1. But liberals never ever break the law. Yea, right.

  2. Another query involves whether Australia can adopt the New Zealand system, whereby claims go through a tribunal before going to court, and the more ridiculous ones can be thrown out before they ever reach court, which would be good for insurance companies and operators.
    I have received the following response from Rod:

    “In New Zealand they have a completely different system in regard to liability – a ‘no fault’ system which has been operating from somewhere around the 1970’s. It is run by the Accident Compensation Corporation (refer http://www.acc.co.nz). In broad terms it can be compared to no fault third party schemes for injury in motor vehicle accidents that operate in Australia. If you do a Google search for ‘New Zealand No Fault System’ you will find a number of references that you may find useful.
    This system is a gigantic change to the ‘duty of care’ principle that applies in most countries, including UK, USA and Australia. Over the years there has been some discussion on the merits of such a system for Australia, but to date it has not been seen as a viable alternative worthy of implementation (or perhaps even serious consideration).”


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