Win a DVD set of the popular Wild Life TV series with Chris Humfreys – see You-Tube trailer by December Films


This round is now closed (see comment below for the winner) Round 3 will be uploaded early next Monday (eastern Australia time).


Each week for 10 weeks there will be a short set of questions. All answers can be found by visiting our Interactive Map for Travellers and exploring the links

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Wildlife Australia Quiz: round 2

  • What kind of cockatoo might you see on a tour with Boutique Tours Australia?
  • why was the Cave at Cedar Creek constructed?
  • Who is Rastus on the Wineglass Bay Cruises, and what does he do?
  • Name two kinds of wallaby seen at Mt Barney Lodge

Find the  answers  on the WTA website via the Interactive Map for Travellers (under ‘Wildlife Experiences’)

Post your answers via the Wildlife Tourism Australia ‘Contact‘ page, with “Chris Humfrey DVD Quiz” as the subject heading.

The first correct entry received will win this week’s prize.DVD’s will not actualy be delivered until the end of June.

Winner will be announced here and on Facebook (by name only – no contact details) no earlier than Wednesday but no later than Saturday of this week, and will also be notified by direct email.

(Committee members of WTA, production team for the Chris Humfrey TV series, and their immediate family members not eligible)

About Chris Humfrey’s Wild Life  (from December Films)

Imagine if your home security was monitored by a howling pack of dingoes? Could you share the couch with a koala that has a thing for reality TV? And what about being woken up every morning by the lick of a Ringtail Possum sitting comfortably on your face.

Welcome to Chris Humfrey’s world. He’s a zoologist, passionate about wildlife, who lives with his wife Nicole and their young family on a sprawling private zoo in country Victoria. With more than 2000 amazing creatures in their care – including their daughters Taasha (4 yrs) and Charlie-Ashe (6 yrs) – Chris and Nicole share their property with an enthusiastic crew of Gen Y zookeepers. Every waking minute is consumed by animal and human dramas and dilemmas of one kind or another.

The Humfreys run a thriving business that brings thousands of school kids and people from all over Victoria into direct contact with wild animals. They have an incredible collection of birds, reptiles, venomous snakes, insects, marine life, marsupials and more. Chris has dedicated his life to preserving Australian wildlife and providing an opportunity for the public to be part of nature and experience it first hand. But family life, work life and wildlife don’t always fit neatly together.

New sagas unfold every day at the zoo. In between training staff and taking calls, Chris figures out what to do with a giant python with a back problem or cares for baby owl masked chicks. He struggles to breed new animals and always delights in seeing new life – even if it means bottle-feeding baby wallabies in the middle of the night. Just when Chris and Nicole think that things are running smoothly, something wildly unpredictable always surprises them: one of his presenters loses a large snake in an inner city residential area; a door carelessly left open results in the office being over run by thousands of stick insects; tragedy strikes when feral foxes attack in the middle of the night.

Even running his own private zoo doesn’t fully satisfy Chris’ appetite for wildlife; any chance he gets, Chris escapes in search of more adventure. He travels off-road to explore the ranges, rivers and deserts of Australia in the hope of tracking down animals and learning more about them. His relentless impulse to drop everything and ‘go-bush’ often exasperates his wife Nicole who is trying to keep their family and business together. For now, the Humfrey home is the business office for the zookeepers and the incubator hub where baby animals are reared. One day they’ll have a home of their own.

Follow Chris in this chaotic, animal-crazy series that captures the drama, the danger, the animal antics and the sheer exhilaration of Chris Humfrey’s Wild Life.