WTA Individual Members


Most of our corporate members  – tour operators, eco-accommodations, wildlife parks etc. appear under the menu item “Tours/Accommodation”  and a couple of others are included under “Resources

Some of our individual members are :

  • Aise Kim (see committee page)
  • Angus M Robinson
  • Dinesha Rasanjali Senarathna
  • Elleke Leurs (see committee page)
  • Erica Shedley
  • Georgette Leah Burns (see committee page)
  • Junko Oshima
  • Maree Treadwell-Kerr (see committee page)
  • Margarita Steinhardt
  • Margaret Weiss
  • Masakazu Kudaka
  • Noel Scott
  • Peter Wood
  • Rie Usui
  • Simin Maleknia (see committee page)
  • Sonya McGuire
  • Steve Noakes


Georgette Leah Burns

Dr Leah Burns is a Senior lecturer at Griffith University, Queensland: an Environmental Anthropologist who specialises in human interactions with nature.

Aise Kim

Aise photoDr Aise Kim is a Senior Lecturer in Tourism Management at the University of South Australia, Australia. She completed her PhD on visitor interpretation and sustainable tourism at the University of Surrey, U.K.  Her research interest areas include tourism impacts, tourist behaviours, pro-environmental behaviour, market segmentation, destination image, and tourism destination marketing. She has a distinctive track record in the field of environmental behaviour and visitor interpretation in nature-based tourism areas, publishing her research work in top-tier journals, Journal of Travel Research, Tourism Management, Journal of Ecotourism, and Tourism Geographies. Dr Kim has been actively involved in several research projects focusing on tourist behaviours and the psychological and environmental impacts of those behaviours in the field of special interest tourism, such as bird-watching tourism, fossil-based tourism, nature-based tourism, food tourism, and ecotourism. She was one of the successful applicants to the South Australian Tourism Commission and Flinders Ranges Tourism Industry Association for the project which examined the potential of nature-based tourism products for sustainable regional economic development in the Flinders Ranges region, South Australia. Her recent research work also is extended to examine a cross-cultural study on green accommodation, targeting wildlife tourists and nature-based tourists. She is keen to make a stronger connection with the industry and engage with the project which makes significant impacts on the policy development and practical implications for sustainable business development at a local, regional and national scale. Contact: UniSA Business School, University of South Australia, City West Campus, North Terrace, GPO Box 2471, Adelaide, South Australia, 5001. Phone: 08 8302 0444, e-mail: [email protected]


Masakazu Kudaka

Nature photographer and environmental counsellor, Okinawa, Japan



Steve Noakes

Director of Ecolodges Indonesia, owner/operator of lodges located near protected areas in Sumatra, Kalimantan and Flores which contribute to a range of wildlife conservation, rehabilitation and responsible presentation activities.  Director of Binna Burra Lodge and Lamington Natural History Association in the Lamington National Park, Australia. Director of Pacific Asia Tourism which undertakes a variety of sustainable tourism projects involving wildlife interactions across Asia and the Pacific.


Junko Oshima

Associate Professor, Dept of Tourism Sciences, University of Ruykyu, Okinawa, Japan


Jessie Panazzolo

Heroic Tourism is the brainchild of Jessie Panazzolo following her research of two Black Lemur populations in the rainforests of  Nosy Be island and Nosy Komba Lemur Park, Madagascar.

Compared to the wild lemurs, the tourist exposed lemurs were obese, diabetic, aggressive and had patches of missing fur. Their diet consisted mainly of sugar rich bananas and they constantly came into contact with people wearing insect repellent and suffering various illnesses.The other side of the story is that 90% of Madagascar’s rainforests had been destroyed by the establishment of agricultural plantations, leaving  wildlife tourism ventures such as those involving lemurs as the only reason for protecting the remaining forest. Tourists were coming from far and wide to see Madagascar’s unique forests and the wildlife that lives within them, but at the same time, tourism was harming Madagascan flora and fauna. Jessie believed that ethical tourism practices and informed travellers could; contribute to a global conservation effort carried out by tourists to protect natural environments and wildlife, place positive pressure on tourism ventures in order to mainstream ethical practices and phase out unethical tourism ventures through reduced demand. From these ideologies, Heroic Tourism was born.


Angus M Robinson

AngusMRobinsonLeisure Solutions® was established in 1993 and became an early member of Ecotourism Australia Ltd. Managing Partner Angus M Robinson and his wife Jeanette are leaders in the growing ecotourism and geotourism sectors, introducing ecotourism operators to the concept of philanthropy as a key element of ecotourism and enabling travellers enjoying ecotourism products to be able to contribute to the work of wildlife conservation. As sponsors of The Conservation Ecology Centre at Cape Otway in Victoria, they have an ongoing commitment to conservation of wildlife and their habitats. Leisure Solutions® has previously funded wildlife conservation projects (Eastern Quolls and Koalas) managed by the Foundation for National Parks and Wildlife of which Angus is currently a Governor.

CONTACT: Angus M Robinson, Managing Partner, Leisure Solutions®, PO Box 638, STRAWBERRY HILLS NSW 2012 Australia, tel: +61 (0) 418 488 340, email: [email protected]

Twitter: angusmrobinson, countrychrmtour, Skype: angusmrobinson  All other contact and business details: https://www.referralkey.com/leisuresolutions and https://www.linkedin.com/in/angusmrobinson/


Noel Scott

Dr Noel Scott is Adjunct Professor of Tourism Management in the Sustainability Research Centre, University of the Sunshine Coast. His research interests include the study of wildlife tourism, tourism experiences, destination management and marketing, and stakeholder organization. He has over 300 academic articles published including 16 books. He is on the Editorial Board of 10 journals, a Fellow of the Council of Australian University Tourism and Hospitality Educators, and a member of the International Association of China Tourism Scholars

Dinesha Rasanjali Senarathna

I am Dinesha Senarathna, a Geography Lecturer at the University of Kelaniya, Sri Lanka. Currently, I am a Ph.D. student at the Auckland University of Technology, New Zealand. My Doctoral thesis topic is “Managing wildlife tourism for sustainable economic development: the case of Yala national park, Sri Lanka.” Apart from this Ph.D. research, I am working as a Research Assistant at the New Zealand Tourism Research Institute (NZTRI) and Cassual Lecturer at the School of Hospitality in the Auckland University of Technology, New Zealand.

My previous research projects for Postgraduate Diploma was on “Impact of community forest management for rural development in Kandahena, Sri Lanka” and Master’s Degree was on “Responsible nature based tourism: Rotorua Canopy Tours in New Zealand.” Nature, forest and wildlife consumption for tourism activities and related benefits for the local community is my favorite area of research. After completion of my doctoral degree, I wish to serve back to my country by teaching and guiding my students to research on wildlife tourism and its sustainability.

Erica Shedley

Southern Flora offers one to three day personal guided bird and wildflower tours across a wide range of landscapes in the south-west of Western Australia. The new owner-operated small business, managed by Dr Erica Shedley, is based in Bridgetown about 3 hours drive south of Perth. Southern Flora bird tours provide interesting ecological and botanical information about the habitats in which the birds live, based on years of living and working closely with the local environment. Erica also works as a local bird guide for Australia Naturally Travel and Birding South West in the south-west for international tourists.


Margaret Weiss

I am a Registered Nurse and Registered Midwife and have enjoyed work immensely.  I am also a wildlife photographer and felt that I would make a change from human health to wildlife health, so embarked on studying for my Master of Wildlife Health and Conservation at Murdoch University, Perth.  I live in Sydney and am doing my studies by distance education.  I am currently writing my 9000 word literature review on the impact of tourism/ecotourism on wildlife. I hope to contribute as a volunteer with research and or education and making a difference for wildlife.

Margarita Steinhart

Margarita Steinhardt is a freelance travel writer and photographer. Her background is in wildlife conservation and her writing focuses on wildlife watching experiences and destinations.    Margarita’s stories and images appeared in the Sunday Telegraph, the Sun Herald, Unearth Women Magazine, Matador Network, Frommer’s and other publications.  Margarita’s blog, The Wildlife Diaries is a collection of travel stories, field notes, trip reports and images that promote ethical wildlife tourism in Australia and abroad.

Contact details:

Rie Usui

Rie UsuiMy name is Rie Usui. I am a doctoral student at Hiroshima University in Japan. I conduct research at Miyajima Island, a tourism site where free-ranging Japanese sika deer have close associations with humans. My research interests are studying human and non-human animal (NHA) interrelationships as well as wildlife conservation, management and welfare. For my current research at Miyajima, I conduct behavioral observations of the deer and tourists. Also, I analyze historical records related to human and deer relationships in order to establish effective management strategies. I received a M.S. in Primate Behavior and Ecology from Central Washington University. For my master’s thesis, I conducted research at a monkey park in China and studied the roles of park rangers in regulating tourist behaviors and management of the monkeys.

Contact details: 
Graduate School of Integrated Arts and Sciences at Hiroshima University
Email: [email protected]

Peter Wood


Dr Peter Wood has (at different times) been Wildlife Tourism Australia’s secretary and treasurer, and has represented WTA at events in FNQ.He was also very involved insetting upper wildlife research network, and co-authored a chapter on same with our chair Ronda Green  in an international book on Science Tourism


Sonya McGuire

As part of celebrating 25 years of success as an education provider, Sonya McGuire is combining her passion for documentary making and wildlife conservation. As an educator in Screen Production and IT, Sonya brings an irreplaceable perspective of understanding the value of film and documentary in increasing awareness about the environment and wildlife conservation. “Educational content delivered online around the globe has the potential to change minds and enrich lives.” Sonya McGuire is the founder and CEO of IFTV Studios based on the Gold Coast in Queensland. Through IFTV Studios, Sonya is currently developing a screen play for a documentary about conservation in Australia. Travelling globally as a member of trade delegations and as an exporter of Australian education, Sonya has the opportunity to see first-hand the role women play in the conservation movement. “From small projects to large eco-tourism enterprise, women are leading the way.” Sonya is currently studying Law at Bond University, and is committed to using her education, experience and passion to bring about positive change for women and the environment.