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Australian Wildlife Books

Photo of currawong with birdbook courtesy of Araucaria Ecotours

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There are nowadays many excellent books on wildlife in Australia, from birds and mammals to butterflies and ants. Also check local guides in museum bookshops


Bennett, J., Harley H., Worley M., Donaldson B, Andrew D., Geering D., Povey A. and Cohen M. 2000. Watching Wildlife Australia. Lonely Planet Publications Pty Ltd, Hawthorn, Victoria.

Reader’s Digest. 2010.  Encyclopedia of Australia’s Wildlife. Reader’s Digest

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Buckingham, S. 1999. Locating koalas in the Australian bush: a guide for tourists, naturalists and professionals in the field. Bolwarrah Press, Bolwarrah, Victoria.

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Frauca, H.What Animal is That? a guide to Australian amphibians, insects, mammals, reptiles and spiders. Currawong, Balgowlah, New South Wales.

Fryer, R. 2007 Wildlife and Wilderness in the Waterfall Country CSIRO PUBLISHING  (mid-north to far north New South Wales east of the Great Divide)

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Oxford University Press, Melbourne, Victoria.

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McCrie, N. & Noske, R. 2015. Birds of the Darwin Region. 454 pp. CSIRO Publishing, Clayton South, Victoria. ISBN: 9781486300341.(see review http://territoryq.com.au/issues/ten/index.html#p=126)

Pizzey, G. and Knight, F. 1997. Field Guide to the Birds of Australia. Angus and Robertson, Sydney, New South Wales.

Raven, R. J., Harvey, M. S. and Behr, B. C. Spiders of Australia CD-Rom: Interactive Identification to Subfamily. CSIRO Publishing / Australian Biological Resources Study (ABRS)

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Reptiles and Amphibians

Cogger, H.G. 2000. Reptiles and Amphibians of Australia. Reed New Holland, Sydney, New South Wales.

Dyne, G.R. & Walton, D.W. (eds). 1987. Fauna of Australia, V2A Amphibia and Reptilia. Australian Government Publishing Service, Canberra, Australian Capital Territory.

Tyler, M. 1994. Australian Frogs: A natural History. Reed Books, Chatswood, New South Wales

Tyler, M.J. and Knight, F. 2011. Field Guide to the Frogs of Australia. CSIRO Publishing, Melbourne, Victoria.

Wilson, S. and Swan, G. 2010. A complete Gude to Reptiles of Australia.  New Holland, New South Wales



Allen, G. Marine Fishes of Tropical Australia and South-East Asia. Western Australian Museum Publications

Hutchins, B. and Swainston, R. 1999. Sea fishes of Southern Australia. Swainston Publishing, Smithfield, New South Wales.

Kuiter, R.H. 1996. Sea Fishes of Australia: A comprehensive reference for divers and fisherman. New Holland (Publishers) Ltd, Sydney, New South Wales.

Kummer, P. (2008). The Great Barrier Reef (Nature Wonders). Marshall Cavendish Children’s Books; 1 edition


Fish and Marine Invertebrates

Higham, J and Luck, M. 2007. Marine Wildlife and Tourism Management. CABI publishing

Bowen, J. and Bowen, M. 2011. The Great Barrier Reef. History, Science, Heritage. Cambridge University Press; Reissue edition

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Insects and Spiders

Lemelin, R.F. 2013. The Management of Insects in Recreation and Tourism. Cambridge University Press, ISBN-10: 1107012880

Braby, M.F. 2000. The Butterflies of Australia: their identification, biology and distribution. CSIRO Publishing, Melbourne, Victoria.

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Other Terrestrial and Freshwater Invertebrates

Jones, D. and Morgan, G. 1994. A field guide to Crustaceans of Australian Waters. Reed Books, Chatswood, New South Wales.

Williams, W.D. 1980. Australian Freshwater Life: The invertebrates of Australian inland waters. The Macmillan Company of Australia Pty Ltd, Melbourne, Victoria.



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Books on Wildlife Tourism

Bertella, G. (ed.) Wildlife Tourism Futures: Encounters with Wild, Captive and Artificial Animals https://www.multilingual-matters.com/page/detail/?k=9781845418168

Borges de Lima, I. and Green, R. J. (eds) 2017. Wildlife Tourism, Environmental Learning and Ethical Encounters: Ecological and Conservation Aspects. Springer: Geoheritage, geoparks and geotourism series

Green, T.J. 2013 Wildlife Tourism: A Handbook for Guides, Tour Operators, Job-seekers and Business Start-ups (new edition coming soon)

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Higginbottom, K. (2004). Wildlife Tourism: impacts, management and planning, Common Ground Publishing Pty Ltd.