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Orangutan Odysseys combines adventure and educational tours in Indonesia and parts of Malaysia to support conservation efforts for the survival of orangutans and the protection of their habitat. Tourism is urgently needed to bring awareness and resources to these regions. Our mission is to provide unforgettable real life experiences while supporting local nonprofits engaged in keeping orangutans and their habitat safe.

When you travel with Orangutan Odysseys, a portion of the proceeds goes directly to orangutan care centres in the areas you visit. Since 2012 our tours have raised over $600,000 to support orangutan conservation projects. It’s the adventure of a lifetime that also makes a difference.Whether you’re taking boat tours up remote rivers or treks into mist-covered mountains, we offer unforgettable experiences that respect the environment and are mindful of the local human and non-human inhabitants. Orangutan Odysseys offers one-of-a-kind expeditions to help save our endangered great apes.

Our Vision

orangutan-and-babyIt is our vision that responsible tourism to Sumatra and Borneo raises awareness about the loss of habitat and other factors endangering orangutans. The entire ecosystem needs to be protected, and through our tours we continue to raise much-needed funds to support local conservation efforts and provide pockets of hope for the environment and the community.

It is our goal to protect the orangutan habit through environmental sustainability and responsible tourism. Our passion lies in the primary forests of the world, which are a vital part of the global ecosystem.

Asia’s vast population has placed enormous stress on the environment, particularly the forests of Sumatra and Borneo, the world’s 3rd and 6th largest islands. Deforestation, mining and overpopulation continue to have substantial negative effects on these unique and vital ecosystems. Within these forests lie enormous biodiversity. At the top of the ecosystem chain, and what has become a mast head species for conservation in the region, is the orangutan.

Saving The Environment Through Tourism

Orangutan Odysseys
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