Ecotourism: Packing For An Adventure

Guest blog from SocialMonsters writer Milton Herman

Kangaroo jumping on the beach at sunrise

Ready to trade in the bustle of major tourist attractions for the serenity of wilderness? Summer is here and escaping to the temperate south or scaling the mountains will surely fulfill your travel appetite. Must haves for your excursion include more than just woolies and mozzy spray. Take a look at what you need to bring along the next time you’re spotting wildlife or camping under the stars.

Bike When You Hike

Ecotourism trips are a chance to shed the motor powered vehicles in exchange for man-powered bikes and boats. Life’s An Adventure offers mountain bike tours through the Blue Mountains or outside of Sydney. Lunch and refreshments are provided for the half or full day tours. Bike, helmet and glove hire is also provided. Skip the motorcycles and ‘eco’ RV tours if you’re set on eco-travel. Although fun, it’s more of an environmental burden than old fashioned two-wheelers.

GoPro, Bro

If you’re content with just the ol’ camera – you’re ignorant. A GoPro is an ideal tagalong for any safari or water adventure. Choose a mount that fits your itinerary. A suction mount for the kayak or a chest harness for the hike. Even the dog can share his POV with the Fetch dog harness. Still shots can be taken when the moment is right. Easily create slow motion and timelapse videos with the free GoPro Studio software. A little editing allows you to document your trip via a YouTube video or on Facebook for friends and family.

No Fear With The Gear

Facing the elements is a challenging joy of ecotoursim excursions. You’ll need proper gear for living safely outdoors. Be prepared on all survival fronts:

  • Fire. A pack of matches will suffice for starting up your campfire. However, always be prepared by carrying steel wool, which can be ignited without a lighter or matches if you have a battery or makeshift magnifying glass.
  • Food. No matter your taste, a must-have for camp cooking is tin foil. Use it to cook meat and veggies over the coals and to preserve food.
  • Shelter. An extra shelter seems overzealous but it’s more on the practical side. A tarp and rope bundle takes up half the room of a sleeping bag in a pack; haul it along when going on long hikes or day trips.

App Out Before You Camp Out

What separates cold nights from comfortable nights? Proper packing. If you’re new to camping, pack a night early and sleep on what you may have forgotten. Then go even further with an app like Packing Pro. The app will autofill many common items so you can save time as you organise belongings.

Once you get on the go, on-the-go needs emerge. Check the EveryTrail site and app for hikes in your real time proximity. Android users can try out Map My Hike GPS and the BackCountry Navigator app for real time navigation. Check out other useful apps like Campee, which is recommended by Australian Geographic.

Not only does it offer sites of the world’s largest coral reef, but more than 80 percent of plants, mammals, reptiles and frogs found down under are unique to Australia, making it an ideal destination for ecotourism.