Accommodation for wildlife tourism conference 2020

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We are currently negotiating for discounts for accomodation for delegates

Meantime, there are several possibilities for reasonably-priced accommodation

Within easy walking distance (both entail a walk through Toohey Forest):

Walk from Comfort Inn to conference venue
  • Comfort Inn Robertson (10 minutes: pictured). Not many rooms left. A couple of triple rooms still available for those who would like to share costs.
  • Salisbury Hotel (25 minutes, or catch bus 120)

With easy bus connections from Southbank, Brisbane (bus 115 or120)

  • Menso, Southbank
  • Arise Ivy and Eve Apartments, Southbank
  • Arise Soda Apartments, Southbank
  • Parkview Apartments, Southbank
  • River Plaza Apartments, Southbank

With easy bus connection from suburbs (bus 120)

  • Salisbury Hotel
  • Travelodge  Garden City

Possibilities in the CBD (ain city area) with up to a 20minute walk across one of the various bridges to Southbank bus station or catch bus 135 on Queen Street (Brisbane’s main shopping area) near the corner of George Street.

  • Royal on the Park
  • Great Souithern Hotel
  • Ibis
  • Abbey on Roma Hotel and Apartments
  • Brisbane YHA
  • Chill Backpackers
  • Various other possibilities in the city mostly with a longer walk to a bus station

Public Transport.

If using public transport we suggest you purchase a Go-Card, which gives a discount for each journey. Find out where to purchase one here

If staying in a hotel right in the city, your best transport is from Queen Street (Brisbane’s main shopping area) approximately half an hour and $4.11 each way with Go-Card (or walk across the bridge to Southbank). You arrive at your stop within Griffith University with just 2 minutes (max) walk to the conference venue. Travel from Southbank (just across the river) is similar cost and about 25 minutes each way.

Travel from Salisbury Hotel: $3.37 each way with Go-Card, less than 20 minutes (including walking to and from bus stops)

Please check for updated an more detailed information