Sponsors for WTA’s wildlife tourism workshop in Darwin 2013

Many thanks to our sponsors so far:

Denise Lawungkurr Goodfellow and Michael Scott, monetary donation, guiding and admin work

Kezia Purick, MLA, NT government, sponsoring two local guides to attend

Rocklily Wombats, providing workshop prizes

Amit Tandon, India (Punjab tourism), providing t-shirts

Jim Smith,

  •  Sea Darwin, NT – eco cruises, turtle cruises, sunset cruises from Darwin (all proceeds from the last-named to be donated to Wildlife Tourism Australia)

Mike Jarvis

Ronda and Darren Green

  • Araucaria Ecotours – administration, audiovisuals during workshop, transport of delegates

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  1. First of All, Congrats to all Team Members of the WTA for organizing this Great Workshop.
    As discussed on phone, I would like to sponsor this Event as clothing partner or by other mean. I will work on this and inform you on the same.


  2. Sounds good Dianna
    For starters, shall I add you to our email list for updates on the workshop?

  3. Interested in looking at options re donating prizes and or looking at small scale sponsorship


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