education type roles behind me and academia and would love to be a given a chance to demonstrate my abilities and extensive knowledge. Please feel free to contact me at any time. Kind regards, Jazmin Martinez

  6. Having graduated with a Bachelor of Wildlife Science from The University of Queensland in December of 2019, I am eagerly looking to obtain suitable part-time or full-time work within the environmental sector. My degree centred around the conservation, protection and management of our native and threatened wildlife. Comprising of courses such as Zoo Biology, Ecology, Wildlife Technologies, Australian Terrestrial Vertebrates, Game Management, Animal Reproduction, Animal Behaviour and Handling, and many more, my education pertaining to animals, the environment and human interaction has been comprehensive. Further to this, I have been fortunate to participate in various practical volunteering opportunities including work with Bush care groups, field and data assistant work with the Department of Agriculture and Fisheries, koala tracking and more. Academic tutoring, Research program involvement (with the School of Biological Sciences) and a natural resources expedition to South Africa further expanded the breadth of my experiences and sharpened my passions for animals and the environment. Extremely focused, diligent and capable, wildlife is my future. This year, I look forward to continuing to expand my skills and knowledge base by undertaking a venomous snake handling course; ever looking to learn more about our wildlife. I am determined to contribute to current and future conservation, education and management endeavours across the environmental sector. With an extensive customer service and management-based working history, I am open to prospective opportunities, merely seeking an entry into the field which I am most passionate about. Located on the Gold Coast, travel is not an issue. Excited to give back to our wildlife and environmental future, I would love the opportunity to speak further about how I can contribute. Please feel free to contact me anytime on 0417 417 813, or by email using Thank you.

  7. Hi! My name is Eden Worthley and I am a semester away (mid-year 2020 graduate) from completing my Undergraduate degree in Animal Behaviour at Flinders University in South Australia. I have always had a passion for animals throughout my entire life and am hoping that I can put my degree to good use in the field. I’m extremely interested in either employment or volunteer work within the wildlife sector, particularly concerning conservation of native wildlife within our beautiful country. I am eager to start working as soon as is possible but unfortunately won’t be available to work full-time until I have completed my degree. I am contactable during work hours on 0405900496 or on my listed email. I look forward to hearing from you!

  8. Dear prospective employers.

    I Have completed a Bachelor of Zoology and Animal Science at Deakin University in Geelong, Victoria. I am currently about to also complete my Master of Science, Major in Marine Biology at James Cook University, Townsville. I am open to any type of job opportunity and have experience with reef restoration, large animals (such as Lions and Hyenas), reptiles, and multiple other areas of environmental science.
    I am situated in Townsville, Queensland.

    I look forward to hearing from you,
    Casey Milne

  9. Hello,

    I have a Degree in zoology and have always had a passion for wildlife and their behaviours. I have worked as a sailing instructor for the last 7 years, and have hundreds of hours on the water driving small boats both powered and sailed. I would love the opportunity to work in the wildlife industry, using and building upon my knowledge, spending my time outside in nature. I am new to photography but would love the opportunity to improve my skills with moments that are truly inspirational. Please contact me by email on I look forward to hearing form you.

    Thank in advance Ciaran

  10. Hi there,

    My name is Laura and I have a big passion for wildlife and tourism. As someone that has traveled a lot, I know how important it is to find tourism companies that not only satisfy your curiosity for seeing new places, but does so in a way that is not harmful to our biodiversity. I have successfully completed a degree on natural environment and wilderness studies, majoring in animal ecology and geography.

    I want to work in an environment that allows tourists to see the beauty of this country without harming our biodiversity. I am so passionate about conservation, as I believe future generations deserve to see what we currently have.

    I am located in Tasmania and would prefer to stay here, but I’m willing to move for the right job. Ideally, I want a full time or part time job.

    Cheers and tanks in advance.

  11. Senior Wildlife Officer looking for a new opportunity! I’m Lauren, a passionate lover of all animals and extremely experienced in Koala handling, training, and husbandry. I am looking for a role that I can invest in long term, and build upon my knowledge and passion for animal management and care! Please contact me at if you need an enthusiastic and professional keeper on your team!

  12. Hi,

    I am looking for work in the wildlife conservation field. I will be working on Magnetic Island until mid Feb, I will be keen and available to stat work asap after this. I have a BSc Hons degree in Environmental Science from Oxford Brookes University, UK, and 3 years experience as an animal keeper and presenter at a wildlife park in the UK. Here my role involved all aspects of animal husbandry and providing factual, fun and interactive talks to the public. Animals in my care were both exotics and farm animals.

    I want to play a part in the conservation of wildlife and the environment, practically and to be able to be in a position to encourage and implement positive change through education.

    I want to involve myself in as much environmental and wildlife related work as possible on my working holiday in Australia to further my knowledge and experiences. Please contact me for my CV and references.

    I have a keen interest in wildlife, conservation and our natural environment. I am an active, enthusiastic, happy and kind person, who has a positive approach to life. A trustworthy and reliable team member who works well in a team environment and who is equally capable to act as an individual making independent decisions when required. I am motivated and hard working. Fluent in both English and Swedish. I have a full clean UK driving licence.

    Kind regards,
    Rebecca Apelgren

    I am a had worker,

  13. Hello all,
    I am seeking a career in a wildlife, conservation, or echotourism based area. I have a particular love for animals, an interest in research and conservation programs, and I love to share environmental knowledge with others.

    I have a bachelor of Zoology, with an additional one year research honours degree where I designed and implicated a behavioural study on the Australian noisy minor bird and received a ‘first class’ mark and an university medal at completion. I have experience working in animal care and husbandry (native, farm, and domestic), with tourists and in hospitality, conducting field work and research, and in a scientific lab.

    I’m hoping to find full-time employment, or a job where at least 25 hrs+ a week is guaranteed either in a part time or casual compacity. I am currently located in coastal South Australia, but am willing to move almost anywhere in Australia for the right job. I have also previously lived in the NSW tablelands and am keen on the idea of moving to new places. I would prefer a job in the country rather than a city.

    Please contact me on if you think you may have a place for me,
    Thanks for taking the time to read my comment.

  14. Hi,

    My name is Laetitia, I am a 27yo European girl searching for a full-time job in animal care and wildlife conservancy. I will come to Australia at the end of the year with a working holiday visa. I studied positive psychology but I always volunteered with animals beside my studies (Italian National Association for Animal’s Protection and Raptors Rehabilitation Center in Switzerland). I am confident with feeding, cleaning and health caring for domestic and wild animals. My 2 years’ experience as a volunteer included a large variety of tasks such as veterinary assistance, phone assistance, animal rescue, presentations for educational and pedagogical purposes or even supplies management.
    I would consider opportunities in all the Australian territory and I am ready to go through a formal training like certificate III in captive animals if required.
    Please contact me by email at
    Thank you and looking forward to hear from you 🙂

  15. My name is Robert Evans and I am currently studding, Certificate III in Conservation and Land Management at the Gordon TAFE, attending school on Monday and Wednesday,.
    Ecotourism is in the area of work I would love to get into and I am willing to do Volunteering in this area to gain experience around my study and looking for full time work in this field in 2019

    Please contact me on

  16. 25 Year old male with Bachelor Biological Science. Well spoken and confident public speaker. Happy to move around for work, experience in sales, construction and bush regeneration work.
    Please get in touch with me I’m looking for work!!!

  17. Hello all,

    We are 2 israeli backpackers looking for a cadual job in this field for up to 6 months around the northern territory and western australia.

    We have 2 years experience working in a national park in the israeli dead sea region. The job included alot of walking, climbing, park maintenance and ecological projects.

    We dont mind working hard to get the job done and are keen to learn about australias wildlife. We are very passionate about conservation and wildlife and this subject is very importent to us.

    We can volunteer for a test period so you can see if we are fit for the job.

    We are contactable via email:

    Hope to hear from you soon!

    Tom and Vered

  18. I have currently deferred from my studies at Monash University (Bachelor of Education/Arts) to attempt to pursue a career involved with wildlife. In November 2017 I spent a month volunteering at Hartley’s Crocodile Adventures, which motivated me to begin searching for a new career. I am hoping to soon begin a Certificate III in Captive Animal Husbandry, and will complete any courses or training for a position. Due to not currently studying, I am free on a full-time basis (24/7), and will happily take any position as I greatly desire gaining experience within this field. I am based in Melbourne (VIC), however I have my own car and am willing to travel, and will also move interstate for a long-term experience. Please contact me with any inquiries or opportunities, my email adress is:
    Thank you for your time and consideration.

  19. Hello Friends,
    I’m Cory, and I have recently graduated from Lyndon State College with a Bachelors degree in Sustainability Studies and a minor in Geology. I also have a certificate of completion after getting through the college’s ecotourism curriculum. I am looking for any variety of employment; being a recent college graduate in Urban Massachusetts with an Environmental degree I am ready to explore the world and make a living doing so. I posses many skills and attributes that I believe will allow me to not just survive in the ecotourism industry, but thrive. If anyone has any questions or is even the slightest bit curious how well I can work for you, please do not be afraid to contact me. Can provide a resume and much more once interest is expressed. Thank you for your time and enjoy your day!

  20. Dear Wildlife Tourism Australia,

    My name is Nicole, I have recently relocated to Brisbane after spending the last year working as a camping tour guide in Central Australia. I am currently looking for similar work, preferably eco tours and hiking tours, in South-east Queensland.
    In my previous role as a tour guide I was responsible for driving the vehicle, scheduling the group, providing information, organising the meals and sleeping arrangements. The length of the tours I ran ranged from day tours to 5 day camping tours, and included bush camping, cooking over the fire and hikes up to 7 kilometres long, in some of Australia’s most iconic tourist locations.
    The groups I organised consisted of up to 24 people, from all over the world. I am experienced at working with people who speak little English, children, and people from all backgrounds.
    Before working as a tour guide I was employed at the Cultural Centre in the Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park for 18 months. I have a passion for working in the Australian outback, and sharing it with visitors to our lucky country.
    If you have a position suitable for my experience please contact me at and I would be delighted to pass on my resume and references to you.

  21. Dear all,

    I am a British student graduating with a BSC in Environmental Science at the University of Exeter this July. I have experience and skills in marine conservation, public education, statistical analysis in R Studio and computer software such as ArcGis, to name a few.

    My goal is to work in Australia from October 2017 with a focus in eco-tourism and conservation. I do not have a preference on location as I am keen to gain, as well as adapt existing skills depending on site. However with extensive experience in marine environments, employees may wish to prioritise me for coastal areas.

    Alongside working towards my degree, I have dedicated myself to projects that commit to monitoring and protecting varying species of sea turtles, through both volunteering and carrying out independent scientific research.

    I have acquired skills in monitoring nesting and hatching sea turtles and performing nest excavations and relocations for inundated nests under often physically demanding conditions. These opportunities also allowed me to gain experience in public speaking and educating the public and locals on the dangers local turtle populations face, initiating my interest in eco-tourism and working with communities alongside conservation.

    I am very passionate about the conservation of such fundamental creatures to our ecosystems, however I recognise that working with animals and environments alone is not enough. With populations such as sea turtles under threat due to anthropogenic activities, education is more important than ever, particularly within the current political climate. This inspired my independent research alongside the DoE in The Cayman Islands for my dissertation project, involving the affect urbanisation has on hatchling orientation and engaging with the locals in order to strategise an appropriate management strategy specific to their community.

    I am available for both internships and long term positions and am eager to start using and learning new skills in order to make a positive environmental change.

    Please do not hesitate to contact me if you would like to learn more, my email is –

    Thank you for your time.

  22. I am a New Zealander completing a double major BA in Ecology and Biodiversity (which includes Biology) and English Literature at Victoria University of Wellington. I will graduate this July and hope to work in Australia due to my interest in the country’s biodiversity. I am proactive, hardworking, an efficient communicator and a fast learner.

    I do not mind which region I work in, though I am interested in rural areas and if there is an opportunity would like to experience the indigenous culture of Australia. I come from a rural area myself with an 80% Maori population.

    My hobbies include outdoor activities like hiking, swimming, sailing, sports, as well as travel and learning about other cultures. I studied abroad in Japan for five months in 2016 and hope to see more of the world, especially its’ wildlife. Eventually I hope to undertake a Masters degree in Conservation Biology or Ecology.

    I would prefer a full-time job though I am open to considering other paid positions. You can contact me via email at

  23. Hi there, my name is Chloe Robb, 22 years old and seeking either volunteer or full time employment within the industry. I have a Diploma in Land Management and Conservation, alongside a yearly volunteer contract as a team leader with Swinburne University of Technology capturing small mammals (Bandicoot and Silky Desert Mice) for the purpose of data collection. I am currently studying towards a Bachelor in Science majoring in Wildlife Conservation and Biology and am excited to begin my career alongside the Australian Native Wildlife.

    Please contact me via email or phone 0403250893.
    I look forward to talking with you.

  24. Dear Wildlife Tourism,

    I am finishing up my Bachelors of Arts in Biology at William Woods University in Fulton, Missouri in the United States. I am scheduled to graduate in May of 2017 I am currently taking a Conservation class and it really struck an interest. I want to be able to help endangered or threatened species and see the wonderful country of Australia. I have volunteered at a local zoo at which I was helping care and feed the animals while keeping their enclosures as close to the wild as possible. I am lucky enough to be able to travel to Australia this May through a program at my university. It was always a dream of mine to go to Australia to see the diversity of wildlife. I am available for a full time position. I can be contacted by email at

    I look forward to hearing from you!

  25. Hello,

    I am a 25 years old Italian woman and I am planning to move to Townsville on the 12th of January.
    I want to apply for this position because it has always been my dream-job.
    I have a bachelor degree in Ethical and Political Philosophy and I have just attended a MSc in Tourism Management and Marketing at Bournemouth University. I have already attended the courses regarding wildlife and ecotourism but I also have some preview experience in fostering dog and caring animals. I was part of a non-profit organisation for fostering dog between their time in a shelter and their new life in a new family in Italy.
    When I was 16 I attended a pet therapy course with horses and small animals such as hamsters and rabbits.
    I am very interested in this kind of job because in my opinion, nowadays more than ever, nature has to be preserved focusing on how to conserve as much different environments and ecosystem possible. For me it would be great to take part in researching environmental solutions for a positive future of our planet. I think that due to my studies, I can bring from two different subjects, new ideas to help in developing a sustainable future.
    I have a calm personality and a very good attitude with all the animals and it would be the best experience of my life to have the chance to work with your organisation.
    I am interested in any position within the Townsville territory.

    Thanks in advance for your attention,
    Best Regards,

    Paola Magenes

  26. Dear Wildlife Tourism and Prospective Employers,
    My name is Holly Whittenbury and I am presently completely an Environmental Science degree at UniSA (my GPA presently stands at 7/7). I have a strong passion for the environment and have been volunteering with Trees for Life as a Bush for Life carer for 2 years. I also have experience with the Adelaide International Bird Sanctuary, work experience with the Forestry Industry, Certificate II in Animal Studies and spend my free time building my own personal herbarium, bird watching, hiking in nearby conservation/recreation parks and camping. I currently work in the hospitality industry where I have been employed within the same business now for 3+ years and I can provide numerous written references which confirm my exceptional work ethic.
    I am submitting this comment on this website as I would love to get a further ‘foot in the door’ – if you require an extra pair of hands to help out in your organisation, I am interested in obtaining extra experience.
    Please contact me on
    Thank you

  27. Dear all,
    My name is Francesco Grossi, and i am 30 years old and i’m Australian / Italian.
    I love Australia because is such a beautiful country and you can find such a different fauna and flora. I’d love to work with animals and wild nature. This is my biggest passion
    I am currently in hospiltality and i’m business owner. I’d like to work part-time, full-time or voulunteer everyday. If this means to work with animal and wildlife, i will be available even during night time.
    I have always been passionate about nature, especially about animals, and i have always wanted to work with them. Australian fauna and flora are really really interesting. That’s why it will be a real chance to me to work with you!
    I never work in a wildlife park before, but i have a huge passion that could be better than graduation, just kidding! I have a lot of animals at home.
    I am responsible, serious and persevering, and i am always involved in everything i do (especially in what i love).
    It will be a real chance to work with nature and anmimals
    You can contact me at for more informations.
    Thank you, i look forward to hear from you.
    Best regards,
    Francesco Grossi

  28. Hi Wildlife Tourism Australia!

    My name is Alexander Verelst. I’m half British half Belgian and am headed down under on a working holiday visa this December 2016! After recently completing my Masters degree in ‘Global Wildlife Health and Conservation’ at the University of Bristol UK, it would be my dream to find work in a wildlife tourism related role, and would be grateful for any opportunity that may arise.

    From a young age I have been inspired by nature and wildlife, however, my undergraduate degree at Durham University (biological anthropology), postgraduate degree (as aforementioned), fieldwork, and volunteering in conservation projects protecting endangered species, really ‘sealed the deal’ for my career interests. These experiences, and the people I have met, have opened my eyes to view the extraordinarily complex and precarious balance between humans, the environment, and its wildlife.

    Wildlife and the human/wildlife interface have always been my true passion and the more I have learned and seen during my degree courses and my conservation volunteering projects, the more I understand the urgency for the mobilisation of well-conceived, well-resourced, scientific conservation programmes. It is not just my wish, but, being skilled and passionate in this area I also feel it’s my human responsibility to work in the field of conservation, where I believe protecting and conserving habitats and species, and educating the public in an entertaining manner through tourism, is key to ensuring we protect the planet’s beautiful ecosystems.

    I am a very competent user of computers, and have acquired GIS skills, am an extremely hard worker and consider myself very physically fit (I run quite a bit!) so any physical job would be welcomed!

    If there is any potential work available, anywhere in Australia, I would be delighted to hear from you. My email is:

    Thank you for taking the time to read my message.

  29. To Whom It May Concern,

    My name is Megan Stein,
    I am seeking any level of work with or around wildlife, I am prepared to relocate anywhere.
    I have been working with Australian native, domestic and exotic animals since I was 16 years old (seven years), working with animals is my biggest passion. I have cared for Australian natives (possums, koalas, wombats, Tasmanian devils, parrots, quolls and kangaroos) and exotics (large and small cats, bears, monkeys, ostriches, buffalo and camels). This has included daily husbandry of all animals including, cleaning and feeding, transport, medical care (both long term and first aid), exhibit building and design and raising young animals. Through Cat Tales and my work at Zoo Doo I am very practiced at the day-to-day tasks of animal husbandry and enrichment. I enjoy making sure all parts of the exhibits and work areas are neat and am able to complete daily tasks quickly and efficiently.

    I have completed a Diploma of Professional Zookeeping awarded by Cat Tales Zoological Training Centre in the United States. This training included husbandry, record keeping, exhibit design and animal training as well as the day to day realities of being a keeper with a primary focus on big cats. I also have a Bachelor of Science with a Biology major awarded by the University of NSW.

    Within working environments I am a personal well presented and very careful about the condition of my working areas, both maintaining well cared for exhibits and clean and well organised work areas. Hygiene is an essential part of the way that I work and I endeavour to never feed an animal out of an area I wouldn’t prepare my food in. I bring this same passion to the on display exhibits and always take care that the exhibits both look neat and well cared for from the outside and that they are safe and enriching for the animals inside.

    I am a confident presenter with experience writing new presentations and performing with or without a microphone to groups big or small. I have also supervised public interactions with animals, including big cat feeding, cub interactions and petting zoo at Cat Tales as well as an even wider range of interactions and experiences at Zoo Doo. I am also experienced working with and educating kids, from leading school groups through zoos, my work with Girl Guides as a camp councillor and unit leader and at Flymotion where kids were our main patrons.

    I am also experienced in the theatre, a small amount on stage but extensively as a technician, I am a sound operator, sound designer, stage hand and stage manager. Who has worked on many productions throughout my time at school and university.

    I am an enthusiastic keeper and working with animals is my biggest passion. I can learn and adapt to new environments quickly and bring experience, knowledge and common sense to any new job.

    Please contact me at

  30. Hi Wildlife Tourism Australia!

    My name is Alexander Verelst. I’m half British half Belgian and am headed down under on a working holiday visa this December 2016! After recently completing my Masters degree in ‘Global Wildlife Health and Conservation’ at the University of Bristol UK, it would be my dream to find work in a wildlife tourism related role, and would be grateful for any opportunity that may arise.

    From a young age I have been inspired by nature and wildlife, however, my undergraduate degree at Durham University (biological anthropology), postgraduate degree (as aforementioned), fieldwork, and volunteering in conservation projects protecting endangered species, really ‘sealed the deal’ for my career interests. These experiences, and the people I have met, have opened my eyes to view the extraordinarily complex and precarious balance between humans, the environment, and its wildlife.

    Wildlife and the human/wildlife interface have always been my true passion and the more I have learned and seen during my degree courses and my conservation volunteering projects, the more I understand the urgency for the mobilisation of well-conceived, well-resourced, scientific conservation programmes. It is not just my wish, but, being skilled and passionate in this area I also feel it’s my human responsibility to work in the field of conservation, where I believe protecting and conserving habitats and species, and educating the public in an entertaining manner through tourism, is key to ensuring we protect the planets beautiful ecosystems.

    I am a very competent user of computers, and have acquired GIS skills, am an extremely hard worker and consider myself very physically fit (I run quite a bit!), so any physical job would be welcomed!

    If there is any potential work available, anywhere in Australia, I would be delighted to hear from you. My email is:

    Thank you for taking the time to read my message.

  31. Good afternoon, Wildlife Tourism Australia,

    My name is Kay Davis, and I would be ecstatic for the opportunity to work with a group such as this. I have a Bachelor’s degree in Environmental Science from St. Cloud State University (located in Minnesota, USA) and am finishing my Master’s degree of Marine Science and Management at the National Marine Science Center in Coffs Harbour next month. I also hold diving certifications up to Scientific Diver. I am passionate about our environment and the biota that it sustains, hard-working, and efficient. By investigating the effects of future oceanic conditions and marine infrastructure materials on community facilitators, my research has helped to promote coastal biodiversity conservation. My goal is to combine science with tangible strategies for mitigating anthropogenically induced impacts on wildlife, and in my opinion, ecotourism is one of the most valuable approaches to accomplish this. I have experience in research and laboratory work and have been part of many volunteer, education, and community outreach programs. I enjoy spending my time off snorkeling, scuba diving, hiking, and traveling when I get the opportunity. I am willing to move as far south as Sydney and as far north as Darwin. I would prefer full-time employment but would consider part-time or casual work if the circumstances allowed for it. I may be contacted by phone at 0450394784 or by email at at any time. Thank you for your time and I am eager to hear from you.

    Kind Regards,
    Kay Davis

  32. Dear all,
    My name is Camille Pasquereau, and i am a 21 years old french girl. I am graduated from a french university (i have a law degree), and i am doing a gap year.
    I came in Australia to discover this wonderful country, and especially his fauna and flora.
    I am currently an aupair girl in a family located in Munno para (SA), that’s why i am available from 9 am until 13.30 pm, and i am free on the weekends.
    I have always been passionate about nature, especially about animals, and i have always wanted to work with them. Australian fauna and flora are truly different than my home country, that’s why it will be a real chance to me to discover them!
    I never work in a wildlife park before, but i did an internship with a veterinarian during 3 weeks, and i worked in a lot of french farms, which is a quite difficult job. I also have a lot of animals at home (horses, donkey, dogs, cats and snakes), so i am used to take care of them.
    I am responsible, serious and persevering, and i am always involved in everything i do (especially in what i love).
    It will be a real chance to work with nature, and discover this country.

    You can contact me at for more informations.
    Thank you, i look forward to hear from you.
    Best regards,

  33. Dear all,

    My name is Camille Pasquereau, I am a 21 years old french girl and I am graduated from a french university with a law degree. I am currently looking for work in South Australia, preferably paid.
    I am currently aupair in a family located in Munno para, so i have free time from 9 am until 13.30 pm, and i can work on the weekends.
    I have been passionate about animals and nature since I was little. I came to Australie to discover this country, which is totally different than France. I have always always dreamed of working in a natural reserve or a wild park, and what a better place than Australia to do that ! Australian fauna and flora are truly different from my home country, it will be a really big chance to discover them.
    I never worked in a wildlife park before, but i did an internship at a veterinarian during weeks, and I worked several times in French farms, which is quite a difficult job.
    I also have a lot of animals at home (horses, donkey, cats, dogs and snakes), so i am used to take care of them. On my free time, i like hiking in nature, and discovering new places.
    I am responsible and persevering, and i am very involved in everything i do (especially in the things that i love).
    I will be a really chance to work in this wonderful country and to discover all the wonders that his nature has to offer.

    Thank you for taking your time to read about me, I look forward to hearing from you soon regarding prospective offers. Please contact me at
    Kind regards,

  34. Hey,
    My name is Lola and I am seeking a part time job within the animal and wildlife sector. I am an international student and am very well travelled giving me many different life skills and experiences. I am currently studying at LaTrobe with a bachelor of Science and Society majoring in zoology. I have volunteered a lot with pets. I am a regular pet sitter and have volunteered in animal shelters. My goal is to gain a job within the field of my study to gain as much experience as possible and possibly grow within the given job. I have lived closely with animals my whole life and my world experience has grown my people skills and knowledge of tourism. I am situated in Bundoora Victoria and must stay within the area as I am attending university there. I am immensely interested in wildlife and randomly sharing facts about them in my everyday conversations.


  35. To Whom It May Concern,

    My name is Rosie Ker, I am 26years of age and looking for more volunteer work within the wildlife conservation industry.
    I am currently completing a Bachelor of Environmental Science – Wildlife and Conservation biology at Deakin University, due to graduate at the end of 2017. I have also completed a Diploma of Resort Management – specialising in Scuba Diving, which lead me to gain my Dive Instructor certificate. I have a keen interest in the marine world, yet would like to experience more terrestrial work to confirm the area in which I will pursue a career.
    I am located in Melbourne, Victoria and willing to travel the state and potentially short interstate trips to gain experience across all aspects of fauna conservation.

    My current volunteer experience includes:
    – A month spent in the Manu Biosphere Reserve, Amazon Rainforest, Peru, conducting conservation research such as butterfly handling and identification, camera trapping, pit falling, avian/mammal transects and amphibian and reptile surveys.
    – Spotlighting, infrared camera trapping and recording of endangered small mammals in logging districts (Leadbeater’s possum)
    – Participant in scenario planning for Westernport Bay, Victoria – see:

    Hope to hear from you soon.

    Kind Regards,

    Rosie Ker

  36. My name is Tara Prenzlau and my goal in life is to aid in the conservation of the ocean and marine life. The ocean is a very important part of my day to day life and therefore I feel I have a responsibility to help protect it.

    I am a 23 year old surfer, scuba diver and ocean fanatic who has just completed a Bachelor in Natural Science with a Marine Conservation major in Sydney, Australia.
    For the duration of 2015 I conducted a study on Ocean Acidifications’ Impact on Hula Fish behaviour and anatomy for Dr.Pauline Ross from the Sydney Institute of Marine Science. I thoroughly enjoyed this year of research but believe I can make a bigger difference in promoting marine conservation.

    I am an experienced scuba diver, having started at age 12 on Heron Island in the Great Barrier Reef. Since before then I have been ocean hooked and have worked in cafes in addition to studying in order to save for travelling the world to surf and dive. Some of my favourite spots have been Hawaii, Morocco, Central America; where I became an advanced Padi Scuba Diver, Europe, Fiji and the west coast of Australia.

    I constantly find myself educating others on the importance of our oceans health, environmental sustainability and mitigating pollution. As this is not only critical for marine life but also human survival.

    I have a particular passion for shark conservation because there is not enough of it going on around the world. Probably as a result of their image as man eaters or monsters, thanks to Hollywood films and resulting hysteria.

    The ocean is the love of my life and I don’t go a day without appreciating it. I want all the generations to come to have the same opportunity to enjoy the beauty of our marine ecosystems as I have. As well as the oceans integral part of the earth’s biosphere.

    I am reaching out to you to for an opportunity to put a foot in the right direction for my dream career and our oceans!

    I look forward to hearing from you about any potential opportunities within your great organisation. I have an EU and US passport and Australian permanent residency and would be willing to travel anywhere.

    Please find my attached resume.

    Kind Regards,


  37. Hello! My name is Danielle, I am 22 years old from New Zealand. I have a bachelors degree in biology, specializing in animal biology and ecology. NZ has a unique ecosystem characterized by avian dominance and high endemism, gigantism and flightlessness. I am looking for an internship in Australia to experience different ecosystems, especially mammals that are not farmed or under pest control. I am also experienced and interested in the marine environment. I have my Advanced open water PADI licence and have dived in both temperate and tropical waters. I have done some volunteer work around NZ and have already been offered a research scholarship from the University of Auckland starting in January 2017. Please contact me and ask for further info if you are interested.

  38. Dear Sir/Madam,
    I am seeking my next career challenge and wish to pursue my environmental dream. I will graduate mid 2017 with a Degree in Applied Science, I also possess a Certificate III in Tourism Operations and Visitor Information. I have extensive experience volunteering at the RSPCA Brisbane campus and Australia Zoo at Beerwah and am currently a Wildcare member, partaking in educational workshops regarding wildlife rehabilitation and care. I have a broad interest including wildlife conservation, environmental sustainability and zoology, and I understand you need to prove yourself to be successful in these fields. I am more than willing to discuss any opportunity that presents itself to get me closer to my dream. I believe my key strength is Im an innovative problem solver, and a fast learner. I look forward to presenting myself as asset to your organisation.

  39. Dear future employer,

    My name is Kynéta Bhoola (21 years old), and I graduated from the University of Adelaide with a Bachelor of Science (Animal Science) at the end of 2015. I am currently looking for work in any region of South Australia, Victoria, Tasmania, New South Wales, and Perth – preferably paid. I have been passionate about animals since I was little, and my love for conservation developed when my family moved to Australia in 2004. I have been able to foster my love of Australian wildlife through trips to the Adelaide Zoo and Cleland Wildlife Park while at school, and then furthered it by participating in a Zoo Curatorship course (conducted through Charles Sturt University), as well as various wildlife subjects as part of my course. Since graduating from university I have volunteered at the Adelaide Koala and Wildlife Hospital, where my roles have included supplying leaf to the koalas that are recovering (including chlamydia patients), feeding Tawny Frogmouths, tending to injured birdlife, and aiding the medication of turtles with shell rot.

    My interests in wildlife are not limited to the fauna, but also the flora, and I am keen to learn more in regards to this as it plays such an important role in Australia’s unique ecosystem. I would love to share my passion and knowledge with others, and to learn more from the experiences of others in areas that I am less experienced. I am eager to start as soon as possible, and am happy to relocate, as required.

    Thank you for taking your time to read about me, and I look forward to hearing from you soon regarding prospective offers. Please contact me at

    Kind regards,

  40. To whom it may concern,

    My name is Erin Copeland, and I am looking for a position that involves working with wildlife and education, preferably in Victoria, in the western suburbs. In 2015 I completed my Bachelor of Animal and Veterinary Biosciences at La Trobe University, majoring in Zoology. In June I will be graduating from my Masters of Teaching (Secondary), methods of science and biology. I am passionate about science education, especially in relation to conservation and ecology. I have spent three years volunteering at the Werribee Open Range Zoo as a visitor host, and recently began a volunteer position in wildlife research for Zoos Victoria. I volunteered for two years at the Australian Dingo Foundation, where I worked hands-on with both adult and young dingoes, involving feeding, cleaning enclosures, leash training and administering medicine. During my Bachelor I gained field experience in Botany in the Mallee region of western Victoria, and marine physiology experience at the Heron Island Research Centre on Heron Island, QLD. I have numerous experience with educating people of all ages in a range of topics and am keen to learn and develop as a wildlife educator and scientist. I am devoted to a career working with wildlife and the environment around me.

    If you have any positions available for me, please contact me on my email below:
    I am willing to travel around Victoria if necessary to further my career ambitions and experience, or volunteer.

    Kind regards,
    Erin Copeland.

  41. Hi,

    My name is Tyson Cole aged 20 and I am interested in Wildlife conservation. I have worked as a apprentice chef in many kitchens around Perth including Rockpool Bar and Grill Perth but I am wanting to start something new and something I have always been interested in which is wildlife and conservation tourism. I have done outdoor education at high school in 2012 and 2013 which gives me some knowledge and soon I will be starting a tafe course which will go for 6 months studying conservation and tourism in July 2016, and doing this job would give me a big head start and a lot of experience as well as knowledge heading into that course. I love the outdoors and getting out in the bushland and parks exploring and enjoying the sounds of wildlife. I am looking for part time work and available anytime up until July where i will be at tafe monday to thursday (4 days a week) but i am willing to do weekend work too. I am a hard worker, a role model and always ready to learn something new each shift. I can work as a team and independently. I am willing to learn any area which you may place me in.

    Thank you kindly

  42. Hello, my name is Elspeth Meikle and I am a 21 year old Environmental Biology student in my last semester of studies at Curtin University. As part of one of my units I am required to find 2 weeks (75 hours) work experience placement at a conservation organisation of my choice. I have always been interested in wildlife conservation since I was a young girl and I have endeavoured to end up in this field ever since moving to Perth for University. I have worked closely with many native Australian animals whilst volunteering at Kanyana Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre for 2 years (2014 and 2015) as well as completing a week-long work placement at the Perth Zoo as a Keeper in the ‘Carnivores and Ungulates’ section under Ric Dunlop’s supervision. I have also been accepted into the very competitive 10 week long student internship program in Botswana with ‘Wildlife ACT’ for August where I will be implementing Botswana’s new wildlife monitoring program, undertaking various surveys and assisting with vital work in the anti-poaching effort.
    I have greatly enjoyed all of my field work experience that was included in my course at Curtin, including a recent week long field trip down to Walpole to collect invertebrate assemblage data for our group’s research paper which achieved a distinction. I feel that I would enjoy finding out what it is like to work in the field outside of a University setting and hope that you will be able to provide me with this opportunity or a contact for someone who may be able to help.
    I sincerely hope to hear from you soon,
    Kindest regards, Elspeth Meikle

  43. To whom it may concern. I am an Qualified Motor Mechanic i live and work in South Africa,it has always been one of my biggest dreams to live and work in nature. Last year i started studying part time and have completed the following courses thru Wildlife Campus: Big 5, Discovering Wilderness Safaris and Game Ranger/Field Guide- Classifications, Invertebrates, Amphibians, Reptiles, Fish, Mammals, Ethology:Animal Behavior, Botany, Ecology, Game Ranger skills 1 and 2: Anticipating Animal Behavior, Approaching Dangerous Game, Basic Bush Navigation, First Aid For Snake bites, First Aid For Spider Bites and Insect stings, The Night Skies, Principals of Habitat management, Environmental Sensitivity, Introduction to Ecotourism, Local Communities (Involvement and Impacts), Sustainable Tourism and Utilization, Dangerous Game Rifles, The Game Drive Vehicle, Radio and Spot Light, The Game Drive vehicle Mechanics, Planning Game Drives and Bush Walks, Dealing with Guests,Communication and Facilitation Skills.I am currently studying Mountain Guiding as well. It would be an privileged and honor to work in an Australian Wildlife environment,Please email me if any other detail is needed.

  44. I have just completed a Diploma in Animal Technology and I am passionate about Australian Native Wildlife conservation. I currently volunteer at the Adelaide Koala and Wildlife Hospital and am keen to accept any position that might get me closer to my dream. I am aware it is a difficult industry to break into so I am willing to take a job at the bottom and work my way up! Thank you, Liz.
    (I am interested in staying in Adelaide right now but may consider moving inter-state, or to Kangaroo Island if a job came up)

  45. Hi There
    My name is Casey
    I am a passionate conservation minded person. I love animals and the environment. I am looking for part time work, preferably in Melbourne, that is conservation based. I have had experience with the RSPCA and Zoos Victoria as a volunteer working with the public as well as cleaning, caring and enrichment with the animals. I would love to be able to share my passion with others and the world through wildlife tourism. If there are any positions available, please let me know and I will be happy to send though my resume.

  46. I have recently completed an environmental degree with Honours at the University of Sydney, where I was awarded first place in my faculty for my Honours poster. I am really keen to get involved in the eco-tourism industry because I think it would suit my personality because I enjoy learning and teaching information about the environment and I like to entertain.
    I have studied a broad spectrum of environmental subjects whilst at university which include:
    -sustainable agriculture
    -soil and rock formation
    Other useful attributes include:
    -Australia Bird Study Association
    -Certificate III in Live Production Theatre and Events
    -Certificate II in Tourism (Currently being obtained)

  47. Hi Ronda,

    I am interested in Eco-Tourism OR Wildlife Tourism. I like the fact that Eco-Tourism promotes and organises nature based experiences to wild and remote destinations in a way that is not intrusive or destructive to the environment.

    I’m still open to take up a voluntary experience for a couple of months (03 – 06 months) because I feel volunteering is an excellent way of gaining career-related experience before progressing upwards to a paid position in your team.

    I have emailed my updated resume on ​​ for your easy reference and hope you will give me the wonderful opportunity to join your team that would benefit the organization and my further my development in my chosen field.

    Regards ;

  48. and how you might be contacted by protective employers or work experience hosts

    To Whom it may concern,

    I am looking for part time/casual work within the wildlife and conservation sector, i am also willing to do any work experience that is available.

    I am located in Perth though able to travel to surrounding areas.

    I have grown up looking after animals in many different conditions, young and old. I have also done work placement at a veterinary clinic and have my Certificate 2 in animal studies. Currently i am studying conservation and wildlife biology at ECU. I have followed through with my interest of helping and working with animals and hope to be able to get a job as i am very dedicated to the well being of animals.

    Thank you for taking your time and for considering me, it would be good to be able to talk more or answer any questions you have. You are able to contact me through email at

    Sincerely Telia.

    • To whom it may concern,

      My name is Ashleigh Sumner and I am a recent graduate of a double major in Zoology and Conservation Biology at the University of Western Australia. I am looking for any work – paid or volunteer, preferably in Western Australia, but would consider moving interstate to further my experience in the field. I have been passionate about conservation and animals for as long as I can remember and would jump at any opportunity to be more involved.

      I have been volunteering at the Darling Range Wildlife Shelter since 2013 where I am responsible for the rehabilitation of sick, injured or orphaned wildlife. This includes wildlife handling and catchment, animal food preparation and following hygiene protocol, assessment of injured animals and administration of appropriate medicine and the preparation of new enclosures and refurbishing when needed.

      I have also volunteered at The Animal Protection Society WA from May to August 2015. Where I operated as an animal carer, responsible for maintaining a high level of hygiene on the premises and providing care for felines. This was done by following hygiene protocol, preparing food and having friendly interactions with the animals.

      Thankyou for considering me, if you have any futher questions please email me at


  49. Hello,

    My name is Laura Zeljeznjak and I have years of experience with working with wildlife. I graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Environmental Science, emphasis on not only environmental policy but also sustainability and conservation. I also minored in Biology and Chemistry. I would love to get back into wildlife rehabilitation or something similar. I love with in direct contact with animals, but also have skills to work as a group leader, member, and with customers. I don’t have a specific location that I would want to go to, I’m very open to where I would be placed. I would love full-time work, but if I need to start on part-time I am also willing.

    My experience includes working with dog and cat shelters. This included watching, washing, cleaning, and helping them to get adopted. I spent over two years working at a wildlife center doing rehabilitation work. I not only saw in the incoming patients and helped to examine them to determine what was wrong, but I also oversaw the daily care of patients. The daily care included medical work, feeding, washing, cleaning, and releasing. This ranged from a wide variety of animals; baby birds to birds of prey, turtles to snakes, and many different mammals (beavers, otters, mountain lions, weasels, and more). I was trained to give basic level medical treatment to wildlife, and also help to see the capture and release of many of the patients. After a while I was also trained to be a shift leader, which had me organizing and training incoming volunteers. I have also worked oversees doing conservation work, interning with a well known organization, Elephant Nature Foundation. With this I not only help to assist people coming to the park, but also helping volunteers to do work within the park. For most of my internship I wrote government proposals to help start new elephant conversations within their own borders.

    I would love the opportunity to continue my work helping the environment. I am well-organized, reliable, passionate, and hard working. I have a range of experience and believe that with those and my characteristics I would be a benefit to your company. My love for the environment and for trying to make the world a better place is what I live for, and I would love to be able to show this passion in person. If you are interested please email me at: or call my cell at: +61 403 583 677.

    Thank you.

  50. Hello potential employer,

    My name is Bailey, I’m an 18 year old animal lover looking for work in wildlife management and conservation field. I am interested in every aspect of wildlife management and would very much like to have my work involved directly with animals in as hands on way as possible. Currently enrolled in Biological Studies at Edith Cowan University in Perth for 2016 in the hopes that this will provide an opening into a long career working with animals. Currently I have 5 years experience working as a customer service representative with dominos but would prefer to work with animals rather than people. I live in Perth but I am not opposed to traveling for work.

    If I suit a position in your team/company/business I can be contacted at or

    Thank you for taking the time to read this,

  51. My name is Chrissy Joester and I have a passion for all creatures great and small. I have finished a Bachelor of Zoology and looking for full time work. Next year I’ll be studying a Graduate Certificate in Captive Vertebrate Management.

    The past few months as part of the Green Army has given me experience in regeneration, plant identification, weed control and revegetation as well as further experience in fauna monitoring and spotting in addition to a partial completion Cert 2 in Land Management and Conservation. There are plans to continue work with the Redcliffe Environmental Forum and koalas in the area.

    At the end of last year I visited Bhutan where I studied Himalayan ecology and biogeography, learning all about their conservation environmental programmes as part of my degree. I have always been an animal-associated person with a variety of animals at home, in which I care for day to day, also studied in marine megafauna as well as advanced Molluscan biology having a keen interest in the marine field, Australian wildlife in particular koalas and a dream working with African animals and big cats. I do have a white (construction ) card, open drivers license, and knowledge of chemicals and plants.

    A few months ago I started volunteering at Australia Zoo gaining more animal experience and just recently started at the Australia Zoo Wildlife hospital. This position would fit with me perfectly as I love a challenge, can work unsupervised, looking for long term employment and have a strong work ethic.I am based North of Brisbane and looking for employment in those areas.
    Kindest Regards,

    Chrissy Joester

  52. I am a student seeking placement opportunities for up to 9 months starting anywhere from the end of June 2016.
    Wildlife tourism and conservation has become a deep passion of mine, especially after studying it at my first year of my Tourism Management degree at Bournemouth University.
    I am searching for a role where I can work hard to contribute to the efforts of ecotourism and broaden my knowledge and skills of this field.
    I have already gained some experience of this particular area through extensive volunteer projects in Africa, and tour guide jobs where I was required to give guided walks across parts of western Crete and provide information on aspects such as native wildlife and heritage.
    I have excellent interpersonal skills and a hard working, dedicated work ethic and I am looking for a placement where I can apply both of these attributes along with many others to achieve both employer and personal goals.
    Please do not hesitate to contact me if you think I would be a suitable candidate.
    Thank you for your attention,
    Georgina Foley-Brickley

  53. I am a 33 years old male with a Diploma in Ecotourism majoring in Biology, Development and Interpretation. I have been working at Ezemvelo Kzn Wildlife an organisation which is leading in conservation and fighting with Rhino poaching. Unfortunately Ecotourism is not fully grown and understood in South Africa so I am looking for an opportunity to travel to Australia to grow my career. I have experience in administration and financial management in the Ecotourism gained at the Drakensberg World Heritage Site.

  54. Hello,
    I am a German backpacker (24) and currently in Perth on my working holiday visa. I am almost done with my B.Sc. ‘Natural Resources Management’ (Soils, water, plants – a combination of geoscience and agriculture) and would be really interested to be working in the area of preservation and conservation of nature and wildlife. Especially working on an international basis and in as many countries as possible is important to me in order to experience how the conservation work is being done in different countries with different species. I have always had a passion for nature and wildlife and would like to continue my career in this field.

    I just worked for my university in an international forestry project in China and got some experience from there. I was doing field work for six weeks; monitoring the leaves of trees to find out about herbivores and pathogens. I would be interested in any (possibly full-time, but also volunteering) job which provides me an inside into the conservation work and where I get to see something about the beautiful Australian wildlife.

    I am planning on staying in Australia until approximately July or August 2016 and would be available starting in May (maybe earlier). If there are any job vacancies that could suit me I would really appreciate it if you would get in touch with me (

    Thank you very much in advance!

    Kind regards,

  55. To whom it may concern

    My name is Stephen, i am from Nigeria and presently living in Nigeria. I am a fresh graduate with a Bachelor of Agricultural Technology (B. Agric. Tech) in Eco-tourism and Wildlife Management. Instill in me vast practical knowledge of animal welfare.

    I have worked in four out of the seven National parks that we have here in Nigeria during the course of my degree and i have been well trained drilled in these parks by paramilitaries and i can boldly say that i am not just a wildlife manager but a ranger and protecting the park from poachers which are very rampart here in Nigeria has been and will always be my prime goal as far as the training i received is concerned.

    Also during my internship i was able to work with a travel agency in which i enlightened the management of the company on the reason why we need to bring people closer to nature and also bring them to actual realization of the reason while we have to conserve these diverse natural resources for the use of both present and future generation. By the virtue of my ideas we were able to package several tours for students in primary, secondary and tertiary institution to different protected within and outside Nigeria and this has really been helping to impact conservation knowledge into the mind of these set of people.

    Presently due to the scarcity of job in my country i am working for a travel agency as their tourism manager but that is not where my passion is, i find great pleasure working in the wild and ensuring that wild animal conservation and natural resources as a whole is my prime goal.

    I believe i would be very useful for wildlife tourism Australia in terms of wild animal protection and care.

    I will be grateful if my application is favorably considered and granted.


    Best Regards,
    Stephen Oyekunle

  56. Dear Employers and readers,

    My name is Mona, I am originally from Wales (UK) and I am 27 years old.

    My interest is in conservation of any kind and would love the opportunity to get involved in things. I am currently living in Toowoomba QLD and moving to the Sunshine Coast in the new year.

    I have a BSc Hons degree in Zoology with Conservation.

    Currently I am on a bridging visa while waiting to see what happens with my partner visa application. So I am able to work while I wait.

    If you would like to know more about my working background, volunteering I have been involved in or to connect with me, please feel free to contact me on my e-mail:

    Thanks for your time,


  57. Hello,

    My Name is Brendan, I am 26, a U.S. Citizen, and will be coming to Melbourne Australia on a 12 month working holiday visa this coming May. I am a graduate of Jacksonville University, where I received my degree in Geography and Environmental studies, with a concentration in GIS (Geographic Information Systems), and wildlife conservation. I also studied a bit of marine biology. I worked as an invasive species intern at a a coastal research institute in North Florida, and am currently working for a non-profit organization, directing service trips in developing countries, including a recent month long trip to Papua New Guinea! I am posting because I would love to find some temporary work in the field of wildlife conservation/tourism during my time in Melbourne, as that is my passion and I would love to build some connections within the field in Victoria. I am dating a friend from Melbourne and am seriously considering relocating to Australia permanently after this initial stay, so I hope to build a resume for more permanent work in the field in the future. I am open to any entry level positions but am paying off student loans so need to cover my monthly loan repayment and rent. I am an extremely hard worker, very creative, and have a lot of informal experience handling reptiles, catching and relocating problem wildlife. In my free time I like to hike, kayak, surf, camp, rock climb and have a lot of experience working with horses. I am very eager to build connections in Victoria so even if you are not in a position to offer work I would love to hear from you and receive any advice on how to get engaged in the field of wildlife tourism in Australia!

    Brendan Niklason

  58. My name is Bethany Adomanis and I’m originally from Annapolis, Maryland, USA. I am a USA citizen and hold a work and holiday visa (462) with Australia. Next year I plan to apply for a partner visa with Australia that will allow me more freedom to work. Annapolis is a well-known water sport town, but I have always been more interested in the sea for more than that. I have a BA in Earth and Environmental Sciences from a small college in Norfolk, Virginia, USA and I have finished my Master’s degree in Tropical Biology and Conservation at James Cook University in Townsville, Queensland. I hope to one day work in a marine protected area as a manager or researcher.

    I have a passion for marine life and I am eager to pursue my role in marine conservation. I have over two years of experience working as a marine stranding response volunteer in Virginia Beach, Virginia, USA. I assisted with necropsies on dolphins and turtles, collected carcasses, cared for marine animals in rehabilitation, and many other jobs around the office. I also went on several calls to monitor an injured sea turtle and took photographs. In addition, I worked as an aquarist volunteer at the Virginia Living Museum in Newport News, VA for 100 hours. I was there once a week to test the water quality, clean exhibits, prepare food, and whatever other duties needed to be done. If I hadn’t moved inland while still in the states, I would have volunteered at both locations much longer.

    I received my scuba diving certificate in 2011 and I’m currently working towards my dive master in Townsville. Although I have no working experience in the diving industry, I have been aiding dive safari trips as part of the dive master course and I am a committee member of JCU’s Dive Club. The club runs trips out of Townsville, has numerous social events, and runs courses. I have also volunteered in Rescue Diver courses with JCU Dive Club. I also have received a NQ maritime license, but have no real experience driving a boat outside of this. I also have current First Aid and oxygen provider certifications.

    I have a lot of experience working in a team-setting and I am adaptable to fit into any role necessary. I have played sports my entire life and in college I took on the role as team captain for three years to represent my school. I have shown good leadership qualities, communicated efficiently, and have been respected by my teammates as a role model. In addition to sport and the stranding response teams, I have worked in the office setting on projects with strict deadlines (working with GIS!). In this role, I was supervised by my project manager and I trained new employees. I have been able to take on a working role; I am eager to learn, listen, and correctly complete a job that needs to be done.

    Please e-mail me if I can get involved… preferably work! My e-mail is I will gladly pass along my CV.

    Kind regards,

    Bethany Adomanis

  59. Hello employers and readers alike
    I’m Jack berry. I live on the Gold Coast. I turn 16 in January 2016 and am looking for a chance to be involved with animals of any kind. I’m 6 and a half feet tall (196cm) , I get along brilliantly with others and take orders extremely well so I can assure age is no issue and will be determined to prove it. I am a positive, enthusiastic, critical thinking person and I always try to see the best in things and ways I can improve such things to the best of my ability.

    Long story short, I want to change the world and hopefully make some friends along the way. Many say this is a little far fetched but that wont stop me from trying. Animals and nature in general is everything I see when I picture a happy future for myself and I’d Love to get more involved in that area. If I can change the lives of a single animal, make one persons day a little better or improve a foot of space in this world I would consider it a great success and would take it as motivation to continue to change things bit by bit. This is my dream and I would take any opportunity from anyone with both hands.

    Thank you for taking the time to read this and thank you even more for considering me. I guarantee I’ll prove my worth to you if you give me a chance. You can contact me at to chat about things and to find out more info

    – Grade 9 education (currently not at school but can acheive grade 10 in only 6 months starting in February 2016 finishing July 2016)
    – 2 years at Nerang Horse Sanctuary (Harmony Hooves, Closed 2014). working with sick and abused farm animals specifically horses, participating in fundraisers and engaging with people.
    – 7 weeks work experience at Dreamworld Gold Coast. Mostly retail outlets (cashier, restocking, cleaning etc). also worked with captive koalas (unfortunately very little handling and no cleaning, feeding etc). Photography with tourists holding the koalas and customer service with a wide variety of nationalities and age groups

  60. Hi
    I’m 18 years old, from England and am looking for a full time park rangers assistant or a role where I am working closely with an array of animals. I have worked on a poultry farm which also had Wallabies, Rhea, and deer as well as a vast array of poultry. i have also passed a level 2 diploma in agriculture at Bicton college.
    I am hard working and love animals and will take any opportunity i can to try and get a career where i can help protect the native animals whether out in the wild or in captivity.
    Yours hopefully
    Toby Guy

  61. Hi,
    My name is Laura, I am 38 and live in Victoria. I am in the final year of my science degree, majoring in Zoology. I have learned a great deal regarding animal physiology, ecotourism and management, wildlife ecology and management,and animal welfare and behaviour. I am also a volunteer at a wildlife sanctuary dedicated primarily to the rehabilitation of native wildlife, and for AWARE Wildlife Rescue. I am extremely passionate and enthusiastic about animal rescue, welfare,conservation and rehabilitation. I prefer the ‘hands on’ side of working with animals and have experience with a range of Australian native animals including koalas, bats, quolls, possums, wombats, wallabies and birds of prey. I also have a great deal of academic knowledge of shark species. I am familiar with working with the public and have excellent customer service skills. I hold both a WWC card and current police check. I work well both as part of a team or alone, learn quickly, am extremely organised, reliable and computer literate. I also have training in education, mediation and conflict resolution.I hold both Australian and British citizenship and am open to the idea of travel. I would like to work in an area that will make a difference, on an individual or species level. My email address is
    Thank you for your time,

  62. Introduction
    Originally from London in the UK, I graduated with a degree in Business Administration in 2007. After working in Reading and London respectively for almost 4 years in office positions, I looked to the wider world for experience. I first volunteered with an elephant sanctuary in northern Thailand for a month whilst on sabbatical. Ever since then I knew my career should be within the realms of travel and wildlife experiences. My entire career to date has followed this path, leading me here, writing this this letter to you. A friend in the UK recommended this position to me as I mentioned I was seeking employment in the UK again after working four years away. I am writing this to you now from the capital city of Cambodia where I have just finished a contract with one of the largest travel companies in Asia, Khiri Travel.

    For me, a passionate wildlife enthusiast, wildlife and nature tours do wonders for preserving wildlife and bringing income to the local people who help support or protect the wildlife and natural environment around them, and I wish to help preserve and conserve the wildlife globally for future generations and the health of the planet overall.

    I feel that your organisation fits well with my previous experiences and skills perfectly, and below I shall provide evidence of this, but overall I have a wealth of wildlife experience having worked in wildlife protection and tourism across Africa, the Philippines and South East Asia.

    Your organization appeals to me because you put wildlife at the center of your product, and it seems you offer really good experiences, in a wide range of locations having something to offer anyone interested in wildlife. Reading your company profile, I feel I would work well in the environment, have a lot of experience to offer as well as lots of energy.

    Travel and Wildlife experience
    I have been lucky enough to visit many countries and am hoping to visit more in the years to come. I have travelled extensively through Europe, through France and Spain by car, have visited Portugal, Germany, Belgium, the Check Republic, Greece, Tenerife, the USA, Tanzania, Zanzibar, Zimbabwe, Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, and the Philippines. Throughout Europe the experiences ranged from packed, tour lead holidays, to backpacking, exploring and adventure travel. In the USA the holiday was a package tour and exploration, whilst in Africa, South East Asia and the Philippines I was working within wildlife protection and tourism.

    In Tanzania I was program manager for a volunteer project, working with the Ruaha National Park and the Wildlife Management Authority to conduct scientific research on key species such as elephants, mapping their activity identifying numbers and conducting a community education program, introducing the local people to the natural life and environment of African animals. In this role I gained a lot of knowledge on African animals, the different species and their behavior, having to them teach the volunteers and the local people about wildlife. Tanzania has an abundance of mammals, reptiles, and birds. As part of the role I would also work with the local safari camps offering tours also, although not a professional biologist I was inside the national park almost daily and even helped out with a national geographic program on Lions.

    In Thailand I volunteered for 1 month at an elephant sanctuary in Chang Mai, this was an amazing experience because this was the first time I was able to understand how tourism, if done correctly could help secure the future of endangered animals such as the Asian Elephant. I quickly learnt the dos and don’t in wildlife tourism and could easily separate those animals’ products that benefited the animals, and those that exploited them.

    Whilst working in the Philippines as program coordinator, I was working with University interns to help protect marine species such as Dugongs in the shallow water areas where coral reef and Dugongs co-existed. This role gave me a lot exposure to marine animals from the illusive Dugong, to Whale sharks, turtles, and many other marine species. I gave lectures and presentations at Brighton and Southampton University on marine conservation, and gave a presentation at the London Aquarium on marine conservation, tourism and local livelihoods, speaking mainly about using tourism to help protect the environment and provide incentives for the local people to protect their local natural surroundings.

    I began my career in Cambodia with a wildlife organization and was primarily working on three programs two of which were wildlife based, one being forest conservation and the other marine conservation. These projects gave me great exposure to Wildlife in South East Asia, from wild Asian Elephants, Irrawaddy dolphins, sun bears, many species of large birds, including Giant Ibis and Hornbills, a few species of deer and of course many monkeys, including Macaques and Gibbons.

    I then worked as Product and Operation Manager for a large DMC in Cambodia, working mainly on wildlife programs, collaborating with large wildlife NGO’s in Cambodia such as WWF, Flora and Fauna International, Conservation International, and many smaller organisations, producing wildlife tours for international travellers where they could experience the wildlife and natural beautify of Cambodia, these tours included trekking, camping safari’s, overnight jungle tours, river boat birdlife tours, specialist wildlife tours, cycling and kayaking trips to name a few. At this stage I really understood the different types of wildlife experiences and how to provide a range of different trips for different market segments, age groups and ability. I learnt how to work with local rangers and expert organisations to make sure clients had the best experience but also the wildlife benefited from it.

    Skills and experience Relevant for the role

    Product Management
    As Product and Operations manager at Khiri I was able to build new wildlife tours and programs, as well as assess and manage the current portfolio, this involved writing and updating product descriptions for internal purposes, for partners and for the website articles. I was responsible for all partner and supplier communications relating to products, ensuring that new tours and programs were quickly included in the portfolio, the descriptions and images were relevant and pricing was all accurate, as to maintain profit margins.

    The Product Manager role involved vast travel to all corners of the country, assess the desirability, safety, profitability and impact of new and current products. Building day tours, multi programs, engaging local community based tourism organisations, training them and investing in their programs, as well as building our own products, using local knowledge and resources.

    I would also have the responsibility of writing the product descriptions, often for multiple programs and audiences, as well as the FAQ’s such as what to wear, what to bring with you, setting the expectations so there were no surprises and ensuring that the right people booked onto the tours that suited them. The role also included managing the contracts of hotels, transport suppliers, tour suppliers and other contracts, ensuring that the best possible margins were awarded, to offer great value. The tours I built for Khiri were wildlife focused, had options for budget, mid range and high end clients, from educational to soft adventure, trying to expose the great Cambodian wildlife to as many demographics and interest pools as possible.

    I would spend a lot of time on inspections, improving tour elements or the local engagement with clients, as things are always changing its important to often visit the tour sites as to update descriptions and product information.

    Tour Leading
    In Tanzania I had tour leader duties when potential project investors or key stakeholders would come to the national park. I would take them on safari with the local ranger and driver, take them on tours to Zanzibar and even Mt Kilimanjaro. The tours were around two weeks long and ranged in numbers but usually small groups. I would plan the trip, book the tickets, provide options on transport and activities, from the background information on locations and be there for the groups if they needed help. I enjoyed tour leading in Tanzania as I could really show my passion for wildlife and knowledge, whilst leading others to their own experiences and realizations of the natural world.

    Whilst working for the wildlife NGO in Cambodia I would lead volunteers on a wildlife tour of the country taking them through mountain ranges, along the Mekong and to beaches, staying a wide range of accommodation, depending on budgets, but again providing the background information, providing reassurance at times, and exposing my passion for the country and knowledge on the environment and culture here, adding value to the experience.

    As Product Manager for Khiri I lead a few expert tours of Angkor Wat with high-end groups such as Harvard Alumni group and Country Garden, academic groups from the USA. Here I had to focus on the knowledge of Angkor, but not just giving the facts that they can read on Wikipedia, providing insights into to type of people that built it, what the culture might have been like at the time, looking at evidence as to how the temples were built, and also some of the interesting controversies and myths surrounding the temples.

    The key to effective tour leading is always seem in control of the situation and be assertive, but informative, set the expectation as sometimes things happen that are outside of your control. Explain the culture and prompt questions, understand what the clients are interested in and try to include as much of that as possible. Be fun and friendly, there is nothing wrong with becoming friends with clients, share stories, explain your background and provoke trust and companionship.

    Packaging and Operations
    These two elements are closely linked and very important, as being a previous operations manager I know its so important to get the operations right, and should be factored in to every part of the product plan and cycle. A tour can be amazing in what it offers, but however if it is not correctly packaged it could be underutilized that’s why its important to consider elements such as logics, comfort, what are the facilities like, what is the local level of English, what are the external factors that could influence the success of a tour, must be considered when looking at products. For example we had a great bird watching tour where clients would take a packed lunch from a high-end hotel, and travel by private boat and eat the lunch on the boat. When the water levels dropped we could no longer use the boats, and the only other access was by motorbike, these clients were not going to be able to sit on the back of a motorbike, so we had to change elements of the tour to suite the operations and so that packed tour of a high end bird watching tour wasn’t compromised.

    As Operations manager I would also be in charge of the performance of local suppliers, and had success in setting targets to reduce some issues such as late transfers and pick-ups, which can have a detrimental impact on a clients holiday. Supplier management is key and maintaining the relationship and clearly defining the expectation is key to successful in country operations.

    Packaging tours correctly is important, its key to setting the expectation and from the packaging you can then define the operations, do the clients need high, end, adventure, family or educational travel plans. Tours can also be tailored to different packages; elements of luxury can be added to standard programs. A good product can be adapted to meet the needs of different demographics. Packaging has to ensure that all elements of the tour fit together from the flights, through to tours and the hotel choices.

    Administration and Office skills
    Having spent the first part of my career in Reading and London respectively working with local and national government agencies, from MoD to the Home Office, I have vast experience in demonstrating high capabilities in administration and office skills. I very quickly was exposed to writing complicated highly important documents, using financial tools such as excel to calculate pricing and writing applications such as work to produce tender documents, information packs and other documents. My degree being in business administration gave early knowledge of the applications, tools and processes most businesses use to do business. Working in travel has just meant that my skills have improved, still having to produce product, project and financial reports for management, partners and other stakeholders.

    Other relevant travel experience
    As Operations manager at Khiri I have had vast experience dealing with hotels, inspecting different options, accessing the suitability for a wide range of different clients, negotiating rates and keeping on top of promotions and special packages that clients and partners can take advantage of. I have supported many tour leaders in Cambodia and Africa providing itineraries, clarity on different tor elements, support with different clients and emergency support if there are any issues.

    Additionally I have provided many clients and agents with travel advice, suggesting routes, products, and travel styles based on agents and clients requirements. I would also factor in the different seasons of the destination, the type of clients, how long they are in country and always what the client are interested in. Lastly I have attended national trade shows in Cambodia, and in London and understand the concept of having a stand showcasing the organisations capabilities, then connecting with other organisations and travellers to widen the network of the organization. I have certification from Travelife on sustainable travel practice, highlighting my dedication to sustainable tourism.

    Bellow are some examples of my work:
    • An article I put together for the Khiri on the topic of Community Based Tourism:

    • A piece on education in Cambodia:

    • Web content for the Wildlife Connection:

    • Web Content for Community Centered Conservation:
    • @KhiriCambodia: was a twitter account I managed to get to over 600 followers.
    • @GreenBearAsia: is a new twitter account I Setup recently to raise awareness in Cambodia for sustainable business practice, and @NicholasPackham is my personal account that I use express ideas and share stories.
    • Here are two YouTube videos / slide presentations for FKC school in Cambodia and the other is a self promotion video I made a while back, both using iMovie, the latter being very basic with bad formatting:
    • This is the video I worked in which I worked with a professional film maker to introduce a luxury camping experience:

  63. Hi there,

    My name is Lena, 23 years old, and I am currently studying tourism management in Germany. I would like to focus on eco, wildlife or adventure tourism when I am finished with my studies. Next year I am looking for a six month internship in Australia (preference: not Sydney). The internship is supposed to give me the chance of gaining more work experience in tourism.
    I have already spent one year travelling Australia and going on all varieties of tours, from camping tours to Whale Shark Experience in Exmouth. On all of these trips I learned a lot about Australian flora and fauna – land or in the water. After this I have been to Rotorua New Zealand working with locals and Maori for a rafting company which only employs people from New Zealand. Also there I was interested in hiking and wildlife eco tours, mainly on the South Island. During my courses at university we learn a lot about sustainable tourism since our campus and student life is also characterised by a sustainable lifestyle.
    Hence I would prefer a host company which can offer an internship in this part of the industry. My field of studies are tourism studies with a focus on management and business studies.
    As an intern I am very flexible, passionate and reliable in what I am doing. I like working in a team but also on my own. Therefore I would like to be part of the whole business and gain experience in a variety of jobs within the company.
    If you would like to have a read over my references from my jobs in New Zealand or Australia or CV I am happy to send them to you!
    If you are offering an internship for work experience I am looking forward to hearing from you!


    Lena Nadine Mueller

  64. Hi, Im Abbey and I’m 18. I am currently studying bachelor of science, majoring in Marine Science. I am 2 years into my degree and would like to get a job in the perth area part time to gain some experience. I would also consider working around Australia and the world on my uni breaks. I am a hard worker and eager to leaner in order to further my studies. I grew up up north in the pilbara region, so have a good understanding of that area. I grew up on or around the ocean and have always had a passion for everything to do with it. I would like to get into research on sharks or coral reef systems as they have always fascinated me.
    I look forward to hearing from you soon.
    Kind regards Abbey Shuttleworth

  65. My name is Lorena and I’m studying biology (with a focus is Conservation and Ecology) in UWA. I haven’t graduated yet because I’m on an exchange program. Back at home (Brazil) I’ve done some internship with biodiversity monitoring in the northeast of the country, specifically at the Abrolhos reef. I’m searching for a a temporarily job, from end of November to end of January, involving something related to conservation, or even ecotourism. I’m open to a lot of possibilities. My preferred region would be southwest of WA. I’m seeking to gain more learning and experience, because being in Australia have been a great opportunity and to work with conservation in the southwest of WA would be great, due to its great biodiversity. I believe I could be of great help in a lot of positions. My email is

    Thank you!

  66. My name is Ella Goldschmidt. I have graduated from Humboldt State University in California and am now living in Sydney, Australia permanently. I have graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Marine Biology. My final project was on the effects of temperature and bleaching in anemones. I have also worked at an aquarium in Santa Barbara, California focusing on the education of sharks. I have conducted my own research, worked in laboratories, written scientific research papers, am dive certified and am incredibly enthusiastic about all marine life as well as conservation and human impacts. Please consider me for any positions that could further my career as a marine biologist and send me an email!

  67. Hey everyone I’m Samara, I’ve recently finished my Tourism Cert III in Bunbury, Western Australia. I also have my Cert II Outdoor Recreation, First Aid and RSA. I am currently volunteering at Dolphin Discovery Centre where I inform tourists on our local marine life, cleaning tanks, doing school holiday programs and have been for 2 years. I also volunteer at the local Girl Guides club teaching camping/outdoor skills. I am very passionate about wildlife, conservation and looooove animals! I’m open to work anywhere and am willing to give anything a go! My email is

  68. Hi,

    I am for the current opportunities in management and operations. I currently study the Masters of Business Administration and Masters of Tourism and Hospitality Management at James Cook University in Brisbane and have commenced Germanic studies in my Bachelors Program.I am currently looking to obtain an employment opportunity in which I can make a contribution to the community.
    I know that my personality and ability to talk to people about your cause would be put to good use and that I would make a great addition to your organization. I feel that my skills and experience would be beneficial for your organization.
    My communication skills allow me to talk to the public with my handling helps to give a perfect combination in an outdoor operational organisation.

    I have completed my internship program in Riverlife Adventures and Anjelico Jarvis Photography. I also hold various on field relief operations in India (volunteer).

    I believe that I have the skills and talents and more importantly the passion to help achieve the perfect handling and the commitment to support its values.
    I hold myself to very high professional standards and have a commitment to personal and professional development. Hope you give me this wonderful opportunity to join your team that would benefit the organization and my development.

    Kindly update me with an opportunity as adventure and wildlife is the place I have been with through out my life.


    Aishwarya Nautiyal

  69. Dear Reader,

    I am extremely diversely qualified with a BSc in zoology, BSc Honours first class in urban ecology, and a PhD in integrative biology/animal ecophysiology. I have also studied some psychology.
    I have science communications experience through a course on science blogging, an internship at Australian Geographic Magazine, presenters courses, working with documentary companies, and experience delivering natural science topics to audiences from academics, to students, to community groups and the general public.
    Furthermore, I have experience working with children including in remote areas when taking them on multi-day camping hikes, and I am familiar with living and working outdoors in difficult conditions for extended periods of time.
    In Summary – I have in depth background and education in the natural sciences, I have versatile experience in communicating these topics, I have experience working with a wide range of people including children, and I have experience living outdoors. I am highly versatile and adaptable and more than happy to discuss with you how I can put these skills and experience to good use for you.
    My email is:

  70. My name is Danya Weber and I am incredibly passionate about wildlife! I am a recent graduate from the University of California Santa Cruz with my B.S. in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology. I have research experience in ecology and animal behavior, working with elephant seals, sparrows, and salamanders. I’ve received training in many ecological field methods, including quadrat sampling, line transect sampling, camera trapping, and data analysis. I also interned at a wildlife rehabilitation hospital to gain hands-on experience on working with wildlife. I can be contacted at

  71. Hi There,

    I’m an Irish/Australian citizen currently living in Ireland. I am moving back to Australia with the intention of securing a job/internship/trainee ship in the area of conservation/wildlife etc.

    I have studied Geography (physical and human) and Philosophy at undergraduate level and Film at Post graduate level. I have excellent research skills as I have completed three independent research studies.
    I have a keen interest in environmental issues.
    I have quite a broad skill set and I am very adaptable.

    Can you please let me know of any availability that may be available- I would much appreciate it.

    Kind regards,

    • I would like to add that I am trained in GIS, specifically ArcGIS.
      My email is

      Kind regards,


      • I am interested in gaining work experience or an internship with the hope of securing a job in the long run.
        I am interested in Field Ecology. I have some experience in conducting field experiments at university level, in particular palaeoecology. I am a very fast learner and extremely adaptable.

        Many thanks in advance for reading this post.

        Kind regards,

  72. Hi i´m Gaby 25 i was wondering if yo have any program where you can learn and develop my self , perhaps start as a volunteer and then have other opportunities.I’m from Mexico and I’m about to be Veterinary and I would to train animals i love ethology I love , in the future occupy less invasive procedures for animals and stress
    them as little as possible that’s my goal and i believe i have this trust
    connection whit animals has been happening in zoos in which I worked. have a great day thank you.

  73. i am negussie engdawork. I was graduated in wildlife and ecotourism managment in mekelle university ethiopia, now i am working in simien mountains national park/world heritage site/ ethiopia. so i am intersted to get my secound degree by any related sabject if you have any chance.
    your sincere

  74. Hello,

    I am a Canadian, 24, who will soon be arriving in Australia at the start of June with a one year working holiday visa. I am seeking part or full-time employment for maximum six months.

    I have experience in leadership and working outdoors from two seasons of employment as a Field Assistant for a university project on birds. This involved physical labour and getting my hands dirty, which I had no problem doing for conservation, as well as data collection and scientific analysis. For the past year, I have been living in New Zealand. I worked as an educator in a store for performance athletic-ware and as a bartender—two fast paced and sociable environments that involve speaking up, taking initiative and having good communication with customers and a team. In my free time, I am tramping, weightlifting and doing yoga so I am capable and physically fit. I am an adaptable and committed individual that is willing to work hard to help you make your project a success. I am competent, and I have found the balance between working well independently and in a team setting.

    I graduated from McMaster University in Hamilton, Canada in 2013 with an Honors Degree in Biology. I was the first recipient of the Renaissance Award which allows students to undertake creative and innovative projects outside their field of study. I was granted $8000 to backpack across Asia to learn about Eastern Philosophy and Spirituality through experience. This is what started my travel, which was ultimately the most valuable education that I have received to date.

    I would be interested in working on conservation, restoration and wildlife management projects. Specifically, I am interested in field work as well as GIS-based projects. I am open to trying anything and I am motivated to making a positive impact on the world!

    Please contact me at and I can arrange a suitable interview time if you would like to talk over the phone.


  75. Hallo together,

    I am searching for a job in Sydney, Cairns or Brisbane at a National Park, (zoo) as a helper, or shop seller, or promotion staff etc from the 11. May 2015. If you have such a job for me please contact me per E-mail. I am from Germany, 31 years old and have an work&travel visum.

    Please contact me under:

    Thanks and cheers,


  76. Hello,

    I am an American, 26, and will be arriving in Australia at the beginning of June with a one year working holiday visa. I am seeking part-time, full-time or voluntary work in any category of wildlife tourism, with a greater preference towards the marine or freshwater industries. My location is flexible, though the NSW/Gosford and Central Coast area is favorable.

    I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Marine and Freshwater Biology from The University of New Hampshire in the US and I am a Certified Interpretive Guide through the National Association for Interpretation. I also studied applied ecology, resource management and environmental policy in New Zealand in 2011.

    After graduation, I worked for two years as a Naturalist for Pacific Whale Foundation, a non-profit organization on the island of Maui in Hawai’i that offers snorkeling and whalewatching eco-tours. I educated passengers about marine life and conservation issues during guided snorkel trips, coral reef tours and whale watches. While onboard, I also conducted opportunistic research in collaboration with Pacific Whale Foundation’s Research Team.

    From May – September of 2014, I was a deckhand onboard commerical fishing vessels in Bristol Bay and Kodiak, Alaska. I am very interested in aquaculture/sustainable fisheries, so it was an incredible experience to get the fisher[wo]men’s perspective while witnessing first-hand how a natural resource, such as wild Salmon, can be properly harvested and managed.

    I am an extremely hard-working and responsible individual with a passion for learning. I am really excited to experience Australia and positively contribute to the sustainable development of Australia’s wildlife tourism.

    I can be contacted via email at I also have a Skype account, should you wish to set up a scheduled interview.

    Warm regards,
    Annalea Fink

  77. Hi! My name is Moriah. I am looking for a full-time job working at a sanctuary/ conservation/zoo. I am working on getting my Associates Degree for Veterinary Technician. I have always been interested in working with wild animals but I have not had much luck getting a job in the United States so I thought I would start looking elsewhere. I have always wanted to visit Australia, so I would be so happy if this worked out!

  78. Hi
    I’m a Canadian, 21, who is thinking about traveling and working this time next year for about 8 months to a year.I am seeking part or full-time employment working around animals. I’ve done a lot of traveling these past couple of years and would love to see your country.

    Ana Maria

  79. Hello,
    I am Genevieve, I’m from New Zealand and have been living in Melbourne for just over a month now. I work evenings at a bar. I love working with people and have been in hospitality/customer service positions for 4 years.
    I did this part time while studying, I graduated last year with a bachelors in applied sciences. My major was marine science, my minor was in ecology.
    I am keen to get involved in some positive conservation efforts during my time here in Melbourne.
    Either doing educational tourism or active field work
    Open to suggestions & opportunities 🙂

    • I am starting a new business which will amongst other things involve taking charters to points of interest and wildlife habitats in Port Phillip Bay and Westernport. I am based in Rye on the Mornington Peninsula. While I am skippering the boat I require an educated, passionate person to provide interpretation to small groups (Max6). The work will be casual to start and will depend on demand. If you think this may suit please give me a call on 0433473061.

      Steve Ross

  80. Dear Wildlife Tourism Australia:

    I am Mercedes Alvarado Torres, I am mexican and I am doing my master of science with specialization in Biodiversity Conservation at Macquarie University. I have a bachelor degree in Biology and I live in Sydney at the moment. Currently I am undertaking an internship in conjunction with the parasitology department of MQ, where I manage data of different projects done in marsupials. I would like to specialize in mammals, preferably in marsupials and for that reason I am looking for a part time job or volunteer job that allows me to get more experience in that field. I would really appreciate that chance, so I could provide my email in case that you had some activities that could suit my profile:

    Thanks in advance and kind regards,
    Mercedes Alvarado Torres.

  81. Dear All

    My name is Esther and I am a lady aged twenty-three and I am not married.
    I graduated from Great Zimbabwe University in 2013 with a Bachelors Degree In Social Ecology.
    I am very passionate about environmental conservation and sustainable development.
    I am willing to relocate to Australia for a full time job in environmental management.
    I have experience in waste management, water management, tourism, ecotourism and GIS all to promote sustainable development.
    I have a passion for wildlife, a great thinker , a fast learner and open to suggestions.
    My email is

    Thank you

    Kind Regards

  82. Wildlife Tourism Employers,

    I can help communicate ideas/promote campaigns for wildlife conservation through public lectures or design published material to be distributed in workshops or over the counter.

    As a professional travel and nature photographer and graphic designer I’ve held positions with design agencies in Europe, as well as an art director at Australian Geographic Magazine I’m Sydney and currently work as a consultant for UNESCO in Thailand.

    I would be a strong contender as a communicator/ambassador for ecotourism groups, work seamlessly (and enthusiastically) with young people and have an adventurous spirit that has taken me many wild places in the world.
    Contact me for the full story.

    Warren Field

  83. My name is Guilhem QUERCIA

    Having just passed an animal caretaker diploma (wild animals specialty) at the French Institute of Animal Health (IFSA), I am seeking to complement my classroom education being a volunteer or with an internship in order to acquire the background necessary for a future career as a wildlife conservationist.

    I stay in Perth at the moment but I am planning to head up north soon to reach Darwin than continue to the Queensland and end up in the New South Wales at the end of the year. My idea was to find an opportunity to volunteer somewhere in NT, QLD or/and NSW during that gap of time.

    My studies at IFAS have afforded me a strong understanding of the practice and theoretical knowledge in conservation biology and wildlife management – including how to care for wild animals and the inner workings of parks, reserves and refuges. I am looking for an opportunity to develop these skills as well as put my knowledge into practice within the field.

    Being in love with nature and all that it stands for is the prime reason that I have traded my career in geological engineering for studies in animal science. Only too aware of mankind’s damaging impact on the planet, I feel compelled to contribute to bringing about the changes that will spell greater consideration and respect for the environment.

    While I have not worked directly as an animal caretaker yet, my experience of 8 years as a geologist has prepared me to the world of work. With assignments in different regions of the world, I consistently demonstrated my ability to adapt, take initiative, and my capability to work independently as well as collaborate with a diverse team.

    I welcome the opportunity to discuss my application with you further. Please contact me at if you have any questions. Thank you for your time and consideration.


    Guilhem Quercia

    • Hi Guilhem, I sent you an email, please have a look at it, thank you!!! Best regards Eva

  84. My name is Beth McIntyre,

    I am a Marine Biology undergraduate at Flinders University in South Australia. I have a passion for the environment and conservation. I am particularly interested in shark conservation, ecology and behaviour. I have gained experience in past through volunteering with a marine conservation organisation overseas, as well as helping PhD students with their work at my university and being an avid SCUBA diver.

    I have experience in teaching, retail and hospitality. I pride myself on being an effective communicator and responsible team player.

    I have also gained experience in the past through volunteering for student organisations. For two years (2012-2013) I was secretary of the Adelaide University Engineering Society. A society of over 1000 members, I gained experience in leadership through stepping up to the roles of being main organiser of various events. At the same time, I held the positions of secretary (2012) and vice president (2013) of the Adelaide University Civil Engineering Society.

    In the past other roles I have had include Volunteer Organiser at the 2012 World Vegan Day Event in Adelaide, and student representative of my year level throughout my engineering studies (2011-2012). I have also volunteered overseas with disabled people in Japan, working together on a self-sustaining farm and in Belize working with a woman who sheltered and took care of over 80 cats.

    I love the outdoors and strive to help the environment I love every day. I hope to find a job in conservation so I can continue with my passion.

  85. Good Morning.

    My name is Emma, I am a registered Vet Nurse and Wildlife Carer, however I now have a disability that leaves me unable to lift larger animals or stand/ walk for long periods of time.

    Animals are my passion and conservation and welfare of all species was the reason I became involved in the industry.

    I am seeking a part-time or casual position that suits my disability such as transportation, reception or low impact animal care like feeding etc. If you know of any positions available or where I may go to seek work, I would be very grateful.

    Kind Regards


  86. Hello sir/madam at Wildlife Tourism Australia,

    I’m looking for any part-time/casual jobs that Wildlife Tourism Australia has to offer. Particularly in Victoria, in the eastern suburbs region or the CBD. Any vacancies that you have would be greatly appreciated.

    I have great knowledge into sustaining tourism destinations and the environment, as I am currently undertaking my last year of Tourism Management (with a bachelor of business) at Swinburne University,which has included:
    *Appropriate management and monitoring of destinations to ensure stakeholders aren’t over-using resources or damaging the environment.
    *Communicating to tourists/stakeholders about the importance of sustaining and protecting wildlife.
    *Projects such as sustaining the Great Barrier Reef, where strategies were formed to eliminate threats to the reef, including protecting marine life and their habitats.
    *Analyzing the negative and positive impacts tourism plays on the natural environment as well as the communities, stakeholders and the destination itself.

    I have experience in customer service and have great communication skills with a happy, friendly attitude. I am able to talk to people in large or small groups and love passing knowledge on to other people. I am passionate about protecting and understanding the environment as well as the tourism industry.

    I look forward to hearing from you and can be contacted by a reply to this comment and then giving employers my number through email.
    Yours sincerely

  87. Hello,

    My name is Donna Kirkpatrick and I have been a full time Projects & Finance Manager with the Wildlife Trust in UK for the last 5.5 years. I am self-reliant, using my initiative to deal with a range of competing pressures to manage a demanding workload and administrative functions on a daily basis. I have strong administrative and organisational skills, with the ability to prioritise workloads and meet deadlines. Ability to work to deadlines and keep calm under pressure. A flexible and adaptable attitude coupled with a liking for continuous improvement both professionally and personally. I posses strong organisational and communication skills. I am a loyal, trustworthy, honest, flexible and amenable worker with the ability to work using own initiative or within a team.

    My duties included the following:

    Project Management-
    Managing successful delivery of the grants administration for fundraised restricted projects. Responsible for 15-35 projects simultaneously. The duration of these projects are between 1 yr to 5 years and income ranges between £10,000 and 2.1 million, with 1 project from EU funding and 2 with a 20 year duration.
    Tasks involving a broad range of project administration, claims administration, financial management, budgeting, forecasting, reconciliations and grant claims (preparation and submission). Liaison with budgetholders to ensure work is carried out on the ground, funders regarding reallocation of funds, changes to schedule and to maintain excellent client relationships. Maintaining complex excel spreadsheets to track all income and expenditure. Gathering information from various parties to collate various reports and PR material for submission to funders.
    Developed the administrative procedures and processes to ensure projects are managed with efficient and effective use of resources and comply with relevant Funding Contracts and Service Level Agreements.
    Monitored projects progress to ensure the agreed objectives are achieved. Responsibility for establishing, maintaining and analysing the financial records and undertook the project budgeting, forecasting and quarterly reconciliations.
    Financial reporting summarising quarterly expenditure and analysis, advising (if applicable) justification for budget and expenditure variations as well as providing a forecasts for the forthcoming quarter. Maintained all financial records, ensuring comprehensive audit trails and involvement with audits as required.
    Project management including ensuring: contractual obligations are fulfilled within budget and to deadline, staff are clear of their responsibilities, expectations and goals, costs of each project are covered by funding and clear project output and outcome indicators are established.
    Set priorities, define activities and with effective resource (time & staff) management, ensure each task is completed to the agreed deadline within the project delivery plans.
    Arranging and attending meetings to discuss problem areas and advise on solutions, highlighting follow up actions to be taken.
    Contracts Administration.
    Monitoring and steering group meetings with grant recipients and analysis of quarterly monitoring reports.
    Project funding from various income streams including National Lottery, Big Lottery Fund, Aggregates Levy Sustainability Fund, Landfill Community Fund, Landfill Operators, Local Authorities/Councils, Corporates, Legacies, In Memoriams, Government Organisations, Charitable Trusts, and various Environmental and Educational Bodies.
    Use of various forms/mediums of communication to ensure it is appropriate for purpose and audience.

    Financial Management-
    Assisting colleagues in developing budgets, forecasting, carrying out monthly reviews on the status of each budget and year end.
    Supporting managers through the provision of financial advice, information and support to help them operate successfully.
    Manage own workload by weekly review to prioritise urgent and important tasks, re-prioritising these to accommodate additional unplanned tasks.
    Submission of VAT returns, involved with the setting and reforecasting of numerous budgets and preparation of year end accounts.
    Maintain accurate data records to ensure costly mistakes were avoided. Good attention to detail.
    Signatory for bank cheques and authorised BACS payments.
    Liaison with colleagues to support the preparation of budgets, monthly reports, benchmarking data, performance statistics, trend analysis and final accounts.

    Staff & Volunteer Management-
    Monitoring performance on a continual basis through annual appraisals and monthly supervisions. Delegating tasks to trainees and administrative staff and supervising them on those tasks. Assisting staff to develop as individuals through personal development plans / reviews, ultimately creating a more proactive and stronger team. Monitoring and record keeping of volunteer teams.

    Key Strengths

    • Office Administration – 17 years experience
    • Finance and Accounts – 14 years experience
    • Recruitment and Human Resources – 12 years experience
    • Quality Assurance – 11 years experience
    • Contracts Management and Administration – 10 years experience
    • Business Development – 6 years experience
    • Project Management and Project Administration – 5.5 years experience
    • PA – 3 years experience
    • Office Management – 3 years experience

    I am looking for visa sponsorship to carry out a full time role in a wildlife or environmental organisation (as I have a keen interest in these arenas) in WA or Victoria. I am negotiable to having these fees recovered from my salary over a period of time. If my skills are of interest to you, please do not hesitate to contact me on 0404408177. Thank you for your time and I look forward to hearing from you.

    Best wishes,
    Donna Kirkpatrick

  88. Hello
    My name is Zoe Strapp i am 20 years old and currently studying Wildlife Conservation Biology and Deakin University Victoria.
    I have a keen interest in coastal environments, looking into the diversity of wildlife, habitats, with a true passion in ocean/ marine life both deep water and in the shore breaks/rock pools, and coastal line ecosystems. The environmental diversity within forests, and parks are also an area i enjoy working within. I find great joy being outdoors and active while learning and helping take our environment that next step forward, i feel my love for water sports, surfing, and active sports like, hiking give me a true appreciation for the environment i am within.

    Volunteer and field work i have been involved in recently include,

    Earth Watch turtles on the move Doncaster parks
    Toolangi trip with Deakin Environment Club
    Cape Conran Deakin Camp, including work with DEPI, placing Elliot traps and handling techniques, spotlighting, water birds, and radio tracking.

    I would appreciate the opportunity to gain work in Victoria, preferable within a marine coastal field but open to everything, also open to volunteer work. Travelling is also an interest of mine so work in other areas for short periods of time would.

    I appreciate the opportunity to discuss any of these aspect of wildlife tourism/conservation, and any opportunities you may have for me

    Thank You

    • I am starting a new business which will amongst other things involve taking charters to points of interest and wildlife habitats in Port Phillip Bay and Westernport. I am based in Rye on the Mornington Peninsula. While I am skippering the boat I require an educated, passionate person to provide interpretation to small groups (Max6). The work will be casual to start and will depend on demand. If you think this may suit please give me a call on 0433473061.

      Steve Ross

      • Stephen,
        I have noticed your replies to a few posts on I realize that you are in Melbourne, however, I am in Sydney but have few ties here and would be happy to relocate for a job that I could be passionate about. I love wildlife and being on the water. I have a degree in marine biology but have studied a range of animals, both terrestrial and aquatic. If you are still looking for employees I would love to hear from you and would be happy to send my resume.
        Thank you,
        Ella GOldschmidt

  89. Hi I am interested in a career with nature/wildlife, I’m 41 and fit, I have spent the last 20 years as a licenced builder but this does not make me happy! I have always loved the wild and am keen to give it a go . I’m very handy at most things and feel I would be a valuable asset to a team, please contact me with any advice/ jobs. Currently living in SA but would move for the right situation.

  90. Dear employees, Dear Madams and Sirs,

    I am a german-hungarian Scout and student. I ve finished leisure studies BA in Germany in 2004 and was in Australia (LaTrobeUniversity) for a semester abroad in 2002. During some travels I started to fall in love with Queensland and now my biggest wish is to return. Meanwhile I worked as a intercultural trainer, Eventmanager, too and managed an environmental garden back home. I would like to have a job somewhere in ecotourism with people, parks, events, tours, arts and management to be able to do the Master studies in ecotourism at Charles Sturt University as a distance learner (international), which would cost me about 26.000 Dollar in three years. I would be the happiest person on earth, if you would provide me with some assistance. My Email is OR phone: 00491742594815, living in Munich Germany and now 36 years old, good english and social skills. THANK YOU soooo much, Krisztina

  91. Good day
    I am Ester a 4th year student doing my bachelor Degree in Travel, Tourism, Hospitality and
    Event management graduating in September 2014..However I have 2 years
    experience In administration, computer literacy as well as customer service.
    im from Namibia- Africa
    I hope to gain the necessary experience and gain international exposure from
    your job attachment.I’m very interested in having a working experience in Australia
    I wish to start December 2013
    If you believe I would be suitable for a position in your organisation, team, or company, please contact me on shetu106(at)

    Thank you

  92. Dear sir/madam
    my name is Belayneh Abebe. I am 21 years old and I have just graduate from Mekelle university in wildlife and Eco-tourism management and I have taken all major and related courses to my studies and hold a degree with great distinction. if there is a job in your organization, I am happy to work. if I am getting this opportunities; I am confident of being able to shoulder all my duties and responsibility with utmost efficiency.

    yours sincerely Belayneh Abebe

  93. Hello, my name is Cassie. I am currently in high school in Canada. I am thinking of traveling to Australia after I finish high school and am 18 years old. I am interested in getting into a wildlife career, but I am not sure what yet. I am looking for anywhere that would be willing to take me on for a month or two, as an employee or a volunteer, just to get a feel for things.

    Thank you very much for your time,



  94. I’m Enakshi Das completed my M.phil in Sociology from Calcutta University (Kolkata, West Bengal, India) on October 2009′, and have worked in an e – magazine till May 2010. Presently working in Vidya Niketan School , Kolkata (India) as a senior teacher. I am a great lover of animals be it dogs, cats, horses etc. I look after some of the stray dogs and cats in my locality and feel compassionate towards these innocent lives. I would like to work directly with the wildlife animals.I’m ready to relocate anywhere in the world , especially in those regions where the animals are in distress.

  95. My name is Asif Siddiqui. I am from India .I have copleted my degree in Travel and Tourism from JMI a central university of India .I have three years working experience in bpo .I want to make my career in Tourism Industry .I had read Geography as my Subsidiary subject in graduation. I love to work in remote areas.

  96. Hello everyone

    My name is Joshua O’Donnell and I live on the Far North Coast of NSW. I’m extremely passionate about wildlife, conservation, the environment and outdoor recreation. I’ve just completed a bachelor degree in Environment Tourism Management which combined tourism business education with environmental science studies at Southern Cross University and I’m about to commence study of a Certificate III in Captive Animals at TAFE which commences in July 2013 this course involves a minimum of 8 hours work experience in the industry.

    I’m trying to gain full time work in the wildlife tourism industry and I’m prepared to start at any level just to get my foot in the door which seems to be the hardest part. I’m prepared to travel or move and my studies can be transferred or carried out via distance. In the future I would love to incorporate further studies such as honours and potentially my PhD into my work/career.

    I’m currently an active volunteer at the Animal Rights and Recue Group in Lismore where care and rehabilitation for abandoned and neglected animals are the main duties. During university I volunteered at the local Australia Seabird Rescue Centre, where the rehabilitation and care of sea turtles and sea birds were the main duties carried out and I also helped out on a Dolphin Acoustic and Ecology Research Project in Byron Bay which involved data collection and observations for extended periods of time.

    I can be contacted via email:

    Any help would be greatly appreciated

    Thank you for your time


  97. Dear ladies and gentlemen.

    I’m Yanitsa Petrova I’m from Bulgaria. Since six years, I live in Germany, where I also completed my degree in tourism management.
    I would love to work with wildlife conservation or eco-tourism. Where I have an opportunity to learn and earn simultaneously. So far I have been working in the hotel industry – front and back office, marketing and onlinemarketing.
    I am a very enthusiastic individual with a passion for wildlife and would like to take part in an organization working with animals and environmental tourism. I am a quick learner and I am very responsibly. I can work within a team and also work efficiently unsupervised.
    If you think I would be suitable for your team, please contact me via email:

    Thank you in advance!

    Kind regards.

    Yanitsa Petrova

  98. I’m currently serving in the Army over in Afghanistan but will be leaving to
    pursue a career in the police force as a dog handler.
    Until I have a placement within the police, I was wondering if you have any
    job vacancies. I have completed “Study of Mammals” with The Open University and I’m currently studying a Dog Care certificate.
    I would be grateful for the opportunity, and am willing to help with
    anything from feeding, cleaning to rescuing.

    Thank you for your time.

    Kindest regards


  99. Hi,

    I am from India, 35 years old, non-graduate. I would love to work with wildlife conservation or eco-tourism. where i have an opportunity to learn and earn simultaneously. So far i have been working with hospitality, medical transcription, and hospitals.

  100. Hi,
    My name is Alexandra Mora Buvinic, Im from Chile, South America, 23 years
    old, and Im a veterinary student, 4th year. Today in my country Im
    proceeding my visa to Australia because I would love to do a volunteer on
    January 2014 up to February (2 months), this are my summer vacations on
    Chile. I want to ask you if it is possible to realize this opportunity. I ve
    just realize diferents practice during my carrer. For example one of my
    profesional practice I made was in the Zoo of my city,(if you need any paper
    that I´ve made my practice I can send you), also I worked with police
    horses, worked in a recognized veterinary clinic called “Clínica
    Veterinaria Hermanos Meneses”. Nowadays I´am working on a Foundation of
    dogs in adoption where I realize surgery (sterilizations) and this is
    another practice in my resume. Pleeease help me!! I need to know more about
    animals that do not exist in my country, only Australia, that’s why its so
    important for me.
    I will wait for your answer, and thank you very much!

  101. Hello, my name is Chrissie.I have lived in NSW for 25yrs. I am looking for a suitable paid position working with Wildlife Tourism in Australia and will consider any location. I currently work as a volunteer in Wildlife Rescue, Rehabilitation and Release with Australian Wildlife. I also have a Snake Handlers certificate for snake rescue and relocation and am vaccinated to work with Megabats & Microbats having experience in rearing pups and rehabilitating injured adults. I have been working with wildlife as a volunteer for a few years and my last paid employment was in Information Technology as a Network Engineer. I have been a team leader in a number of activities such as Toastmasters, Oxfam Trailwalker Sydney and enjoy the outdoors. I have also been trained as a Spiritual Dreamtime Healer by an aboriginal man, I appreciate this is an unusual job skill but working with the spirit of all life: man, animal, plant, mineral and water provides another view to the land and all that lives upon it as a single living organism. I always consider this aspect in my approach to life and work. My contact details are provided in the required fields of this form. My websites are (personal) and (spiritual) Regards, Chrissie.

  102. Hi,

    My name is Ahmad Abubaker, I am a professional portrait photographer and newborns photographer with passion of wildlife and wildlife photography. I have experience teaching private group photography classes to people with variety of photographic skills and experiences and from various age groups.

    I can use my creative and technical photographic knowledge to offer wildlife photography classes specifically catered to wildlife tourists.

    I have a BA HONS and a Diploma in 3D computer games modelling and animation.

  103. Dear Sir or Madame,

    I am an International Tourism Management student from Germany, currently studying in the Netherlands (English language course). I am in my 3rd year now, which will finish in the end of 2013. In my 4th year 8beginning of 2014) I am required to perform an internship, which I would like to make in Australia. From July 2013 onwards, I will follow Wildlife and Lodge management minors in South Africa, to broaden my knowledge about the sustainable balancing of tourism and nature. Thus it would be perfect to continue in this direction during my 7 to 10 month internship. I would appreciate any offers in this field respectively related to tourism. I am reliable, hardworking and able to pick up new skills quickly. I love working within a team but can also work efficiently unsupervised.
    If you think these qualities and skills make me suitable for your team, please contact me via email:

    Thank you in advance!

    Kind regards.

    Ulla Fischer

  104. Hey.

    I am Christin Minge, a Master-Biology student (Behavioral Ecology) from Germany and currently writing on my master thesis (male-infant interactions in wild Assamese Macaques (Thailand)).

    I will finish with my master programm in latest November 2013 and am searching for a conservation project, where I can combine conservation with behavioral studies after that!

    I am experienced in behavioral studies with varrious methods and have done several trainings:

    e.g. in India in a Rehabilitation facility (CWRC) covering aspects of conservations issues such as human-animal conflict, resocialization for release and rescue of mammals (elephant, leopard, rhinos) due to human-animal conflict

    e.g. in Thailand in a wildlife reserve, where I collected behavioral data for 12 months on wild assamese macaques.

    For a long time I am working on getting into conservation due to its relevance and meaning for the world and its great impact possiblities.

    It would be amazing to hear from u – my email:

    Greetings Chris

  105. Hi, my name is Angie, I am located in the ACT, I would love to find a job involving the rescue and rehabilitation of our native animals, particularly passionate about birds. Have had three years working in wildlife hospital, duties were triage, intensive care, long term care and rehab to eventual release and humane euthanasia when necessary. Very experienced in the handling and husbandry of our local wildlife, very interested and knowledgeable in the successful release of hand raised wild birds. I have a great interest in PBFDV and other avian diseaes such as spironucleosis in king parrots and how they affect each bird and population as a whole. I am very keen to further my education in all these areas, would consider relocating, good with public speaking, mature, reliable and enjoy dealing with people.

  106. Hello everybody,
    my name is Riccardo Sedola and I’m the president of GREENTHINK ASD and I’m what in Italy we call Environmental Guide, which is a middle way between a natural interpreter and a backpacking guide.

    I work as professional guide since 2005 and I’ve experiences on hiking, backpacking, mtb, snowshoes and mountainering in Italy and Europe.
    I’m also a naturalist and a wildlife manager with experiences on natural interpretation.

    I’m very interested in having a working experience in Australia so I would like to send my personal CV to all those interested in my profile as potential candidate as naturalistic guide for 2013 season for English or Italian speaking groups.

    At the same time I would like to take the chanche to present you GREENTHINK asd, we organize trekking, hiking, backpacking, mtb, snowshoes activities from Maranello hills to best appenine and dolomite location (Italy). Environmental interpretation, survival, orienteering, and climbing could be customized for kids, family and team building/incentives grooups

    Our web site is:
    and our facebook page

    we would be happy to collaborate with Australian tour operators on trekking and nature trips planning in Italy.

    I would like to thank you for the kind attention and please, don’t hesitate to contact me for any further details
    Best regards

  107. Dear all,

    My name is Nadia Vitlin and I have recently returned to Sydney from working on the island of Maio, Cape Verde. I was Project Consultant at the Fundaçao Maio Biodiversidade, or Maio Biodiversity Foundation, from the beginning of September 2012 until the end of January 2013. My main tasks included providing scientific advice, information, and expertise for each project undertaken at FMB, as well as forming projects from which to base grant applications and legislative change proposals, creating interactive education programs for the local students and community, formulate and implement eco-tourism initiatives, and designing a framework from which to create a international volunteer programme on the island.
    Earlier in 2012 I was in Leyte, the Philippines, as the Science Assistant on the Coral Cay Conservation project site doing SCUBA surveys, before that in London as the Science Intern at the Coral Cay Conservation Head Office. I have a BSc and BA from UNSW, can speak French and Cape Verdean Crioulo, and communicate freely in Spanish and Portuguese, and am comfortable in rough situations.
    I am interested in a wide variety of work, especially if it involves parlaying scientific information to the public. I would one day love to make/host my own documentary and have my own Eco-Lodge. I fully believe eco-tourism in the only way encourage support of wildlife and the environment, and I want to be a part of it in any way I can.
    My focus is Marine and my knowledge is principally (but not restricted to) tropical ecology.

    If you believe I would be suitable for a position in your organisation, team, or company, please contact me on nadiavitlin(at)

    Thank you for your time!

  108. Dear all,

    My name is Nadia Vitlin and I have recently returned to Sydney from working on the island of Maio, Cape Verde. I was Project Consultant at the Fundaçao Maio Biodiversidade, or Maio Biodiversity Foundation, from the beginning of September 2012 until the end of January 2013. My main tasks included providing scientific advice, information, and expertise for each project undertaken at FMB, as well as forming projects from which to base grant applications and legislative change proposals, creating interactive education programs for the local students and community, formulate and implement eco-tourism initiatives, and designing a framework from which to create a international volunteer programme on the island.
    Earlier in 2012 I was in Leyte, the Philippines, as the Science Assistant on the Coral Cay Conservation project site doing SCUBA surveys, before that in London as the Science Intern at the Coral Cay Conservation Head Office. I have a BSc and BA from UNSW, can speak French and Cape Verdean Crioulo, and communicate freely in Spanish and Portuguese, and am comfortable in rough situations.
    I am interested in a wide variety of work, especially if it involves parlaying scientific information to the public.
    My focus is Marine and my knowledge is principally (but not restricted to) tropical ecology.

    If you believe I would be suitable for a position in your organisation, team, or company, please contact me on nadiavitlin(at)

    Thank you for your time!

  109. Hi MADAM/Sir,

    My Name is Imran Mulla, i live in India, i m 25 year’s old with around 6 yrs of experience in Customer Handling around the globe, My passion is adventure with wild life experience, so i would like to join your company wherein i can use my customer experience in Tourism. My hobby’s are Trekking, Swimming, Singing and watching movies, I am a very enthusiastic person and very much interested in a kind of job which will make me feel happy from inside, i wish a good luck to your company, and i am eager to be a part of your company and may the organisation be benefited from me, I am currently working with RELIANCE GLOBAL COM from past three year’s and you can also mail me on

  110. Jon posted the following on the jobs page, but it is probably more visible on this page:

    To whom it may concern

    My name is Jon and have just finished a honours degree course in Environmental Science from The University of Plymouth where i spent three years studying on everything from anatomy to renewabe resources. While doing my degree i led a university expedition to Malaysia where we researched epiphyte distribution in mountain rainforests.

    While in university i volunteered in the National Marine Aquarium for two years where I took tours both on intimate levels and did large scale talks to Several hundred individuals.I also workd in Dartmoor Zoological Park assisting in teaching, research and host possitions. Also at times taking a leading possition in the host department ensuring the department runs smoothly.

    I am a very enthusiastic individual with a passion for wildlife and would like to take part in an organistation working with animals, environmental torrism and conservation role. I am a quick learner, capable of doing many different roles ranging from research and ong term study to energetic tours. I am available to take long term possitions and internships and am eager to be part of something that actually helps the environment where I feel I would be a benifit to any organisation.
    Please contact on for more information about myself and how i could fit in with your company

  111. My name is Samuel Takachicha, I have over four years of management experience co-managing a camp in a remote area. During my last position as assistant General/Camp manager at antelope park I was responsible for, Maintaining & repairing camp facilities, Supervising divisional heads & staff in their various camp duties, Ensuring camp security at all times, Ensuring & maintaining the welfare of camp animals, administration of camp operating licenses & payment of levies, budgeting and forecasting, Monitoring & controlling the camp revenue & expenses, Maintaining & troubleshooting computers, related software and networks, my diverse roles at the camp have made it easy for me to adapt to pace and change as required. My wife’s previous role was that of Assistant Lions Manager, were she was responsible for the health and welfare of over 100 lions at the park, 4 elephants, 30 horses, and a range of game in the park, she also managed the volunteer project that played host to over 30 volunteers at a single time. She excels in wildlife management and animal behavior with commendable knowledge flora and fauna. We are no strangers to the bush and feel most at home around wildlife and people.

    • Sounds good Sam – do you have any geographic area in mind that you would like to work in?

      • we are looking to get attached with an organization with a cause, and we are also looking for a new adventure. we are open to locational ideas. My e-mail is

    • We’re always looking for interesting minds, skilled thinkers who are ready to relocate to London and to work at The Ace Hotel after undergoing enlistment training in current job opportunities at our 5 star hotel, as the management intends to increase its man power base due to an increase in the number of customers.

      Employment Type: Full Time Basic Monthly Salary: £3,000GBP – £6,000GBP depending on level of experience and position being offered.

      Available Positions: Conference & Banqueting Operations Manager, Food & Beverage Team Manager, Account Manager, Cashier, Bartender, Assistant Manager of Front Office, Receptionist, Guest Relation Assistant, Room Attendant, Foreign/International Language Interpreter, Marketing Assistant Manager, Cafe Attendant/Manager, Computer Operator, Internet Service Expert & Casino Dealer.

      The Hotel Management would be responsible to cover the expenses for your Flight Ticket. All other information about benefits & accommodation would be given when your application has been received.
      Interested candidates should kindly send his/her CV/Resume via email to

      • Hello all,

        I am a Japanese who is looking for a job related with nature in QLD. I really love natures and animals, so let me introduce myself a little. I have studied wildlife conservation and management in a university and experienced Sea Turtle & Coastal Conservation in Mexico. In my private, I spend a great number of time in natures like hiking and scuba-diving. I am a hard worker, high motivated and responsible person. I would be very happy if I could work for nature. I am in Brisbane now, but I can move. Please contact me if you are interested.
        Thank you.

        • Hello,
          I am a Japanese who is interested in working within the ecotourism industry. I really love nature and animals. Let me introduce myself a little. I have studied wildlife conservation and management in a university and experienced Sea Turtle & Coastal Conservation in Mexico. In my private, I spend a great number of time in nature like hiking and scuba-diving. I cannot work in long term because I am on a Working Holiday VISA. I will stay in Australia (Brisbane at the moment) until next spring, but even so, I would like to learn about nature of Australia and ecotourism. I would be more than happy if I could work for nature.

          Thank you.

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