Wildlife Tourism Webinars 2021

Wildlife Tourism: Overcoming Hurdles

Webinars: Monday 21st to Wednesday 23rd June

We were to have run a conference at Griffith University in 2020 (click here for the three webinar sessions we ran instead) but were prevented by the very necessary lockdown for coronavirus.

Running a physical conference is once again impossible in 2021 for delegates outside Australia, so we are now planning to do so in 2022 (details soon)

We are however running a series of webinars, as we did last year

Now open:

  • a call for papers (which can be presented in person or virtually) – abstract should be no longer than 300 words, and state which of the themes you would like it to be included in. Deadline Monday 10th May
  • expressions of interest (you will be added to an email list for updates)

Send the above (with subject line WTA webinars June 2021) to [email protected]

Wildlife Tourism: Overcoming Hurdles


  • Covid-19 effects 1: positive and negative impacts of lockdown on wildlife, and how to avoid negative effects of re-opening . 2: impacts of lockdown on tourism. How business can survive during such event:, diversifying offers, attracting domestic customers …
  • Problems facing small tourism operations (other than Covid-related) : 1. Increasing restrictions and expenses involving insurance and legal requirements. 2. attracting travellers to remote destinations/ 3. Dealing with
  • Conservation issues (other than Covid-related). Can sustainable tourism assist? 1. Problems facing marine turtles (climate change, plastics, nettings, disturbances to. nesting sites, human and other predators). Can sustainable tourism assist? See https://www.wildlifetourism.org.au/marine-turtles-tourism-research-and-conservation/. 2. Bats (e.g. overcoming fears and negative publicity). 3. Other species


Although running webinars is less costly than running physical conferences, a lot of time is involved in preparations and in report writing after the event. None of the committee are paid for their time but we may need to pay others to take on some of the workload, and any profit will go into the account for next year’s conference to keep registrations for that affordable

We are however still very aware that many have been doing it tough during Covid-19 lockdown, so are keeping registrations low

If you would find even these very low rates difficult this year, please contact Ronda and explain, so we can help

  • Full conference fee (3 days) ………………………………. $45.00
  • Full conference fee for WTA member …………………..$25.00
  • Full conference for WTA concession member……….$15.00
  • Full conference for developing countries………………$15.00
  • Turtle workshop only …………………………………………..$10.00

Registration: https://www.eventbrite.com.au/e/wildlife-tourism-overcoming-hurdles-tickets-149376177167

Provisional program summary

Monday 21 June

8.00 – 9.00am Brisbane time – Marine turtle workshop (1st session)

1.30-3.30pm – Presentations and discussions

  • Covid effects: wildlife
  • Covid effects: tourism businesses
  • Overtourism and undertourism

Tuesday 22 June

1.30-3.30pm – Presentations and discussions

  • Marine tutles
  • Conservation issues involving other species
  • Human-wildlife conflicts

7.00-8.00pm Final turtle workshop (may be some repetition of those who cannot manage both time slots)

Wednesday 23 June

1.30-3.30pm – Presentations and discussions

  • Insurance and other expenses and regulations that can make things difficult for small businesses
  • Dealing with diverse customers
  • Other
  • Final general discussion

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