Wildlife Tourism Workshop Perth 25 November

Wildlife Tourism Australia will conduct a half-day workshop on wildlife tourism just before the International Tourism Studies Association conference.

“Thinking outside the box: diversity and innovation in wildlife tourism”

One of the few Aussie animals that is more active by day than night - but still not easy to see in the wild. It's a beautiful, active and alert animal

One of the few Aussie animals that is more active by day than night – but still not easy to see in the wild. It’s a beautiful, active and alert animal, and found not far from Perth. But how many visitors – or even Australians – will recognise or even have ever heard of  it?

Venue: Murdoch University, Perth. Details TBA

The workshop will begin with a short presentation, then break into several small discussion groups to consider the following questions. We will then come together in a final plenary discussion session to collate the main conclusions, which will eventually be uploaded onto the Wildlife Tourism Australia website.

  • What vertebrate wildlife species (mammals, birds, reptiles, frogs, fish) are not well promoted for tourism? Which ones could have high appeal to visitors,  and how could we best view and promote them?
  • Most animals are invertebrates (insects, anemones, molluscs, worms etc.). What invertebrates could be promoted more to tourists, either through beauty, weird looks, strange behaviour, structure-building, or important functions in  ecosystems?
  • What makes viewing of some species difficult? (nocturnal habits, underground lifestyle, sparse distribution, remote locations …). If money was no object, what could we do to enhance viewing opportunities?  Since money IS usually limiting, which possibilities might be most feasible?
  • What seasonal spectacles could we be making better use of?
  • How do we minimise negative impacts to wildlife (including those of tourist interest and others sharing the habitat) in all of the above?
  • How do we best employ tour operations in wildlife research?

The workshop is free of charge and will be held the day before the ITSA (International Tourism Studies Association) conference to be held at Murdoch University 26-28 November

Please let us know if you’re interested in attending, by emailing Ronda at: chair@wildlifetourismaustralia.org.au