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This is a site for travellers, tour operators, ecolodges, wildlife parks, guides, academic researchers, students, conservation managers and others with an interest in wildlife tourism and related topics (nature interpretation, ecological sustainability, animal welfare, wildlife conservation, value of wildlife tourism to local economies, etc.

Coming events

  • Conference 28-31 October 2018, Tasmania: Wildlife Tourism Values and Challenges: balancing the needs of wildlife, tourists, operators and residents  How do we know what really matters to animals (both in the wild and in captivity)? How do we cater for it while still pleasing tourists and respecting the needs of operators and local residents? What about conservation: what do we need to know about the positive and negative effects of tourism? We bring academic researchers, tour operators and others together to explore such questions. Snce it is a wildlife tourism conference, we’ve chosen a wonderful location, with plenty of wilderness and wild creatures like this young wombat  and also a well-run park with captive devils   Click here for details


What is Wildlife Tourism Australia Inc.?

Wildlife Tourism Australia Inc. (WTA) is a not for profit incorporated association representing wildlife tour operators, eco-lodges, wildlife parks, academic researchers, students, NGOs and others with an interest in sustainable wildlife tourism. See our guidelines, policies and best practice pages.

Wildlife Tourism Research and Information

  • research literature, other publications and book reviews relevant to wildlife tourism;
  • discussions  on wildlife tourism topics; reports on workshops, etc.
  • research interests of academic (including student) members for networking

Travellers seeking wildlife experiences:

Tour Operators, Researchers and Students

  • Promote your tours, eco-accommodation, wildlife park etc.
  • Find past or coming conferences, other news and research relevant to your business
  • Discuss best practice and many other aspects of wildlife tourism and many other topics
  • Join our Australian Wildlife Tourism Research Network if you are interested in helping to conduct wildlife research
  • Find employees or employment

NRM jbs for the environment kindly supplies us with some of the information we present on our ‘jobs’ page, for positions vacant that are relevant to wildlife tourism, and supports Wildlife Tourism Australia by helping to promote our events